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September 25 2006

Director of "Are You Now..." David Semel directs the pilot of "Heroes." Airing tonight, the director of the fan favourite episode of Angel: "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?" returns to TV with "Heroes."

It's on NBC, and is the first part of a two hour pilot. Genre shows like this are few and far between, especially on major networks. So far it's pretty good, so show some support and keep it going.

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I actually quite liked the show so far, and am looking forward to seeing how it develops. So far, it seems like X-Men without the X-Men. Although, one of the characters DID mention X-Men (Kitty Pryde specifically.)
There was some good stuff in this show. Although some of the writing was a little predictable and clichéd (we were actually saying the lines before the actors got them out), some of it was quite good, the acting & direction are good & it looks pretty damn good, too. (And there's one actress that looks uncannily like Diana Krall.) It just might be headed in an odd, compelling direction.

I'll be watching this again.

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Ya i really liked this show I think itll be good.
Show has potential. Liked the two "twists" at the end. I'll keep watching.
Yes, I liked it. But I liked Studio 60 better.

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It was O.K. There wasn't anything that wowed me. But it doesn't conflict with any other show for me, so I'll watch it at least once more. Did anyone else see the cheerleader in her uniform and think of Buffy?
Yes, Ying, I did.

But what were we doing watching this show that has no numbers in the title? What is the point of these un-numbered titles? Have we learned nothing?

Studio 60 was good, madmolly. But then, it had numbers in the title.
Ying: Actually, I was thinking "Since when is Wolverine a blond Texas high school cheerleader?"
I'm still not impressed with this show, but I like some things about it. I like Adrian Pasdar (Jim Profit for Senator!), the cheerleader and the ameteur porn star's crazy murderous reflection. I just think the voice-over is pretty pretentious, and there are a lot of cliches that I kind of roll my eyes at. Hiro really annoys me too, but I must be the only one affected that way. Everyone else online seems to love him.

Out of all the pilots I've seen this season, Heroes doesn't quite measure up to the quality I've seen in others (Dexter, The Nine), so I'm not very interested. I'll keep watching for now though.
I'll keep tuning in. This show definitely has potential. Loved Hiro and Milo is so. very. pretty.
Liked Heroes a lot, despite some cheesy dialogue (as noted by QuoterGal). Especially liked the unlikely links between characters, and I want to see where it goes next. V-O didn't bother me so much, since it's not some disembodied narration, but actually one of the characters, and his story interests me as well. Another thing I like--the global stage and diverse cast. But don't know how long they'll be able to maintain the international settings, since money makes the TV world go round.
I was intrigued by the show but thought the writing was not very good. Too many lines got wooden readings or were completely predictable, and when will we ever get a politician who is not completely venal and evil? But at least one character intrigues me, and that is the cheerleader; I can see that role expanding nicely as she experiments with her power- but jeez, you would think the kid following her around might think there was maybe just something weird about a girl who falls from a tower, sets her own dislocated shoulder and walks away, only to later not get hurt saving someone from a fire. I do not yet like the Ali Larter character and I hope they make the Japanese fellow less one-dimensional.
I think this show would be a little better if they made the charecters slightly younger and put a little more socio-political depth in there about normative society and the Other... and then called it X-Men.
I think you got to give it a few episodes before judging. Yes, Adrian Pasdar is one major plus for me, loved him since Profit. Would love to see where that brother relationship goes now that the the whimpy brother knows that he's not as special as he thought. Anyone else think that Adrian's character already knew he could fly. I like the cheerleader for sheer stunts alone, the others not really connecting to yet. Will give it more of a shot.

Have to agree Studio60 did have me from the premiere episode, never being a friend of Friends it was good to see Matthew Perry in this, he has shown more talent in 2 episodes than all the years of friends. I love the way he has the dualness of personality when he is all business and confident, then the sutle albeit important switch to the almost nuerotic a few second later.
I always thought Tim directed the episode himself. Great episode, so praise to mister Semel. I haven't wachted Heroes yet, and with the critics leaning to the negative, I don't know if I ever will.
Dana5140 said: you would think the kid following her around might think there was maybe just something weird about a girl who falls from a tower, sets her own dislocated shoulder and walks away, only to later not get hurt saving someone from a fire

Hmm, i'd heard parts had been reshot but in the version I may (or may not ;) have seen it's very clear that the kid knows what's going on pretty much straight away. The cheerleader is definitely the character that grabs me most to begin with though the Larter character may grow on me and I agree about the Japanese guy being a bit one note. Maybe his innocence will be punctured at some point and that'll round him out a bit but I sure hope he doesn't end up being the comic relief.

Keen to see the actual broadcast episode now.

I also agree with RavenU that it's worth giving any show the benefit of the doubt for a good few episodes (unless it's just soooo bad you know you'll never like it). Seems to me we can't very well complain about networks not giving programmes a decent chance to blossom only to make up our minds after the first 1 or 2 episodes of a new show have aired.

Pot: "Dude, you're all, like, black !"
Kettle: "WTF ?"

Saje - you totally left off "and stuff", i.e.:

Pot: "Dude, you're all, like, black and stuff!"
Kettle: "WTF?"
Saje: "It is not I who is crazy, it is I who am mad!"
Stimpy: "No more frosty knees!"
Xander: "The representative from syphilis..."
zeitgeist: "Don't blame me, I voted for Roslin."
Tyes: "Now if I just learn to control these @#%$^* mood swings!"

