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September 20 2006

How Well Do You Know Serenity. Box Office Prophets has a Serenity edition of their How Well Do You Know series of quizzes up now.

I got 24 of them while it was timed.
22 out of 25 for me, not bad for not having seen it since joss's b-day.
24. Grr. What did I miss?
25 while timed. Wow. I think I'm even a tad surprised.
23, timed.

pat, if you scroll down it shows you the right answers.

I missed (spoiler tags just in case):

And my favorite question:

What does Mal give to The Operative after their fight?
c.) The Firefly box set
I also scored 25 on the timed version. I am quite pleased with myself (and can think of at least one fellow, local Whedonesquer who is probably *not* surprised at all ;-)
When they say "Who is the first to notice Wash is missing" I put Kaylee, because she makes the first remark, but anyone else could probably have noticed and not said anything. Jayne, for example, didn't seem to fazed when Kaylee asked. I'm too nerdy for this quiz.
I got 24, as I thought something else happened to Dr Caron during the hologram. Obviously I was wrong though.

I kind of wish Miranda turned out to be the fruity oaty bar mascot though. That would have been awesome.
25 timed. whew. geek badge intact!!

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21. I can't hang with you guys. Sheesh.
24? 24? How could I miss number 14? HOW!
Eh 21. I'm happy. Those were good questions. Kudos to who came up with them.
Also 25 timed! *sighs with relief* At least I don't have to punch myself in the face now.
Easy Breezy! I got 24 -- this somewhat soothes my bruised ego after missing that Xander question last week.
I got 24 out of 25, TIMED! I think I missed the one about what was the first comment after Mal's speech. Wasn't it Jayne jumping in with "Shepherd book used to say . . ."

Crap, I so wanted to be PERFECT.
25, timed, and I would have been hugely disappointed if I'd missed any. However, I also blew the timing because I was chuckling at some of the answers. That was written by a Browncoat.
"Eh 21. I'm happy. Those were good questions. Kudos to who came up with them."

I'm in good company then, Simon. I think s few were a little tricky. Tougher than it appeared.
I got 24 and I'm a little upset about missing the one I missed... because I would have gotten it right if I'd read the question more carefully! Oh well. ;) They were good questions. Thanks derf!
I also scored 25 on the timed version. I'm ashamed that I actually got a little stressed out while taking that quiz.
I was surprised to discover I'd only missed one (the one about shooting 3 times). I was sure I'd missed #20.

I only saw this movie in theaters 5 times and read the novelization.
Yippee skippee. Me. 25. Timed. (Never ever have I so geeked out over something before; probably never will again. *sniff*)
i scored 25 on timed *YAY FOR ME* ;)
25, timed. Hopefully this makes up for never having read 'Lord of the Rings' in the geek cred stakes. Went down to 8 seconds on the 'Who punched Mal first ?' question though. Almost exciting ;).

(also nearly blew 10 because I was trying to think of the third unarmed person Mal shoots at)
Twenty-four of 25. Took the timed test. I missed #18 because I had trouble remembering the sequence. But the minute I pushed the button, I was going NOOO!!! That's Wrong!!!!
24 timed. Not sure which one I missed, although I think it might have been the one after "I aim to misbehave". I said Jaynes line, but I think the right answer is Zoe's now that I'm thinking about it.
Twenty-four of 25, timed. I missed the shooting unarmed people, too.
Your Score: 25. Even Mr. Universe is impressed by the amount of knowledge you possess.
Average number right for this How Well Do You Know: 22.11

W00t! Yay me! My superior knowledge of a film more than makes up for the life I don't have. :D
24 timed, quite pleased, I've somehow not seen this movie since January. Been trying to go a long while so I can recapture some of the magic of watching it for the first time again!
24 timed. Woo! And half a Hoo!

Got 19 wrong. Good questions.
24 timed, to my shame I couldn't remember what came after Mal's speech between 2 of them and of course picked the wrong one.
I got 24 timed, I hit too quickly on the Operative's line when Serenity appears (right after I hit it I realized it was the second line, and I had one wrong). Oh well...still pretty good.
My favorite wrong response was that they knew it was a trap because Inara offered Jayne a freebe! LOL

I'll be seeing the BDM again tomorrow night in Oakland, before the San Francisco Browncoat Ball (I'm so excited)!

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Two wrong, timed. Same one Paul_Rocks got wrong (for the same reasons), and was about to click on Simon's medical bag, and overthought it.
24, timed.
Good questions!!
25 timed. Not a power in the 'Verse can stop Whedonesquers (except for that lack of a life thing)! ;-)
25, timed as well. Now I don't have to jump from a tall tower into a ball of light, hoping the dragon swooping around doesn't eat me before I reach it. I think we need "25 timed" t-shirts.
I scored 25. I guess seeing it 19 times (4 times on Monday alone) helped.
I got 21, but I should have gotten 23 -- on two questions I jumped the gun and accidentally hit "next" before realizing I hadn't clicked on the answer yet. Still, 21's good. (I notice that seems to be about the lowest I see on this board... heh. What did I expect?)
A piddling 24 for me; untimed, although I don't think that I came close to thinking 30 seconds for any question.

