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"It's like you said, Emma...I don't have any claws."
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September 19 2006

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men #17 out this week. Preview pages (with dialogue!) over at PopCultureShock.

I think
That was great. Read well and looked amazing. They're a perfect creative team, no?
And Smile Time is out as well. Lots of comic goodness this week.
When the drawings were put on line a few days ago without the dialog, Brian, I could follow the story, but when they're combined with the dialog, the effect is much more wrenching. In the good way.
That a great news, hopefully it won't take too long for my issue to arrive down here in south hemisphere.
But what is the box? What is in the box?
I'm so weak I feel the need to by both covers of this. :(
According to the Fox promos, a girl is in the box... wait, different show.
A boy's in the box.
The actress cast as Wonder Woman is in the box. Boy i'd've liked to be in that legal meeting.
Just for once, I wish you would all think outside the box.
Just for once, I wish you would all think outside the box.

There is no box.

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