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April 15 2003

(SPOILER) Sorry Seattle Mariners push pivotal 'Buffy' to Sunday.

As someone in the Seattle area, can I just say that I am extremely ticked off right now? The Mariners have made an enemy for life!

Go Oakland!
Mark Ellis is the man!!!
at least they get it on SUNDAY. Boston got it at 11pm last night, with no advertising saying it would be aired then. NOTHING. i'm lucky i caught the last 20 minutes, but GRRRRRR! I want to see all of it! I know the last 20 was important, but it didn't have the impact it should have, because there was no buildup. just, oooh, look, Buffy! Potentials! Evil things! BLOOD!

sniff. i need my buffy fix.
Based on comments I'm seeing across several message boards, Buffy was pre-empted in a lot of cities last night. Hmm. Makes me grateful that I live in a third-rate city with no Major League Baseball Team. (But also, no WB affiliate either. Win some, lose some.)
Mark Ellis: 2-4 2B, 1R, 1RBI on Tuesday in a 3-11 loss.
Yes. We Bostonians also got screwed. Grr. Arrgh.

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