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September 18 2006

Katherine McPhee on that Wonder Woman rumour. "I just laugh about it". And in a follow up to another casting rumour that set some parts of the blogosphere in a frenzy, spoke to a studio insider who said Rachel Bilson "is [a] little too old and [a] little too short for what Joss Whedon has planned".

Two rumours hopefully now killed with one stone thread.

Well, if the thinking is that Rachel is too old, then so is Morena. Ahhh, to be washed up in your mid-20s...
At the Fan Expo where Juliet Landau appeared a couple of weeks ago, someone asked her if she was interested in playing Wonder Woman. She replied that there was no point, Kate Beckinsale had already been cast. We disabused her of that notion and she smiled and said "Oh? Really????"
Ha Simon. You kill 2 rumours and another starts up!
Juliet Landau is Wonder Woman! Joss Whedon is Wonder Boy! I am Unwonderous Fool!

It's gonna be legendary, folks.
I think we should all pick a name and put a dollar into the pot, winner get's it all. Though I think we should exclude any poster with "Whedon" in his name, insider trading and all that.

Put me down for Michele Trachtenberg.

Isn't online gambling illegal in the US? Just us Europeans then...
I find it hard to believe 25 is too old for Joss' Wonder Woman. Especially since Joss has said the character is naive to "our" world so specific chronological age isn't the most important consideration.

Then again it could be the sequel thing. They wouldn't want a haggard old broad of say, 32 for Wonder Woman III.
Y'know, if Joss could just arrange for Katherine to try out as Wonder Woman, say maybe a photo shoot in the classic outfit, and maybe post a link to the photos on here. That would be, y'know, okay and stuff...

I mean, it couldn't hurt to be absolutely certain that she wasn't right for the role, could it? Just for the sake of the movie, obviously...

Well, I believe my reasons anyway! :)
What if this Joss penned origin story of WW has her leaving her home and coming to the USA as a 13 or 14 year old? That would allow for the actress (who ever it is) to reprise her role for 2 more movies and still not look that old.

My knowledge of WW mythology is not what it used to be but I seem to remember that once an Amazonian reaches maturity, they don't age. We know Joss is aware of these types of issues in regards to casting as he has commented in the past about a time window before James becomes too old to play an un-aging Spike in a made for TV movie. This would account for Rachel being too old.

Personally, I love the idea of girls (and women) getting an “adolescent power fantasy” movie of their own. After decades of boys (and men) enjoying these types of exploits and emotional escape (Superman, Batman, Spy-Smasher, Captain Marvel, etc.), the opposite sex would finally be able to share the big screen fantasy…and knowing Joss, it will be with the utmost of class, style and grace.
I don't believe a word of what McPhee says in that interview. I simply can't believe for a second that anyone official has talked to her.
*puts head down on desk and gently pounds it -- repeatedly -- against lacquered finish*

I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, I just can't. It's too soon since the last rumour. I mean, I look a fright, my hair's not done, and I've had no notice.

*lifts head up briefly from hard desk surface*

When will our long (inter)national nightmare be over?

*puts head back down on desk and resumes gentle pounding*

She wants the part, she wants it not, she wants the part, she wants it not, she wants the part, she wants it not, she wants the part, she wants it not, she wants the part, she wants it not...

I say it's spinach, and I say the hell with it.
I don't believe a word of what McPhee says in that interview. I simply can't believe for a second that anyone official has talked to her.

I think she got caught up in the rumours, got her bluff called and is now trying to back out of it all (and not look foolish).
"(and not look foolish). "

Too late.
Tamara, the actress in question goes on about trying to generate media buzz for herself in that interview, and then a few questions later goes on about not denying the WW rumour. Hmmmm!

Ultimately, I think the person she talked to about it was her manager, or a media person.
I think gossi is a wise man--maybe not one of the top three--but a wise man nonetheless.
LOL, QuoterGal! And seconding the motion of gossi's fourth-rate wiseness on the matter. How many times has Joss said "no casting till the script is ready" (including in the article QuoterGal linked to yesterday in the bye-bye WB thread, where Joss said the Spike movie's not happening because of the money)? Not first draft, not second draft, but ready? Not to mention, Morgan Freeman has been working out with a trainer for months, just to perfect the spinning. ;-)
"I say it's spinach, and I say the hell with it."

If wonder woman was spinach, I am sure a lot of the actresses in hollywood(and bollywood) would be green with envy. Sorry, couldn't help myself, I am the prince of cheese and the king of corn.

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I caught a few bits of Katherine McPhee on Idol. I wasn't impressed. She was pretty and had a nice voice and was also totally forgettable. Wasn't there speculation on another thread that the rumor could have originated here when someone said she looked like a WW and linked to her photo? And why do I always grimace when reality stars say they'd like to act?

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