ETA - Yeah, I don't get it either, but lets go with it - (Tim Gunn)make it work, people!(/Tim Gunn)
Big Rod: "Picture a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound. Look, there's the signpost up ahead, you're entering zeitgeist's subconscious !"
The Palinator: "Aha, because no-one expects the Dead Parrot sketch !"
Klinger: "I'll live through this even if it kills me !"
Buffy: "Hey, I died twice !"
Tim: "You Lando ..."

Roll up, roll up, crack the code and win a prize. And stuff.
Er, this is hardly Semel's "return" to TV after directing "Are You Now....," considering that in the past six years (according to IMDB) he directed the miniseries Revelations, half a dozen episodes of American Dreams, three episodes of House, pilots for Windfall and Going to California, the TV movie Lone Star State of Mind, and episodes of Judging Amy, Roswell, That's Life, Boston Public, and Ally McBeal.
krad, did you see Revelations? Omissions can be merciful.
Saje - :) I want to win a prize!!! And stuff!
Saje, I wasn't saying I was not going to watch the show. Actually, I'll probably watch the entire season. I was saying that I just don't like it as much as I wanted to when I first heard about it. I don't find it that interesting so far.
Ah, no worries, my comment wasn't aimed at you specifically ESG, it was more along the lines of a general entreaty. Good for you for keeping an open mind, hopefully the show will reward us both for our attention (but if it's crap remember, sticking with it was all someone else's idea and my advice was drop it like a ton of hot lead potatoes from the very start ;).

zeitgeist, what am I, made of prizes ? Can't just hand 'em out willy-nilly, you have to crack the code. Which is, admittedly, made up, thus making the cracking something of an uphill struggle but still, life != fair ;-).
So far, it seems like X-Men without the X-Men.

Or the 4400 without the X-Men.
napua - bonus cool-guy points for saying "Or the 4400 without the X-Men" :) Bravo!

Saje - just declaring my desire for the prize, I'll make up an answer later, but rest assured it will involve the words Serling, Michael, Summers and a few others ;) "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!"

While life != fair, Whedonesque == fun.
I really, really liked the episode and I loved the professor/cab driver. He's got the dreamiest voice. And of course, Milo. I agree. so. very. pretty. I do like the writing and the style of the show -- I like Hiro, and I think he becomes the voice of the show -- he's the one who is vocal enough to understand that he is truly destined for more, whereas the other characters are still either trying to figure it out or are struggling to understand.

I don't think Ali Larter gets enough credit -- she can be a good dramatic actress, she just has to break out of being slightly typecasted. I think this show is what will help her get taken a bit more seriously.
Beautiful East Indian man, whoever you were, you have snared me for a few more episodes. Good bits but quite uneven. I don't know if a Japanese Star Trek nerd is cliche but I sure enjoyed him. You have to love the Pasdar. And they sure didn't stint on the gross. Yikes.
I can't wait for Cheerleader-Wolveriene to meet Stripper-Multiple Man! Or Japanesse-Nightcrawler to meet the Angel brothers... I'm not exactly sure how Stipper-Multiple Man adopted Black-Franklin Richards though.
zeitgeist, in light of the capricious, ascending code, it looks like Saje has apprised you all he's going to.
I liked the pilot. I thought Ali Larter did well, and her character is the most interesting to me right now. Milo was awesome for his acting and his so. very. pretty. -ness, and his twist at the end was cool. (I can fly, I can fly, I can fly! ... Oh, snap.) Anyway, I think it's a good show although I will admit that I didn't find it as good as I thought it would be. I'll keep watching.

I'm glad to see a Buffyverse guy involved with this. They always turn out to be involved with all the good shows. :)
krad, did you see Revelations? Omissions can be merciful.

Yeah, but he also directed some magnificent episodes of House.... *grin*
Well, I liked the Heroes pilot, so I'm just going to assume that the episodes I liked while sporadically watching House were David Semel's, and continue to repress the memory of Revelations.
I'm not exactly sure how Stipper-Multiple Man adopted Black-Franklin Richards though.

Perhaps he's her son? The kid did look biracial.

I thought it was great. I'm looking forward to future episodes...
The boy is supposed to be her son, yes.
Heroes opened to 8 million viewers. Not bad.
Finally watched it. Here's the problem. Good shows don't try to explain things, they just do it and let you figure out the details and why. Every other minute in Heroes, even the opening text scroll just explains, explains, explains, and tries to make it "scientific". Can you imagine how much Buffy would have sucked if Joss tried to explain all the mysteries? Or Firefly?

Heroes seems to borrow Joss's approach that it's about the people and their issues but jumps into fanboy mode far too much. I'll give it a chance for a few more episodes - well at least until Torchwood starts airing :-)
"Perhaps he's her son? The kid did look biracial. "

I wasn't trying to give social commentary on mixed race kids (I am one) or adoption; just trying to poke fun at the similarities between some of these charecters and the populace of the marvel mutant universe.
TaraLivesOn, I understand what you're saying -- but this isn't a show for science fiction fans, or genre fans or even Joss fans neccesarily. This is a primetime network tv show that has to appeal to the masses -- and it's sad to say, but I think the masses still have the attention span of a walnut, judging by how hooked they are to Survivor. It is as much of a scientific question as it is a spiritual one, which is what I appreciate about the Indian scientist being the other voice of the show. He's the one who understands the universe as a whole but is faced with the application of it.

I think the bottom line for the show's creators is that it is a subject that delves deeper into a certain area than the masses may like. Scifi has never done terribly well on network TV. Explaining may help a little bit in the long run.

I am glad it opened to very strong numbers though.

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