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September 20 2006

Seth Green cameo in "White & Nerdy". Weird Al's new music video, "White & Nerdy", was officially released recently. It contains a cameo appearance of Seth Green, showing off his action figure collection.

According to Weird Al, the music video was supposed to premiere on AOL's "First View", but AOL pulled it after the video was leaked on YouTube.

Weird Al makes me so happy on a regular basis.
Same here. Go Al.
Oh my, that was lovely. I especially loved his use of ROTFLOL and his homage to the Star Wars Kid.

Though I too have a VHS copy of the Star Wars Christmas Special...I am deeply shamed...again.

(edited to correct my net lingo misspelling; I'm going to stop now because I'm embarrassed)

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Was that Donny Osmond dancing behind WAY?

This was great!

Forgot to say Seth's cameo had me ROTFL.

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That's wicked awsome.
I wanna watch that again. And show everyone I know.
I had to watch it again (I really love Weird Al; "Off The Deep End" is a classic album, so bring on the VH1 special already! ;-)

Anyway, in the scene where he's in the comic shop brandishing X-Men books, in the background there's a poster of the "Gifted" cover from Joss' run on Astonishing X-Men!


Maybe in future Weird Al can do an entire song somehow based on Joss and/or his works. Just imagine the music video for that!

He is quite simply the best there is at what he does.
Funny, I saw this video a DAY ago, and went, "that guy looked like Seth Green. Wouldnt that be cool?"
Synchronicity! I just had a dream with Seth Green being nerdy in it. Oh how I adore him. :)
I'm smiling. Nicely done.
I missed Seth and Donny my first time watching it, was too busy watching Weird Al. LOL.

I can't stop smiling and singing the chorus....
I love Weird Al. I've seen him in concert 4 times now, I think, over the past 12 years. He always puts on a good show, using his music videos as background for his live performance, and parts of UHF as covers for costume changes. Weird Al does his research well on songs like this. I daresay I got all (or virtually all) the jokes, except I hadn't heard the song from which the music is borrowed. Guess that makes me a nerd!
Love love loved it! Could use some more Seth (what couldn't?), but Loving the Donny O. dork dance!
To complete the circle, Weird Al Appeared on Robot Chicken (Episode 35, aired September 24, 2006), where they made a music video of his song, "Weasel Stomping Day".

You can watch it here until friday.

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