I missed the incense question. I don't feel too badly about this; I haven't seen the movie in over 6 months. (Time to fix that...)
24, timed. Yea for me!
Got 24 myself. Only screwed up on the question asking what the Operative calls River. I took option D, though the answer was B (an albatross, instead of mentally unstable);D

Definitely glad I nailed that many after not watching the movie in months. I know...for shame:(
24, timed. Missed the question about what the Operative said when he first saw Serenity- though, after I thought about it, my wife and I reconstructed that bit of monologue between the two of us, so I'll retroactively award myself 24.5 points.

That's right, I'm coming up with my own scoring system! Deal with it!
24, timed; missed the one about what The Operative says after telling his crew to lock on to Serenity. I picked, "We should have done this as men."
24, timed. Doesn't seem to difficult since that's what we're all getting.
23/25 - confused by #14, thinking it was something The Operative said, but the question does say dialogue, which implies it's looking for an interjection. #19 I just got flat out wrong!
I got 24 timed! The only one I missed was who shot at unarmed people three times. I clicked on the Operative and knew immediately after that I should have chose Mal.
25, although I have to admit I guessed on one. You'd think after seeing it 5+ times in the theater alone and who-knows-how-many-times in dvd I wouldn't have to guess at all.
My 12-year-old brother got 18 out of 25 untimed, and I'm extremely proud!

Meanwhile, I got 24 timed. Damn albatross question!
25 timed. Go me.

Shiny. :)
25 timed. Whoo hoo. I did guess on the shooting 3 people unarmed and I too cannot come up with a third.
But I did see it 19 times in the theatre and probably 5 times after that.
I found the quotes easier than the "who did what, when" questions. Good quiz!
I got 23/25 timed... Its ok... but... man how can I call myself a fan? I need to go fall on a sword now...

This was better than the buffy quiz though, and I got the who shot 3 unarmed people wrong. I also thought it was River. And I also got the line wrong when the Operative says"this isnt the grand arena"....I answered "this is not what it seems" but that was before.
21 timed. :(

But I have a question about one of the questions, heh.

8. What happens to Dr. Caron during the hologram?

The answer is that she shoots herself in the head. But I thought she just *tries* to shoot herself, but she drops the gun and the Reavers end up killing her. Maybe I am totally making that up.... heh.
24 for me, only because I didn't quite remember how the doc in the holograph died either. Still, I earn my geekiness.

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The answer is that she shoots herself in the head. But I thought she just *tries* to shoot herself, but she drops the gun and the Reavers end up killing her. Maybe I am totally making that up.... heh.

She is killed by Reavers. And that's what I answered and the quiz said I got it right.

BTW, the three unarmed people Mal shoots: the guy about to be eaten by Reavers, the Operative, and the guy who pops out of the Alliance ship on Haven.
24, which distresses me to no end given that the number of times I saw it in theaters alone is higher than the number 24. I bungled The Operative's line after telling his officer to lock on.

Meanwhile, favorite choice (question 22): "Hats".

And why, in the picture on the results page, does River's chest appear to be glowing with a purple light?

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The thing said I got 21, but I technically got 23 because my computer was really screwed up so I had to refresh the page a couple of times while it was loading. This caused it to skip questions and count me as not answering. When the thing was done, I went to the questions that said no answer and covered up the answers. So I got two more right than it thought I did.

Pretty good for not having seen it in a while and having inheirited my mother's memory. ^_^

Oh yeah, and the ones that I missed were the one about the Operative's line after saying "lock on" and then the one about the doctor in the hologram.

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25 timed. Just seeing it again yesterday at an Equality Now fundraiser probably helped that.

Nothing in the Verse can stop me.
24 timed. Good enough. Good test.
Baalek, I did that on one question, too. When I realized I'd clicked continue without marking anything, I went back and hit the answer and it seemed to register, but when I checked why I only got 24 out of 25 (timed), it showed that I had 'no answer' for that one, but the answer I chose was the right one. Arrrgh! And I didn't take more than 12 seconds on any one question!

I am quite pleased with myself (and can think of at least one fellow, local Whedonesquer who is probably *not* surprised at all ;-)

gorramit, I would have been very surprised if you hadn't got 25!
Hmmm maybe my 21 score is explained by the fact I've only watched the movie 4 times :p.
If you've only seen it four times, Simon, 21 is a pretty good score. And BTW, my "Arrrgh!" was not an attempt to 'talk like a pirate';-)!
I only got 22! Two wrong and I accidentally forgot to click the button for one, so I am not impressed with myself.
That was fun. I missed two because I was timing myself, and didn't have quite enough time to think thoughtfully on a couple of the questions.

I did like the snappy alternate answers, and the ability to be timed, which made it more challenging (was pretty easy as it was).

My favorite "wrong" answer: What did Mal give the Operative after they fought. Answer: The Firefly boxed set.

25 timed. Um, I've watched it 4 times, once with commentary... I actually thought it was pretty easy. How much of a geek am I?
25-Timed...while at work! Browncoat Geek flag flyin' high!
; )

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Hmmm maybe my 21 score is explained by the fact I've only watched the movie 4 times :p.
Simon | September 21, 08:38 CET

Damn, Simon!
I watched it 4 times the day I got it!!! (Yeah, the first 2 times didn't count 'cause we were opening presents, eatin' and drinkin'!) ; )

[ edited by AmazonGirl on 2006-09-21 22:33 ]
25 for me too. Hey gorramit, something in the drinking water perhaps?

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