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September 21 2006

James to co-star in feature adaptation of "P.S. I Love You". James Marsters has been set as a co-lead in the feature film "P.S. I Love You" for Alcon Entertainment.

The film is based on the novel by Cecilia Ahern and will be directed by Richard LaGravenese.

This is fantastic news!! What a cast!
The link is wrong, mods
Excellent company - James will have a chance to impress people who are seriously A-list. And it's breaking out of the "genre" typecasting of things like Shadow Puppets.
Totally, roadrunner. James did real good.

They're shooting in New York and Ireland next month. If he's got any convention attendances I presume they'll be axed.
Cecilia Ahern? *sighs*. Not my cup of tea. Cookie cutter chick lit writer. But good for James for landing the role.
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He said that he was only doing one thing this year, and that was the Queen Mary thing, so no clashes I presume.

Ireland, eh? Please nooo, not the accent. Certainly not if he takes lessons from David Boreanaz ;-)
Ahh begorrah how could you disrespect David's Oirish Brogue like that Roadrunner?

Ohh filming on location in New York and Ireland in October! Hope everyone has waterproof costumes :)
Glad that James has landed a role. Good for him.
Oh, this is excellent! Really what we(okay, I won't speak for everyone, so *I*) have been waiting for in terms of wonderful exposure for James, post-Buffy. I'm very excited for him!

A-list cast, almost certainly a theatrical release, and will be seen by the 'mainstream'....this is really good for James.

IMDB says it's a 2008 release, but if it starts filming in October, and I assume not a ton of post-production(like special effects and whatnot), it should probably come sometime next year.
They may pitch it as Oscar bate (ie January 2008) Rogue. It wouldn't surprise me if it disappears during 2007 while the studio fanies around with it.
More about the story:A young widow discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life.

Hillary Swank (the lead character)plays the widow and Gerald Butler is her dead husband. He is the second lead. Jm will play the dead man's friend, I think. Kathy Bates be may her mother or another on of her very intresting characters. I wonder if this will be in lines of the Diane Lane movie from a few years back.

It still takes many months, special efects or not to shoot, do post, retakes and everything else that is included in marketing and making movies. 2008 sounds about right.

Good for him.

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If James is the co-lead, maybe he'll have key scenes with HIlary Swank...who was in the original Buffy movie. How's that for fate?
I would assumes as the best friend(hopefully the don't try to go for the best gay friend route that female movies always fall into) I would bet he has some scenes.

He might be the supporting guy friend who brings the letters or who is the one who lets her her know moving on with he life is okay. Of all the characters he seems to be linked to the two leads as being the main guys best friend.

Here is the book synopsis:

Sounds heartbreaking and sweet.

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It still takes many months, special efects or not to shoot, do post, retakes and everything else that is included in marketing and making movies. 2008 sounds about right.

Wasn't Serenity set for release(originally) April 2005? Filming started in June/July of 2004, and that movie had hella effects. I'd say, unless Gossi is right, 2007 is quite doable for a movie like this.

But then, we all know Joss is fast and amazing, so maybe that's unheard of for any other movie.

Not that release date is really that important, except that I'd love to see it sooner rather than later. My child's mind can accept 2007 as right around the corner, but 2008 is just too far away.
Apparently his character John is the dead husband's best friend, and also the husband of Holly's best friend Sharon.

This is such excellent news I'm bouncing up and down. For him to be working with such a brilliant cast is amazing and I'm just delighted.

Can't stop smiling.

ETA: RS think of it as, on the shortest scale, only 15 months away. Sounds better than 2008 somehow. :0)

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Wonderful, wonderful news. Good on ya James!
This kind of movie is really good for the holidays. So I could see it 2007/2008, right around X-mas or Turkey day.

So Lisa Kudrow for the best friend who is married to John or Gina Gershon? I see Gina more.

Sounds like a good tearjerker.
Wow, he gets to play an actual real live man, that'll help show his range ;).

Good for him, hope it's a roaring success, even if it doesn't necessarily sound like my cup of tea.
You know I am never big on these kind of movies, but then I saw Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane and love it! So they can surprise you.
Great news.

