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April 16 2003

James Leary interview. "The other idea that James (Marsters) and I were kicking around one time was that Clem and Spike get their own sit-com that's based on the Odd Couple."

I love Clem.
Clem-and-Spike-in-Odd-Couple-esque-sit-com? It's comedy gold, kids! :)
Oh, the possibilties....

Spike: Where are those poker kittens?

Clem: I let them out the back door of the crypt.

Spike: Kinda hard to play poker for kittens, without the kittens, you stupid sod.

Clem: I've got tacos.
Spike: Clem?

Clem: Yeah Spike?

Spike: Why is there a bleeding half finished jigsaw puzzle on my bed?

Clem: Because it was too big for the coffee table.

Spike: I want it off my bed.

Clem: But Spike--

Spike: Now.

Clem: But--

Spike: Now!

Clem: But the alligator wouldn't like it.

Spike: What alligator?

Clem: The alligator that's under your bed.

Spike: Why is there an alligator under my bed?

Clem: She likes to think down there.

Spike: Think?

Clem: When she's not working on this jigsaw puzzle.

Spike: I'm going to count to three.

Clem: Listen it makes perfect sense if you'll give me a chance to explain--

Spike: One.

Clem: She was once a human. The alligator I mean.

Spike: Two.

Clem: And she has to do this jigsaw puzzle to figure out how to break the spell.

Spike: Three.

Clem: She knows Susan Lucci!

Spike: ...Does she now?

Clem: Yeah! She used to be a model. I bet she could get Susan Lucci's phone number.

Spike: Hmm.. I've always wanted to turn the daytime soap opera queen.

Clem: Oh she's already a vampire.

Spike: What?

Clem: How do you think she stays so thin? And daylight? She wears a LOT of makeup.

Spike: Really?

Clem: And wigs.

Spike: Quite.
Herb and ZachsMind should be the script writers for this, as both of their posts were the funniest things I've read in ages :).

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