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April 15 2003

Region 2 Once More with Feeling Pan & Scan? My copy of Once More With Feeling arrived today with credits off the screen to the left and right...

The listings say that the DVD is in 16x9 anamorphic widescreen, but I'm pretty sure that the series didn't have Alyson Hannigar as a co-star and wasn't "Created by Joss Whedo" (at least, not the same Joss Whedo who created Firefly). Anyone else notice this?

I would suggest that you ring FOX UK ASAP. The likelihood is that this affects all UK copies of this OMwF DVD.

Either that or someone has sold you a bogus copy. I'd suggest trying to arrange for a replacement from where you received it, or if possible, order another copy from, which is more reliable than

I honestly don't believe FOX Home Entertainment UK would have made such blatant errors with this release, but I'd advise you to ring and check anyway, with both the store/website from which it was purchased and FOX UK.
Also, do something as simple as check to make sure your DVD player isn't set on one of the zoom settings. That will push part of the picture off screen, too.
Ditto Silky ... my local HMV has it playing on their massive plasma screen and it's happily in Widescreen. Some DVD players have an automatic pan and scan setting which crops the picture for you if you want to watch it in full screen (why?). A lot of DVDs don't work with this setting ... I only found out when I was watching the Spike Lee film 'Summer of Sam' checked my settings and .... there we are ...
Danhon is unfortunately very correct. I noticed the same error on my DVD at home (and I know all my settings are correct being a DVD perfectionist), and even tested it on the DVD at work to double check... and the same error still exists.

IMHO I believe Fox did a bit of a rush job on this DVD, and that's why the issue exists. The packaging and extra features are disappointingly lacklustre considering this is the only Buffy stand-alone episode release on DVD (although we all know the episode itself is fantastic), and the minimal extra features seem to be more of an advertisement to get people to buy Buffy, Angel, and Dark Angel on DVD...

It may this is a first batch glitch, but it may well not be - it just looks like they didn't try to perfect the correct ratio. As for trying to contact Fox, anyone who's tried to do this in the past on other issues will know how futile it is... It will be interesting to see if the issue is corrected for the S6 DVD release.

I'm disappointed, but happy at least I can watch OMWF in DVD quality!
I had the same issue with my recent R2 DVDs for both BTVS and Angel, and found that I could fix it by enabling "16 x 9 Enhanced Mode" on my television. It appears that the R2 DVDS are outputting in 16x9, but for whatever reason my television didn't recognize the signal correctly until I manually changed the setting in the setup. (I'm running a Sony Vega 27", and was able to access the 16x9 setting by going into the Setup Menu)

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