LaGravanese is very good scriptwriter, he turned The Bridges of Madison County into a magnificent script.

In the company of two Oscar winners James can flex his acting muscles *and* demonstrate his talent to do accents.
Accents never good. For anyone!=)
Even bad books can make good movies. And it's hard to resist a film with both Swank and Kudrow. And that guy.
"Accents never good. For anyone!=)
Donna Troy | September 22, 01:31 CET"

Tell that to Meryl Streep. ;0)
Accents never good. For anyone!=)

I don't know. I used to have a Hyundai Accent--not a bad little car.
Never watched anything with her, so I can't say anything there. In general accents never sound very good , especially Irish. No matter what kind of actor you are.

Sometimes films like this can be lousy, even with great actors, but hen the background/secondary characters really get to shine. City by the Sea was miserable. Even with the talent of Robert De Niro and Frances McDormand. I remember reading critic reviews who said that Eliza's Gina was the only real heart of the movie. I thought how funny with all that other talant around her. So I hope JM gets his moment.


[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-09-22 01:45 ]
I couldn't be happier for James! A moving picture with Oscar and Emmy winners. Wow, no wonder he looked all glowy in the pictures from the Queen Mary. Here's hoping the film has a more intimate and independent spirit than the majority of 'chick flicks'--most of which I find unbearable (and I'm a chick myself). Delight, delight, delight! I can't get rid of this silly grin.

Janelovesvera, you're such a card. You should be dealt with. ;-)
It actually depends more on what other films the studio has schedule for release, not so much the post-production on it. So it may be "in the can" by mid 2007 but not on the schedule because of other similar films coming out next year. For a movie that starts filming in Oct of this year, esspecially a romanically toned movie, I will bet the release date will be around Valentines Day 2008.
I am so stoked about this! Not only does it mean I can see JM again, but it means he will get some really great exposure. (No more "selected shorts," MissKittysMom!! Or exposure in [selected] shorts, for that matter. *Sniff.* *Drifts away again. . . *) We all know that, even if the movie is a turkey, James will shine. This is just what he needs--a wider audience to impress with all that talent! Thank TPTB that Hollyweird finally woke up and cast him in something "mainstream"!!

And the icing on the cake: James on the big screen, larger than life. . . .
Janelovesvera, you're such a card. You should be dealt with. ;-)

bloodflowers, don't give the mods any ideas. I get myself in enough trouble. And how did you manage to come up with such a lovely name with the word "blood" in it?

I'm extremely pleased at James' good fortune; really looking forward to seeing this.
All I can say is it's about time! I am sooo excited, I too, cannot stop grinning over the news. Now the wait begins!! Way to go James!!!!!!!
Great news! JM on the big screen in a major studio release with an award winning cast!

*joins the grinning brigade*
OMG, I just got home to this news. What a cast. FINALLY!! Go James!
This is fantastic news!! Congratulations JM. This is the kind of mainstream big time exposure I have been hoping he, and some others of Whedon's warriors would land. This is such a big step to a new level. Now we need to just keep our fingers crossed that a myriad of things go well for JM during filming and editing.

I am so thrilled with this news. James has such incredible talent. All he ever needs is to be given a chance...and then he always delivers an outstanding performance. I wish him all the luck in the world with this project. And I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it.
Wow, congrats to James for getting this opportunity :) I'm going to see it!
Wo hoo! This really is great news. The story, the cast, the director, it all sounds fantastic.

Although I admit I would have watched him in anything, this sounds really interesting to me.

Richard LaGravenese! That now that's the level of director Mr. Marsters deserves!
What a great oppurtunity for him. He's a fantastic actor, so hopefully it will give him a chance to show something a bit different from anything else he's done

The book was average in my very humble opinion, however I know a lot of people who really loved it (Richard and Judy included) and at least James is getting some real main-stream exposure with it. And hey! The film may be better than the book so all's good with me

I also grin!
"Richard LaGravenese! That now that's the level of director Mr. Marsters deserves!"

