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September 18 2006

Buffy Season 8 comics targeted for March 2007 release. Dark Horse also announced that the first story-arc will be a four-part series.

That's a bit later than I was hoping for.
I can hardly wait. Does anyone know how many comics are planned for the entire Season 8? I believe it was mentioned somewhere. Canīt remenber where.
I think it's 20 issues long, made up of mini-series style arcs.

Little bit later than ideal (which would be last Thursday ;) but so long as it's worth the wait I can deal. Probably.

(also didn't realise the BSG web-isodes had started so that was a handy if OT reminder)
These mini arcs should each just come in their own trade so we can read them as a complete whole, then just wait for the next one. Instead of a tiny issue every month. And 'cause I said it, it'll happen. Uh huh.
I think it's 20 issues long, made up of mini-series style arcs.

That's what was announced, either by Joss himself or by Scott Allie. I expect it to work the same way the old series did around the time Chris Golden took over (and was reinforced during the Tom Fassbender/Jim Pascoe run and also in Fabian Nicieza's run). With the continous numbering, but solicits showing the arcs as mini series within the series.

(also didn't realise the BSG web-isodes had started so that was a handy if OT reminder)

Yeah, they did. They just doesn't work in my coutry. Tried getting the stream last week, and just got me a not available in my country message. As a random rant, then companies get mad, and wonder why the bittorrent p2p thingie is so widespread.
Cool,The WB may of closed down last night but the 8th season of Buffy begins in March on The Dark Horse network.I mean courtesy of Dark Horse comics with Joss writing the season premiere.*wink*
So it's debuting around the tenth anniversary of the show. That can't be a coincidence but I don't recall Joss saying they'd planned it this way.
Faster, faster, faster would be better. :/
If it means that the series will run uninterrupted once it begins then I can wait a little bit longer. Better to wait now than wait in between issues when you want the next part of the story.

Anyone else think that this series may go on indefinately if sales support it? Can't see them sticking to a limited run if the book sells and there are writers with stories they want to tell.
Humph, says that for me too Numfar PTB now that I check. Bit cheeky considering my Sky subscription helps co-fund the bloody programme in the first place.

I'm feeling a tingling sensation around the infringements ;).

(I also think that money talks in any business but if the comic does run into season 9 and beyond it may have less and less to do with Joss - which is the particular appeal of this series for me. Course, it's also possible he'll round the story off at the end of the 'season' in a way that makes further stories hard/impossible. Doubtful but you never know)
While I don't want to wait until March, it'll be kind of exciting because this March, 10th to be exact, is the 10 year anniversary of BtVS's series premiere. It will be oddly fitting.
Slightly off topic but to Saje, Numfar PTB and anyone else interested. The BSG webisodes are being continuously posted over at YouTube, although it is never very long before the NBC legal suits step in to get them removed. Worth checking out though if you are desperate to see them.

Slightly annoying that you have to go to those sort of lengths to see then though. As Saje points out, Sky helps to fund the show and we pay a good deal of money each month for Sky. It's about time we were able to see those webisodes properly, in the correct way. Same goes for the Eureka webisodes. You can't get them in the UK either.
Despited about having to wait longer. But it will be worth it, I'm sure.
Phooey. I was hoping for January. Oh well, we've gone 40 months sans new Buffy, I guess 6 more is survivable. :)
It's the end of the fiscal year. That's something. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
40 Months? Wow.

Between the end of the WB last night and it finally sinking into my head that there will be no spin-off, no Spike movie, I'm really starting to feel that its over.

I know for Firefly fans its a little fresher, maybe you guys still have hope but I am feeling a little depressed today. Although I have no great love for the WB it still seemed so much like a eulogy that it kinda hurt.
March? March? Why so long? We know Joss is well into writing them already. I'd certainly hoped for something sooner.

Still - I guess that will give me time to buy the Runaways hardcover & see about getting up to speed on that one before Joss takes it over.
I figure March is good cross-promotion for the 10th anniversary of Buffy.It also lets Dark Horse have more time to promote the re-launch.Plus,it probably gives Joss more time to finish writing his four issues so the majority is done when they start soliciting the series.
Kiddo, you must absolutely check out the Runaways hardcover. I just got myself a copy, and also managed to grab a quick chat with BKV during his signings in L.A. this past week. First, he is absolutely enthused about JW taking over after ish 24. Second, he is a warm and talented man, and well worth supporting. (You all should check out Ex Machina, Y: The Last Man, and The Escapists - Brian's new work springing off (on?) from Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, - for evidence of said talent. And warmth. Also some gore in there too, of course. Oh, and his new book, Pride of Baghdad, based on/reimagining the true story of four lions escaping from Baghdad Zoo during the fighting.)

And I for one would love to see Brian scripting a Buffy comic sometime after Joss relinquishes the direct writing to others.
Well I'm already a gamer geek. Now comic book geek will just be added to the list as I keep seeing more and more that are joss realted.

This one, especially, will be marked on my calander. And it gives me plenty of time to rewatch the entirety of the series before hand.... again. And read Runaways... and watch Serenity several times... and Firefly... and I'm sensing a theme here.
: p
Add me to the "Read Runaways" pool. I checked it out based on Joss' endorsement and was totally pleased. A Whedon fan might not automatically love Vaughn but would certainly appreciate him. True, the main characters start out young but they grow and evolve, no doubt. I could be wrong but I think Vaughn has been influenced by Whedon. He gives a couple Whedon shout-outs early on in the series, too. Vaughn's a great writer -- better than many others out there. Once you read Runaways, you'll understand Joss' fascination with the story and characters, and it's easy to see why Vaughn is pleased Joss is continuing the series. I wholeheartedly believe that. Runaways is very good but I suspect it will only be better with Whedon writing.

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