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September 21 2006

James Gunn wants to be spanked for not pimping Nathan Fillion. James Gunn has written a post chastising the browncoats for not harrassing him in neglecting to get people to vote for Nathan Fillion. The category is "Dude You Don't Wanna Mess With" in the Fangoria Chainsaw awards.

James Gunn has been a bad boy and uses some "colourful" language in how he should be treated. I had to try really hard and not laugh out loud.

Also there are some pictures of a Slither Reunion BBQ at Nathan's house.

Cute photos! Pam and Mal in the same pic, it's a fandom dream come true! :)
The pictures won't load.

Who won that Inara costume at last year's Comic-Con?
I seem to remember reading somewhere a post from James suggesting that the Browncoats and Fillionaires and everyone else going over and voting.
Could it be that James' short-term memory is off whack?
I'm thinking James just wants to be spanked. Period.
; )

[ edited by AmazonGirl on 2006-09-22 15:36 ]
And he seems to want more than just being spanked. Have you seen some of the things he is telling browncoats to do him? He should just hire a dominatrix or something. Less trouble.
Huh. I did vote for the Cap'n, but because of Jenna Fisher's myspace page. My fandoms are colliding!
Yes, it is that I want to be spanked. Damn. You figured it out. And I forgot to say that it's JOSS that I want to wear the Inara costume and spank me. Is that asking for too much?

Actually, I did mention it before, in passing, but I feel like I haven't given NF the true pimping he deserves. He deserves the Chainsaw Award if anyone does, if just for the amount of jokes I make about him raping me.

Oh, and remember to listen to Nathan this Friday on Sirius radio, if you have it. That was, strangely enough, my original reason for posting the blog, as I promised Nathan I would (in return for him not sexually forcing himself upon me.... there I go again.)
But, James Gunn, I thought you wanted him to force himself upon you. Come on, admit it, don't deny a small part of you wants that.

Oh wait, you want HIM dressed up as Inara. Or was that him in a wonder woman outfit.

No... you want him in a WW outfit doing the bad thing and Joss to spank you while he is wearing an Inara Costume. Yeah that is just... disturbing..

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-22 00:34 ]
The one time we choose not to wield our mighty power and we get bollocked for it. Bloody typical.

And Joss is way busy spanking Morgan Freeman in the Wonder Woman costume, he may not have time. Plus he has all the Runaways characters to kill within his first 4 issues. These things don't just happen by themselves you know.

(I voted for Nathan pre-pimp so accept that as my contribution to the "Keep Gunn's arse safe" campaign. Remember, a vote for Nathan is a vote for arse)
Re: Sexualised comments. Tone it down. Not every thread has to have to them (or that's what it seems like lately here - it's a bit old hat).
I'm watching this Elizabeth Banks is on BBC One in Happy Gilmore. Awful film. But I loves me some Mrs Banks.

Edit: Actually, it's Channel 4. I just didn't notice the advert breaks. I'm not really sure I'm paying attention properly. The plot is really involving on my brain.

James - you should tell Nathan to get a Myspace account. It'd totally crash Myspace's servers due to the Browncoat factor. And since Fox own MySpace, that'd be like divine revenge.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-09-22 00:50 ]
James, please tell me your lovely wife Jenna is as adorable in real life as she is on-screen. I don't know how you got her but for God's sake keep her. If she were ever single again I'd probably move to LA and stalk her like a raving idiot.

And I love your blog.
If she were ever single again I'd probably move to LA and stalk her like a raving idiot.

Gotta have goals. Or hobbies. Or both.

And hey, me and QuoterGal are Whedonesque's stalker elite.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-09-22 01:04 ]
gossi:"Whedonesque's stalker elite."

*wakes up*

What? Someone need stalking? I'm so your gal....

Oh. *reads post* Oh, I see. Him again. He of the "Bed of Diamonds."

*pauses to consider notion that further sexualization of a James Gunn thread is possible, and to choose words teddibly carefully so as not to be considered old hat*

James wants to be spanked for everything...
James wants to be spanked for getting out of bed in the morning.
James wants to be spanked for blogging. And not blogging.

Does James think we have nothing better to do than spank him *coughstalkingcough*, and that we're his personal living spanking machine? Honestly.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have infra-red goggles to purchase.

And that's HIGHLY-TRAINED stalker elite.
gossi, you and QuoterGal are elite in numerous areas, not just stalking. Maybe you kids could go out stalking together sometime, see how it works out?
I alwatys thought stalking was a solo venture... I dunno, call me ole fashioned.
jlv, I'm almost twice that boy's age, now cutitout, you hear?

Oh, yeah, *gets advantages of the math* I see what you mean. Smashing idea!

He's in England, I'm in the U.S. -- we'll have to meet somewhere in the middle. So, gossi, Atlantic Ocean, about 9:00p? And bring your goggles...