Quite right. Though for any of us who do not follow Hollywood very closely (like me) this URL (or link if a mod feels like creating that for me) has some very impressive info on the whole production team.

From the article: "Steve Rogers is adapting the novel. Polly Cohen is the creative executive for Warner Bros. LaGravenese directed "Living Out Loud." His extensive writing credits include "The Horse Whisperer," "The Mirror Has Two Faces," "Monster-in-Law" and "In Search of Ted Demme." He is completing the screenplay for "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" for producers Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and John Goldwyn. Finerman produced "Forrest Gump," "Stepmom" and "Drumline." Rogers has worked with Finerman on "Stepmom." He also wrote "Kate & Leopold" and "Hope Floats."

This is the big time.
Okay, so I read the most recent comments and my grin has just grown a lot bigger. Exciting times. The calibre of the cast is marvellous and the behind the camera team look mightly impressive too.


So glad I kept the faith.
All I can say is "About d**n time!!! Bravo James!"
This is wonderful news !
James up on the big screen where he belongs! Fabulous!
I cannot believe this! I have been following this movie for about a month ever since it was announced that GERARD (likes to be called Gerry) Butler was going to be in it, cause I love him lol, and I was so happy that HE was doing a movie with an Oscar-winner and also of a new genre so that people could really see what he is capable of. And to wake up this morning and find out that James is in it too!!! OMG! I have been running around my room acting insane! I'm so happy I'm at NYU now, cause I will hunt down this production, and I'm also a film major, so I will try my hardest to get on this set somehow - PA, craft services, I really dont care! =)
Excellent news!

Here's my prediction: After the movie gets decent reviews and all that, there will be a big buzz about the "unknown" James Marsters and his awesome performance and suddenly he'll be a mainstream sex symbol. Or something like that.
And we can all say, "We knew him when..."
Wonder if he'll get the "overnight success" label. They love putting that on people, forgetting that the majority have been slogging their guts out for years in theatre, etc. Always gives me a giggle.
This is great news! I'm so happy for James.
This is fantastic news :-) James is going to "wow" them with his abilities, and yeah, it would be terrific if this was the mainstream breakthrough we've all been hoping for him. And just think, the promotional talk show routine, morning show appearances, late show appearances. Even if it doesn't come out until 2008, we may get to see him on the TV before that.

And if you would like to see James on the big screen before P.S. I Love You comes out, there is a campaign at Marsters' Mobsters to push Shoreline Entertainment to get a wide theatrical release for Shadow Puppets. Please visit our site if you are interested in helping, and please feel free to post the link to the site, and the information, at other sites. Mods, if this is something that you think warrants its own thread, I'd be glad to post it as such. Thanks!
I'm suprised he got into a cast like that one. He seems a bit out of place among them. Good for him though.
Such generous praise, cityof. We'll make a James fan of you yet.
I'm not terribly suprised, Venetian Heat had a cast of heavy hitters as well, if not for lack of funding we would have been squeeing over his casting in a big film years ago.

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I'm still mourning Venetian Heat, Dereck Jacobi Sean Bean and James! * sigh*

But this looks amazing. I'm so glad that mainstream casting directors recognise the talented actors of the Buffyverse.

And James was spot on, he said it would take him two years after playing Spike to get to the point where he was offered the roles he wanted.

[ edited by debw on 2006-09-22 23:18 ]
Congratulations to him.It sounds like it will be a good role.
Well I must say it's about time. I was wondering why Hollywood couldn't see what we all do. You would think he would be getting offers left and right. I mean he is gorgeous, super talented, package. Congratulations, James!
I'm so happy about this news. I agree with sweet mameloschn--It's about time.
Well finally! The guy deserves this and more. Don't usually grin, but will drag one out for this.
"And just think, the promotional talk show routine, morning show appearances, late show appearances."

Not to be a wet blanket, but JM is not going to be the one they choose to send out to promote this movie. They will sell it on the basis of the best known stars. If we see JM promoting it it will be on something with the whole cast. like Charlie Rose.

That said, if he gets noticed in the role, he could become the guy that is on all the shows to promote projects in the future. The glass is so much more than half full.

