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April 15 2003

Acquire props and effects wardrobe goodies from BtVS. The most expensive item is a "Complete Sevaldi Demon Costume" costing 6500 US dollars.

Though the Puppet Hands from OMWF seems reasonable enough.

Dude! You can get the Penis Demon from "Doublemeat Palace"! :)
There've been a few wardrobe and costume dealers on eBay selling articles of clothing and jewelry that were allegedly worn by various castmembers (Sarah, Alyson, Amber). Someone's even been selling locks of hair of Sarah, Alyson, Michelle, Charisma, and Emma, but who knows if they're even authentic! :o
Can I have Giles's tweed jacket?

Scratch that... gimme the leather stuff from later season. And the pinkie ring.
I'd love that LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon) prop from S.2!
If only...
prolific, you're gonna have to fight me for the pinkie ring. sorry.

you know, all that stuff looks really creepy when viewed up close. you'd think it would lose some of it's shock value, but no, it's creepy.

[ edited by leenah on 2003-04-15 16:02 ]
The ring's the sexiest thing on the whole show.

(Not to worry, I've been treated for that.)
Someone bought the frozen security guard! So help me, if I had gotten there first, that frozen security guard would have been the centerpiece of my whole house.
Mmmm, Giles's pinkie ring. I have searched for something reasonably similar... can never find it. ::happy Giles sigh::

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