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September 21 2006

Reviews of Alexis Denisof's play "All My Sons". Very favourable write-ups at The Guardian and with Alexis' role getting praised.

"You can be better! Once and for all you can know there's a universe of people outside and you're responsible to it . . ."
All My Sons

Yay Alexis! :-)
Nice reviews. I'm really happy to hear of AD's success. Of course, we all know what a superb actor he is. But it is wonderful to hear that he is getting praise from people outside the Whedon fandom.
Somebody, give this man his own show! I wish I could see this play.
I'm going to see this tonight. Can't wait.
Ah, was just gonna ask if anyone here had seen it yet. Let us know what you think Cider.

EDIT: Damn typo's!

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There's a load of Browncoats going on the 5th of October. Link:
Wow I'd love to see this production. Not just for AD, but Michael Byrne. He is such a compelling actor and not afraid to be a really loathsome bad guy. I'd love to see him work with the power and subtley of Miller.

We expect a review from the Browncoats going to see this.
Lucky Liverpudlians!
I'm curious. When someone sees it, could they mention to us (me) what kind of accents were used? Do they stick with the original American setting/accents, use British accents or go for something mid-Atlantic like Americans do for a lot of British plays?
Just got back from Liverpool. Spotted Alexis heading to the Playhouse before the performance while we were waiting for food but didn't speak with him.

I've never seen the play before and found the story quite predictable, but the acting from all was exceptional. Alexis was brilliant to watch, especially in the second act in which his character goes through a range of emotions.

I thought I would find it hard not to think of him as Wesley or as Alexis but, with exception of one Cordy-Wesley-like kiss - I only thought of him as Chris.

As far as I could tell Alexis was the only actual American actor, the others were British and they did play it with American accents. I'm not an expert on American accents so I couldn't tell you how convincing they were, I think it is set in New England. Alexis uses an accent also.

The only thing that spoiled it were the couple sitting behind us who are headed straight to the special hell.

For those who can get to Liverpool it's definately worth the trip if only to see Alexis perform on stage.

We hung around by the stage door afterwards in the hope of saying hi, but the crafty sod sneaked out the front in plain view, we just saw him heading off down the road!
Thank you for the detailed report, Cider, and sorry you found the play predictable, but it's good to know Mr. Denisof was brill!

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