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September 20 2006

Kidnapped: An Inside Look. David Greenwalt's new show is profiled by IGN.

And here is a less-than-favorable review...
And here, a more than favorable one.
I saw the pilot via Netflix (special promotion in August) and loved it. Didn't realize that David Greenwalt was a producer. Now I know why I loved it. Others seem not to like it - not sure why it skews to love it or hate it.
Because it seems like it's going to be one very drawn out Cold Case/Without a Trace/CSI episode that will get old quick. That's the impression I get, anyway.

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I saw the pilot and loved it. The characters are very interesting and seem to have a lot of secrets to reveal. I'm really looking forward to this show more than any other new show this year. David has never let me down before :)
I liked the Kidnapped pilot better than I like all the episodes of Vanished that have aired so far. And I *love* Jeremy Sisto. Kind of like him better as a mentally unbalanced artist with the hots for his sister, but I'll take what I can get.
What angel fan said, exactly. Looking forward to next week, since tonight is what we got from Netflix. :-)
Very tempted 'cause of Jeremy Sisto. And given the quality of Miracles and of course his Buffy and Angel work, David Greenwalt's a huge factor as well (I really need to crack open those Profit DVDs).
Kris said: I really need to crack open those Profit DVDs.

Yes, you do. :-)
Profit was a great show that was a few too many years ahead of its time. These days it would fit right in with shows like The Shield, Dexter, and House.
I believe Greenwalt didn't come aboard till after the pilot episode was filmed, which suggests that as good as the pilot was, things will only get better.
Ooh, that's good news, jaynelovesvera. I liked the pilot, but felt a few of the moments were a bit on the cliched side -- and I've never felt that from Mr. Greenwalt. Things are only looking up.

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