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September 24 2006

Reminder: Firefly Airs Tonight in HD. The two-part episode 'Serenity' debuts tonight on Universal HD in 1080i high definition.

Subsequent episodes will air every Sunday for the next several weeks.

Serenity, Part 1 & 2 - September 24
The Train Job - October 1
Bushwhacked - October 8
Shindig - October 15
Safe - October 22

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We already have our DVR set to record. After being blown away by the clarity of Serenity in HD, we wouldn't miss this!
I wish I had a D-VHS player so that I could record this on tape. Oh well, DVR will do.
I'm looking forward to reading posters' comments about what it's like to watch Firefly in HD.
The real interesting thing here is this: Fox specially encoded episodes at 1080i for this broadcast on Universal HD -- which, of course, is owned by Universal Pictures. Is it possible Fox could be licensing the series to Universal for an HD box-set release in the future?
I would sure like to see a few HDTV still shots which I could compare to my Firefly DVDs.
The Dark Shape, you'll probably find Universal has licensed it's HD rights. It wouldn't surprise me if Fox Home Entertainment release it at some point.

1080i resolution, by the way, is something like 4 or 5 times the resolution of DVD. It'll look lovely.
I know. My hope is that if Universal magically licenses the rights, we could see Firefly and Serenity together on the same HD format. Because as of now, Universal only supports HD DVD and Fox is Blu-ray exclusive.
They should come up with a disc with Blue Ray on one side and HDTV on the other. I'd also like to see 1080p replace 1080i resolution.
I'm watching it right now -- it's lovely, true HD and 5.1 sound. And they started with the pilot! What a novel concept.
I assume the effects shots are upscaled, as they were only rendered for SD?

I'll know by this evening anyway ;)
Yeah, it's upscaled. And somebody has come up with a process to have Bluray and HD-DVD on the same disc (double sided), however it's been patented by a firm and the existing players don't support it. Give it a few years and either one of the formats will have died, or multiformat players will be the norm.
Hmm, not the sharpest HD presentation i've seen. Fairly low bitrate, and compression artifacts evident on the smokey and dusty scenes ( of which there were a lot ). Noticably softer during any effects shot due to upscaling I guess. The opening battle scene didn't seem HD at all though. Some scenes looked great though, especially well lit ones. It may have been a DD5.1 soundtrack but really it was nothing more than an upmixed dolby surround, as there was almost no activity in the surrounds. The centre channel was well used though, although it highlighted some of the shortcomings in the original dialogue recordings as it frequently went from clear as a bell ADR to muffly on set recorded dialogue in the same scene. Kind of like the Star Wars ep IV dvd.

Still, it's the best quality I've seen it.

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