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"See, get it? That's the point Joss. It's compelling! What's going to happen to these kids?"
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September 19 2006

The final showdown - Willow Rosenberg vs. Hermione Granger. It's the ultimate fandom smackdown as the Whedonistas take on the Rowlingettes to see which of their favourite witches will become's Class President. Who will win? It's like a really bad crossover fanfic come true.

I suspect when Hermione is older Willow will hit on her. She seems like her type.
I cannot choose. Don't make me choose!
Joss to direct Harry Potter 7! This must happen!
Wow, the final four were Hermione, Willow, Veronica Mars and Lisa Simpson. Amazingly, out of the original 32 those would have been my 4 favourites and I never even voted. I guess everybody else must have good taste as well!
It reminds me of the Podcast world, in which both Pottercast and The Signal were contenders for the same category in the Parsec Awards.

Well and we know that there are a lot of both ways following. At at least from Joss side, we know he's a Harry Potter fan.

Joss to direct Harry Potter 7! This must happen!

I'd go further, Joss to direct, adapt and write the script for Harry Potter 7.

Wasn't there a panel at a con, when Joss was asked which was his favorite Harry Potter character, and he actually said Hermione?
the final four were Hermione, Willow, Veronica Mars and Lisa Simpson

Then perhaps the apocalypse has been averted.
I think I remember Joss saying that Hermione was his favourite character during the Serenity panel at the July, 2005 San Diego Comic-Con. (I think she may be the character of choice for polymaths like Joss and dilettantes such as myself.)
I'm sorry Willow, I love you to death, but I love Veronica a smidge bit more. I'M SORRY! *bursts into tears*

EDIT: LE GASP! I didn't realize Veronica was already voted out. Dang. Well >_> I didn't say anything before...

[ edited by Brisco on 2006-09-20 03:37 ]
Sorry, people. I have to go with Lisa. "I am the Lizard Queen!"
There, there, now, Brisco, they were terribly difficult & cruel choices that no one should be asked to make. Like stfletch2000, Hermione, Willow, Veronica Mars and Lisa Simpson are my favourites as well, and I will never be forced to choose between them.

So do cheer up. Don't cry. As Pointy said, perhaps the apocalypse has been averted, which would be very good news, indeed.

Better now?
the final four were Hermione, Willow, Veronica Mars and Lisa Simpson

They've just described the perfect woman. ;-)
Um, so which part of that perfect woman would be animated?
Hopefully, all of her (but in a different sense of the word)! ;-)
Right....I believe we call that, "Jessica Rabbit Syndrome." ;-)
"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."
I was just thinking that.....get out of my braaaaaain!
Hey, yo! How about "animated," like, you know, "alive, lively"? Jeez, you guys are so bad -- or are you just drawn that way? ;-)
Truly, one of my top ten... well, top twenty... gosh, darnit, can't quantify... one of my favourite movie quotes ever.

billz, can't speak for the delightful and highly-animated model pat32082, but I really am drawn that way.

ET: fix damn typo, only have thumbs today...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-09-20 04:47 ]
I'm so not surprised, QG. ;-)
I was just badly drawn.
So you're Badly Drawn Boy! I can't wait for your new album, dude! ;-)
I couldn't help it; I had to vote for Hermione.

But if I had been voting at the very beginning, I would have been for Bill Haverchuck, all the way. I LOVE that kid.
only have thumbs today...

Hey, you're not that freaky finnger-eating demon Fred tussled with underground when she was hiding from Jasmine's many mini minions, are you?
God, I hope not. It's possible that at night and in my sleep, I am. See, I wouldn't know, 'cause I am, you know, asleep.

How can I find out for sure?
Pinch yourself as the demon. If you don't wake up it can't be you.

*holds hands up* I've never read any of the Potter books so it had to be Willow (quite like Hermione in the films but the sometimes clunky acting gets in the way a bit).

(also, that first picture of Aly as Willow in the profile section ? Aye, as they say, caramba)
Oy, and now we have the slash of Willow and Hermione. What would that be called? Willomione? Hermionillow? Willione? Help!
Wasn't there a panel at a con, when Joss was asked which was his favorite Harry Potter character, and he actually said Hermione?

Not to be snarky, but who woulda thunk it? Joss choosing a super powered adolescent girl as his favorite? Stop the presses! Its like, unprecedented, or some word that means the opposite of unprecedented.
There should definitely be a word for that, can't believe the need's never arisen before. Surely this situation can't be un-un-unprecendented ?

ETA: an un

[ edited by Saje on 2006-09-20 17:58 ]
Definitely Willow.
Saje - I'll settle for mod -2 (obvious)... do we need a karma system? ;)
I will now have lunch accompanied by pleasant thoughts of Hermillow. Talk about enlightening snuggle talk! I voted Willow, but Hermione would be an awesomest Vice President (ooo, no pun intended but vavoom!).
Yeah, zeitgeist that's what this site's missing, karma-whoring and mod wars over seasons 6 and 7 or Spuffy-Bangel ;-).

(self-critical mod systems are great but there's also something to be said for the sleek, clean lines and refreshing zesty tang of a benevolant dictatorship ;)
this IS Whedonesque, not Rowlingesque

My vote goes to my favorite Jewish/Wiccan/Nerd/Lesbian, Willow Rosenberg.

Veronica as a close second.
Oh come on fence-sitters. Willow all the way. You know she would kick Hermione's ass in a 1 on 1.

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