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September 20 2006

Done the Impossible Fan Documentary Now Listed on Amazon. This should help to expose Firefly to even more people now that it's available on such a major website.

Yay DTI people! :-)
WOW! That's insane. Congrats deserve it ;)
Am I right in thinking Amazon aren't selling it all? But it's only listed as a MarketPlace item?
It looks like you're right, Simon. Also, I generally don't like to purchase items from sellers with no history at all.

Where else can I buy this?
I believe it's being sold there by the very same people who made the documentary. They're good people.
Yes, that user is the same folks that made the film, as you can see by checking out the latest announcement on the main page.

Perhaps we all need to buy one more copy and kick in our feedback, so the folks who don't know Jeremy, Brian and the crew as well as we do will know that their reputation is, as they say, solid.
Hooray! After a contretemps a couple of years back, I simply won't use paypal. This gives me a way to buy this. Happy Happy!
We were given the option of having Amazon stock it, but they take like 60%, and that simply wasn't worth it. Whereas the marketplace is a much more reasonable rate. You can order from either Amazon or directly from our website. As for having no history, it's true we are new to selling on Amazon (never had a product before) but we've shipped over 5,000 copies directly without major complaint.

Done The Impossible
Well, that's good enough for me.
Nice to see that there are already several reviews for the DVD up on Amazon. Mine included.
Thanks for posting the reviews.

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