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September 18 2006

Winners of Firefly episode trailer contest announced. The contest held by the Event Team at have announced the winners of the trailer contest. There were 48 entries in 4 categories, and the rating is out of a maximum score of 25. Apparently a lot of work into this contest.

Hera organized it, while, LithiumDoll, jtskier1200r, MalNourished, FollowMal were the judges.

You can also see the entire list of firefly episode trailer entries here .

I saw a few of them, and they are pretty good. Great if you want to introduce someone to Firefly, and you do not even need to try to explain it(because its kinda hard).

EDIT: It seems there is a problem with the website, check out the google cached page HERE

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The one that won for best series trailer? EXCELLENT. I cried.
Btw, in case people haven't checked out the main link, this vid here won for Best Series Overview. I think its amazing, and a great way to intoduce people, much better than the Fox ads, I wonder what others think.
The Best Series Overview trailer made me tear up! Of course the Armageddon music itself makes me teary, lol but I think it was a great trailer!
Definitely. It gave you a taste of the world, of every, major character, and by showing that each character has a specific role, it was telling people, "You're going to identify with one them, and it'll bring you in." Everything you need to know is summed up simply and straightforward.

Plus, there's the fantastic editing, and yes, the music.

*That's* how you advertise a show like Firefly in a trailer.
DOn't forget to check out the other trailers. The movie trailer that won best non-episode trailer was quite good, and so were the episode trailers. I thought they had quite effective ways to balance humour and action, without being corny. And there is something refreshing about letting the characters do the voice over, and not have some general voice over guy giving cheesy lines.
Wow. I watched several and I have to say they're quite impressive. I was just talking to a friend who shares Whedon love today. He claimed to have converted a couple more Firefly fans over the last couple months. I think several of these trailers could convince people to watch. I wonder how many new fans will be converted since Serenity is now on HBO?

Speaking of video files, yesterday I found out my laptop is slowly dying. For an extra $99.00, I could have all my files backed up. I mentally went through all my files trying to justify the cost. As soon as I remembered my Serenity trailers and River Tam viral clips were on it, I agreed to the $99.00!
I hope Joss sees the Best Series Overview one, and if by some weird permutations of fate we get a sequel, I hope the person who made this gets to make the trailer.

yesterday I found out my laptop is slowly dying

I'm really sorry. If you were a guy I'd recommend Viagra, I hear it does wonders. I know, but it's been a bad day.

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