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September 21 2006

Astonishing #16 4th biggest-selling comic book in August with 120,100 copies sold! Also, a reminder - #17 was out yesterday.

The latest estimates of Diamond comic sales are in - and Joss' epic run on Astonishing continues, with over 120,000 copies of #16 sold last month, making it #4 on the chart - only beaten by the first issue of the new JLA series, a New Avengers Civil War tie-in, and Wolverine: Origins.

Also on the list - Spike vs. Dracula #5 in 153rd, with 10,500 sold; Angel Spotlight: Connor in 180th, with 8,100 sold; and Angel Scriptbook #6: Sanctuary at #282, with 2,200 sold. (#7: Smile Time also out yesterday, folks!)

On a side note - Runaways, which Joss will take over next year, takes 93rd place, with 25,000 sold, for issue #19.

I know next to nothing about comics. Are titles selling in the 2000-copies-monthly range in danger of cancellation? What % of cover price is typically profit for the publisher?
It really varies from publisher to publisher, but if you're wondering about the Angel Scriptbooks, Smile Time *is* actually the last issue.

Last I heard, though, IDW is continuing the publication of scripts, just in trade paperback instead of floppy format.

I wonder if Runaways numbers will start rising soon, due to people checking it out for the upcoming Joss-run, or if there will be a sudden quadruplification of numbers with his first issue.
I doubt there will an increase in people checking out the last BKV run in preparation for Joss. And if there is, people might be disappointed, since I didn't think yesterday's issue was as strong as the other stuff that BKV has done on the book. Hopefully the rest of the arc will be stronger. Maybe it's just because Civil War and AXM both came out yesterday too. And they were both amazing.

In particular, I really liked Cassaday doing Wolvie with the beer, I laughed out loud on that page.
In particular, I really liked Cassaday doing Wolvie with the beer, I laughed out loud on that page.

That was superb, just that change of focus.
The retailer I ordered Runaways digests from said that it's been selling fast this week from them. So I imagine there are a decent number of folks checking it out because Joss is coming on to do it.
I bought the Runaways hardcover yesterday, and spent much of the day reading and re-reading it. I don't know now if I should wait for the next hard cover while buying what individual issues I can find, or go to the digests. Somebody here said that the digests don't really have everything in them.
Not really related, but I'm just so glad to see Xena up at 127. I'm even more excited to see BSG up at 63. I'm definately starting to become an avid comic book reader of X-Men, Wonder Woman, Buffy & Angel, and particularly Dynamic comics which has a bunch of great titles in it's catalogue. Especially Xena. I just became an obsessed fan recently. And it's all thanks to Joss Whedon for getting me interested into comics in the first place. God bless you.
It's good to see AXM 16's sales rising (even if only by a few hundred copies)from the previous issues sales.
In particular, I really liked Cassaday doing Wolvie with the beer, I laughed out loud on that page.

Oh gosh, that moment was pricless. Of all the ways for Logan to become Logan again, it was getting hit in the nose by the Beer. That moment was priceless.

It reminded me of the beginning of the Danger arc when they were fighting the big monster and every ones thoughts were being shown. Kitty, Peter, and Scott were having all of these serious thoughts. Then it cut to Logan who was thinking, "I like beer."

I laughed out loud during that scene, and only to have the beer awaken him?

Whedon, you are a fracking GENIUS.
Dreamlogic, and anyone else wondering whether to wait for the next hardcover--it was recently solicited for December release, contaning vol.2 #1-12 for only $24.99.

The digests contain all the story pages, and I *believe* all the covers, but not any extra material found in the HC's.

Come to think of it, the Runaways/X-Men story from the Free Comic Book Day issue will also be included in the HC, and I don't know whether that one will pop up in the digests.

Not read Astonishing yet, so lalalalala not listening. ;-)
I own both the hardcover and the individual books for runaways (not the digests) and I think that the hardcover is definitely worth it for the extras if you love the series. I've never seen the digests, but i'd just suggest waiting for the hardcover. The FCBD issue was alright, not great, but it was free, so how can I complain?

Did anyone else look at the last page of AXM and think, what the hell is mal doing here? maybe it's just me.
I can see a little Mal in the nose, and the attitude.

Thanks for the help on Runaways, Telltale and theyarescientists.

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