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September 19 2006

Watch Dexter's pilot episode. The password is "Sneak Peek". Julie Benz (Darla) is in the pilot episode. (only accessible to those inside the United States).

Michael C. Hall sells the show and his character so well. Very dark and funny.

I added a heads for our non US chums (we can't get access to the Showtime site - I think they're the only US tv website that does that).
From the commercials I've seen on my local cable (Los Angeles), Showtime is having a free preview weekend in October (starting the 8th, I think), during which they'll make the first 3 episodes of "Dexter" available via (free) On Demand.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how they handle this premise!
This is the only new series of the fall season I'm really excited about and pretty sure I'll stick with all the way through, but once again Showtime burns me with their US-exclusive website content. Only saw an extended series of clips on the costume designer's web site so far, haven't seen any official trailers, but it was enough of a taste to see that this'll be something special.
This may be free, but it is still restricted. Does anyone know where to procure the password which is required to view the video? Oh, yeah 'Sneak Peek' - thanks. Sigh.

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Can anyone who saw this and knows make-up tell me: was Julie wearing make-up in this show? She looked very natural to me, but I'm easily fooled.
Is Julie in the pilot episode only? I remember reading that she was a main cast member or something...?
Tried a few proxies but I think the site's filtering for them so still no joy.

Ah well, at least our chocolate tastes like chocolate ;).
aapac, at the official site under "Characters", Julie is listed second only to Dexter himself.
Pretty sure (without having seen it obviously) that she plays his girlfriend so unless they go the "early, shocking fatality" route a la 'Spooks' she should be in it a fair bit.
She does appear in the pilot and has a decent size role, I thought she did very well. No or very little makeup and nothing like Darla, which shows her range as an actress. It sounds like they'll be exporing her character's relationship with the lead in some detail over the course of the series.

The show creeped me out too much. I think it's well done, very well acted, very creative, but its quality just made it all the more disturbing.
I loved the books and can't wait to see this. But I'll have to being a UKer. *pouts*

JB plays Dexter's girlfriend Rita.
Hmm. I like it. Sort of serial killer version of Nip/Tuck.
Hey Non-US-ers!

Puds38 over at TWoP posted this:

Got this from a cyber-friend who lives in Germany. She uses firefox browser. I don't use firefox, but if you want to try it this is what she says to do.
For Firefox:

Open your browser
open tools
select options
click general
click connection settings
Select the Manual proxy configuration option
In the HTTP Proxy box, type
In the HTTP Proxy Port box, type 3127
click ok
again click ok to return to Firefox

If you want to surf to through the net like before
select options
click general
click connection settings
click auto-detect proxy settings

Nice one Invisible Green, cheers. Either they're not filtering and all the proxies I tried were just closed or this one's not yet on the list but i'd get it while it's hot fellow non-US types.
I watched it and thanks for the password. It's well done, and the lead-acting, including our JB, is very good indeed, but it's so not my kind of thing. It took me years to get the images from "Silence of the Lambs" out of my mental library. I guess I'm just not the type of gal to have a "favorite serial killer."
The show is disturbing, but at it's core it's just a caper. We didn't find out .

ETA: Complying with request. ;)

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delirium_haze, would it be OK if I asked you to use inviso-text? I haven't found the time to watch the ep yet! Thanks, dude! :-)
I loved it. Jet black humour, a whole slew of interesting directions it can go, good-to-great core cast, definitely be checking it out. His internal narration sort of reminded me of a really nasty adult version of 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time' (a fantastic little book - which has nothing to do with serial killers - the central character and authorial voice of which is an autistic boy, for those who haven't read it).

I wonder if
I've been wanting to see this since I first heard about it. It's right up my alley, and I adore Michael C. Hall. A Nip/Tucky show about a serial killer? I'm so there! ...Except I'm really not. Without fast internet and cable, I'll be there in about a year when the DVDs are released. But I'm there in spirit.
Saje, I was thinking the same thing. .
Ooh, that's not bad. . There're a whole bunch of nature vs nurture questions that could be asked too. Definitely many interesting possibilities.
That was very different, but incredibly well made. Love the dark humor. It's a sick sick little show though, definitely won't be to most folks' tastes. I don't think there's ever been a lead character on TV like this one. As far as Dexter's internal dialogue goes, it reminds me most of Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman character in American Psycho (though it would appear they're different brands of sociopaths).

So cool to see Oz alums like the woman who played Dr. Gloria Nathan and the guy who played latino leader Morales in that series. James Remar too, he's always good and he's an HBO-series regular as well. All these HBO actors making the jump to Showtime, crazyness.
Great episode, reminds me of a more evolved version of "Profit". Deeply disturbing and yet... Oh-so-fun.
Thanks, all, for the inviso-text! Yay spoiler-free-ness! :-)
I really wish I had showtime!!! I really really wish I had showtime!!!

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