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September 21 2006

CBS is holding Karaoke contests for a walk on role on Aly's show. CBS announced the launch of a nationwide karaoke contest tied to the hit comedy. During Sept., they are holding the contests in 9 major markets across the U.S. The winner of the final contest in LA will receive a walk-on role.

Below are dates and sponsoring station.

Green Bay (WFRV) Sept. 13
Salt Lake City (KUTV) Sept. 15
Los Angeles (KCBS) Sept. 16
San Francisco (KPIX) Sept 16
Miami (WFOR) Sept. 21
Austin (KEYE) Sept. 26
Pittsburgh (KDKA) Sept. 27
Sacramento (KOVR) Sept. 28
Denver (KCNC) Sept 29

Am I the only one hoping that they somehow involved Andy Hallett, sans green, in this? Cause that would just add to the fun.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-09-21 20:50 ]

Those are some of the most random cities...
Might those cities have the largest money making CBS affliates?
It's not random at all. Every station on that list is owned and operated by CBS itself. (I used to work in media; sadly, after a while, these things seep indelibly into your brain.)

It's probably a necessity. I know, for instance, you would never get my local CBS affiliate to sponsor a karaoke contest.
No cities near me, and I dearly love Karaoke.

Thanks for leetting me know a week too late. Bummer.

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