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September 24 2006

Chiller Theatre adds a gentleman and a vamp to their Halloween line-up. Juliet Landau and Camden Toy are appearing at the event in Secaucus, N.J. on Oct 27-29,2006.

It also says that Sasha Jenson starred in Buffy, though I can't seem to place what episode or who he played.
That's Buffy the movie, apparently.
Took a look, because we never seem to host this type of event in Jersey. Also recognized Clea DuVall who played invisible Marci in S1, and who, it says, was in The Grudge. Cool.
barest_, Clea's invisibility having worn off in the interim, I can with much confidence report seeing her in The Grudge, although her left pinky did seem to fade in and out when she was agitated.

Emotionally, that is, they cut the scene where Sarah cycled her through the washer.
What's odd is that, in both The Grudge and "Out of Mind, Out of Sight," both DuVall and Gellar are in it, but never together in the same scene - unless you're counting this washer scene, which I somehow missed.

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