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September 19 2006

Joel Grey on House. The incomparable Joel Grey, who played "Doc" in a few episodes of Buffy, was the guest star on tonight's House, and an amazing performance it was. Click on the link for House on the schedule page to see the episode description.

His best performance was in Remo Williams.

Chiun: [Talking to Remo] Put your hands behind your head.
[Remo complies and Chiun kicks him]
Chiun: I did not say keep them there. Your reflexes are pitiful, the seasons move faster.
That was an amazing episode of House. It just might have been the best of the series.
miri47, I added the requisite http:// in front of the url and removed the one pointing to the schedule as it pointed back to the House page.

It might be a good idea to have a look at our Howto page

Oh, and there's always the opportunity to discuss House in a non 'verse guest star capacity over at
House keeps getting better and better. Joel Grey was, as usual, A-Mazing! Excellent episode.
And in another spoooooky Whedonverse coincidence, before his initial collapse, Grey's character was wearing classic BlueSun issue rubber gloves.


Let's see, how many Mutant Enemy alumni have we seen on this show? I count at least four...

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I had to go to a meeting before House came on, but as soon as I got back I sat down to watch the whole thing on tape. There was a scene with House and the gang where they're discussing what to do next and I distinctly heard the word "Buffy." I ran the tape back and put on CC. Here's the line, copied verbatim:

Chase: "Not if I spin down the sample. Separate the buffy coat, then gram stain for bacteria."

Okay, so, is there such a thing as a 'buffy' coat in medical lingo? Or was that an extremely subtle shoutout to the 'verse? They are using the Angel set, after all -- they must know we're all watching... ;) (And JG was indeed wonderful.)
I am so not a medical person, but I did work for a non-profit medical research facility, and I believe a "buffer coat" is something used in preparation of organic samples for centrifuge and/or culturing for analysis.

Or I'm making it up.

But wouldn't it be cool if they re-named it a "Buffy coat"? Like naming "waldos" after a Robert Heinlein character (although Heinlein actually devised the things.)

All things should be named after Joss Whedon characters.
Oh, I have so much love for Joel Grey. But not Doc.
Joel Grey on House

After all you slash-happy people posted about that prizewinning video 4 links down, I'm surprised no one jumped on the title of this link. Think about it.
I still get really creepd out (in a good way) everytime I watch his performance as Doc.
I loved seeing Joel Gray on House last night (it is one of my favorite shows), but it was ALSO great to see Armin Shimeman (Principal Snider from BtVS) on Boston Legal last night!
Joel Grey makes the sixth Buffy alum to appear on House. There's been Tom Lenk, Adam Busch, Michelle Trachtenberg, Clare Kramer, Edward Edwards, and now Joel Grey.
Did anybody else notice that Joel Grey's character's lab was strikingly similar to Fred's lab, from Angel S5?
OK, A level biology didn't cover Buffy coats (or I was studying, err, specific gravities that lesson) but a bit of googling revealed:

Whole Blood Fractionation
Blood fractionation to obtain the “buffy coat” fraction containing the WBCs involves centrifuging anticoagulated blood to separate the cell components according to density, allowing recovery of the total leukocyte population. After centrifugation, the blood separates into an upper plasma fraction, comprising ~60% of the sample volume, a lower red blood cell fraction comprising ~40%, and a thin interface layer, called the “buffy coat”. The buffy coat is typically recovered by aspiration after removing the plasma; contamination of the buffy coat fraction with red blood cells is unavoidable. The extent to which centrifugation affects mRNA profiles in WBCs recovered in the buffy coat fraction is a concern.

It seems to be the layer of blood product that's really got the juice, tells it like it is and can, under the right circumstances, save the patient's life, so quite aptly named.

(BTW, you'll all be relieved to hear that it turns out the centrifugation required to aspirate the buffy coat doesn't significantly alter mRNA expression levels. I for one will sleep a lot easier with that load off)
Zowie, there really is a "Buffy" coat! Serious points to Wiseblood (living up to their name) and to Saje living up to his, and none to me, for being an Unbeliever. (There are, of course, various "buffer" coats, as well.)

It would also appear that, "The buffy coat is usually whitish in color but sometimes green..." -- which I guess would be referring to Buffys that come from Pylea. And we must remember that now there are many Buffys of all colours -- but only One True Buffy.
Go you, Saje -- I didn't have time to go a'googlin' at the moment of my curiosity. I reckon it could have been unintentional or even purely coincidental on the writers' parts, but I'd rather think it was damn clever of them using a legitimate medical term to drop the B-word breadcrumb. (Any House writers out there, feel free to prove me non-delusional with a fleeting Angel reference in the coming weeks, yo. Keep up the delightful teasing ... or you could just cast James Marsters or Alexis Denisof at some point and be done with it.)

(BTW, me is a she, Quotergal. And as another affirmed quotephile, I've been meaning to mention how much I enjoy your referential riffing, especially the bits of Joss I can't usually seem to lasso when I want 'em. Good words bear repeating!)

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