"I'm suprised he got into a cast like that one. He seems a bit out of place among them. Good for him though.
cityof | September 22, 22:20 CET"

That is one of the funny things about show business, the day before someone does something that brings him into public consciousness, they are just a person. Afterward, for many audience members there is an aura or something and the actor is in a different category of humanity. Almost always it has to do with the character they are playing and how well the actor can touch the audience through that character, rather than the actors themselves. Before the role, they don't belong in the company of the god-actors, afterward they are one of them. Big time examples: Al Pucino in the Godfather, Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy etc.

For many people that happened to JM when he was introduced in School Hard, for others later, and for others not at all. It will be interesting if to see if people who dislike Spike as a character or any of the other characters of the Buffyverse for that matter, find future performances by the actors accessible. I liked them all as actors to varying degrees, so I am not much of a judge. I have to admit though, I have definite ideas about the career potential of each of them, and some of my expectations for them are pretty damn high, JM being one.

I truly think he deserves to be in this company and will do himself proud.
newcj, wonderful post. I agree, that James isn't going to be the one that sells this thing (though I don't doubt he'll be at the premiere).

James Marsters many faceted portrayal of Spike really hit me like few others have on television, so yes, I think he was well capable of becoming A-list due to talent alone. (if the world was willing.) I am squeeing for his good fortune, because being part of this kind of ensemble is nothing but positive. Also, the director/screenplay writer has been Nominated for Oscars and Golden globes, so it's going to be well-written, no doubt.
Oh Thank You Lord!!!!!!!
It's about damn time James got an opportunity of this magnitude!
Hilary Swank, Kathy Bates, Gerard Butler...excellent!!!!
I don't know much about the director or production team, but from the sounds of the films listed to their credit this does indeed sound like an awesome chance for James to get noticed...big time!!!!!
I know I was impatient and hoped for something soon, but I have to hand it to James. If this is the kind of work he's been waiting for then he has definitely some talented company. I have NO doubt he will shine in this and then as someone else posted....veiwers will be wondering who that 'gorgeous unknown' actor is, and where have they seen that face before????? (heee...heee...why that's SPIKE!!!)
I'm so happy for James and I pray this is just the start of a wonderful and very busy 'post Spike' career.

Man...I am beaming now....and I am off to get postcards sent for Shadow Puppets too!!!!!

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Kathylovesspike! There you are! We've been looking everywhere for you. Isn't it wonderful?

Yay James!

Now I can't wait to read his name in the ads that will be printed in all the magazines and papers and see him in the trailer when the studio starts promoting it on TV and then all the glowing reviews that will have the critics gushing about his superb performance...

*faints* I am Kitty....hugs you tightly as well as all the JM fans!!!! I was not even back online til today and I just was elated. I am so glad to finally see James start getting some great offers!!!!! The man definitely deserves it!!!!!
"It will be interesting if to see if people who dislike Spike as a character or any of the other characters of the Buffyverse for that matter, find future performances by the actors accessible."
I'm curious about that myself. While I'm sure that some may not be able to separate the character(s) from the actor(s), I look forward to each new role any of them has, just to see what they can do.

I think this is a wonderful opportunity for him and I'm really happy for him. I wonder if he's now thinking, "Oh crap, I'm gonna be playing across from Hillary Swank and Kathy Bates?!" or if it's more along the lines of, "It's about damn time!"
Grace, I wouldn't be surprised if it is both and a bunch of other stuff as well.
One more in the "it's about time someone in Holywood realized James Marster is worthy" crowd. So he's playing a 32 year old guy..hmm, he's got the energy of a 15 year old so why not !!
Kathy Bates is a long, long, old time theatre person and I believe Swank is as well--well that's JM's profile and first paramour. Not only will he fit in--he's gonna love working with the home team. Theatre people are a tribe that sticks together.

I am so, so happy for him.
Great news. The more movies he does, the more choice I get to watch him back in a theatre play in Europe ;)

Just kidding. Good on ya, mate! (am I the only one saying "why not before... and why just the supporting role????")

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