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September 19 2006

(SPOILER) Marvel Comics Solicitations for December, 2006. Hopefully, just in time for Christmas. Solicitation for Astonishing X-Men #20, the second part of "Unstoppable".

Also solicitation for Runways #23, the one before Brian's last issue, which is before Joss takes over.

Written by JOSS WHEDON
Pencils & Cover by JOHN CASSADAY (50/50 COVER SPLIT)
The secret is out! Part 2 (of 6)! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

If #20 is 2 of 6, so #24 will be 6 of 6. Then, where does the final explosive Annual that will end Joss and Cassaday's run in AXM, fits in?

So do we know the rough date for when the first Joss Runaways will be out?
Two covers for this issue? I'm assuming thats what 50/50 cover split means.
So do we know the rough date for when the first Joss Runaways will be out?

Haven't seen any official date out there yet. Maybe Brian or Joss will pop in to shed some light into the subject.

As it seems, we'll see Brian's final issue in January, 2007. So, if Joss' run start without a hiatus, we'll probably see it either February or March, 2007.

But, hey Buffy Season 8 is comign out in March, 2007. Maybe DH and Marvel will make it into Joss month. If there's a AXM coming out in March, 2007, that would make it three times Joss in a month. Of course, assuming that my previous assumption becomes reality.
Ah, so plenty of time to catch up before his royal Joss-ness takes over. I just finished the 4th digest, and I'm finding it to be a real page turner. Good work BKV!
Is that giant-sized annual still happening?
That'd be a new Joss book nearly every week! And hey, what if they launch the Serenity miniseries at the same time? We could be in weekly Joss comic land!!
The more Joss penned comics the better.
I think they said Joss's Runaways start in April.

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