ET: There's only one "i" in gossi (and none in TEAM.)

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-09-22 01:43 ]
Well, two people jumping out of bushes at Joss together is certainly less creepy and more terrifying. Even better with goggles.
But isn't stalking so terribly last year? I mean, are people doing that anymore? One hates to be behind the times, as it were, not au courant, as one might say?

I mean, I'd hate to be the last to know.

Are, say, the iPod Kids still stalking?
Coming to Xbox 360: Stalking The Whedonverse. In full 3D with Dolby Surround sound and stealth mode, you too can jump out of bushes near the Universal sound stage at your choice of Whedonverse actors. Then take it online for the ultimate in multiplayer scaryness.
My partner and I inadvertently scared the crap out of TV's Frank (MST3K) once -- we saw him in Gelson's parking lot late one night and swerved to go over to him & tell him how much we enjoyed him. But all he saw was a car swerving to come at him, and his eyes were wild by the time we got over to him.

I've never forgotten the look on his face, and I feel guilty to this day.

Disappointing, huh? Not the stuff serious stalkers are made of.

Don't tell anyone.
Hate to interrupt the Gossi - QuoterGal production of StalkFest(100 times better than Slayerfest, so overrated), but I think James Gunn, is kinda feeling lonely in not being stalked. Why dont you two cats stalk him instead. Stalking may not be au courant, but like all things trendy, it is a cyclical thing. It should come back into fashion in 2 weeks. I mean stalking Joe Sweden is LAST year though. And I thought gossi was sooo over Joss. Hmmm I knew it! Can't ever trust stalkers sneaky bunch they are.

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-22 02:42 ]
kurya, apparently there is no Stalker's Code, nor Honor Among Stalkers.
Maybe you should form a committee or a guild to create one. What happens if two competing stalkers are stalking the same stalkee?
Stalking may not be au courant, but like all things trendy, it is a cyclical thing

So, stalking in goggles on a bicycle built for two?

And I loved Slayerfest.
These are very important issues, kurya, and you can find the answers to these and many other questions if you sign up for StalkFest2007 coming this spring. Gossi's a Featured Speaker and I'm doing a couple of panels; one is called "When Stalkers Collide" and it's addressing this very problem.

There will also be precision stalking in full dress uniforms by the highly popular "Highly Trained Stalker Elite" squad -- a sight that comes your way only once in a lifetime, and thank God for that.

Now, I think we should get back on topic...

So, James Gunn wants us to start stalking him? Or Nat? I didn't quite catch it...
I would stalk Nathan... although I'm sure the Fillionaires have the dubious honour of being his stalkers, so they mey get tetchy if other people get in on their turf. If you want to be a real stalker you could probably extrapolate where Nathan lives exactly from those photos. Dangerous it is. Unless Gunn wants Nathan to be stalked. Oh that crafy bastard.

[ edited by kurya on 2006-09-22 03:42 ]
I linked to James Gunn's initial entreaty to vote for Nathan and other Slitherers here but it failed to get traction, ratings were bad and the link quickly disappeared.
Here's my stalking exclusive: Joss and Kai and Adam and Summer were there. Yep. I WIN AT THE NUTTER AWARD! AGAIN!

By the way, James totally said that online. I wasn't in the bushes or anything.

And I'm not actually THAT creepy. Except about cheesecake, 'cause, there's reason to be creepy about that.

Okay, I'm going to stop making the stalking jokes now as it's becoming odd by proxy. If anybody wants me I'm hidden in James Gunn's toliet.
Congrats on stopping being odd, gossi.
Thanks, logicdream.
Just out of curiosity gossi, does he have one of those blue chemical things hanging inside the bowl ? And does it taste the same as the one Nathan has ? Inquiring minds ...
Simon said:

Re: Sexualised comments. Tone it down. Not every thread has to have to them (or that's what it seems like lately here - it's a bit old hat).

When James Gunn is involved - that's damn near impossible! lol.

And James ratting out Nathan and Summer who didn't come to the UK con - uh oh! lol.
Actually, what I really liked about this post on the, er, highly sexualized Mr. Gunn's blog is that the pictures of the barbecue are just so normal. No red carpets, no lines of fans waiting for autographs, it's just regular folks sittin' around in jeans having fun in the backyard. Glad y'all had a good time, James, Nathan and friends! :-)
Well billz, if you read on the comments on that blog(and gossi wasn't kidding when he said he had stalker news/gossip) James Gunn said Adam, Summer, Joss and Kai was there too! Unless he is a cruel miserable SOB for getting my hopes up. Apparently he had photos of them but didnt feel comfortable putting them out without getting their permissions.

And yeah its soo cool, even after a good period of time after the stars get together like that.
They're neat people, certainly.

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