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September 26 2006

Entertainment Weekly's TV Crushes. Much love for Buffy, Willow, Spike and Cordelia from the magazine's readers.

I can certainly get behind the Spike crush. Also, I can appreciate the beauty and appeal of those three women.

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My only Buffy crush was on Jenny Calendar.
I love that the girl yammering about Spike is called Nancy. Because I'm a sucker for the Sid/Nancy, Spike/Drusilla comparisons.

Personal Buffy crush? Andrew and Anya. I'm a straight female, so there is no way in hell those would work out ... but they have all the qualities that I love.
SPIKE CRUSH......well duh???? I think thats a no brainer!
At least for me. I was smitten the first time I ever saw that gorgeous face and I don't think I'll ever get over it.
Come to think of it...I don't ever want to......
Buffy was my Buffy crush.
Ooh, Anya, Tara and Willow at different times.

Buffy I more wanted to be than be with. Only with the same, err, bits I have now. Not really sure how that would work out, thinking about it.
Anya, Anya, Anya.

And, well, Cordy, of course.

My old girlfriend (the one it took me about 3 years to give Buffy a try and is now a total freak) once wrote to me: "Spike. Oh, my god, Spike! And Giles, yeah, him, too. Angel, oh, god yes. And Riley, he was nice to look at. But Wesley, Wesley my prince! Oh, throw in Xander, too, let's face it, I'm a total slut."
Personal Buffy crush? Andrew and Anya. I'm a straight female, so there is no way in hell those would work out ... but they have all the qualities that I love.

So you have a crush on some kind of Andrew/Anya hybrid person, or both individually? :~D

Mine would have to be Spike. He's what got me watching. Jenny Calendar was very beautiful, I'd say the best looking of the women.

But my secret crush would have to be Groo. Granted, not from Buffy, but still in the 'verse. Oh, I guess it's not really a secret.
Spike all the way. I have never (well, since David Cassidy anyway) had such a crush on a TV charater. James Marsters, Oooh, the fantasies I have..........
For me,it's Buffy although I also have a thing for Faith.
Mmmm Spike. Yep... I was a lover of Spike from very early on. He's really my favorite of everybody from Buffy & Angel.

As for my "straight girl crush on another girl" I gotta go with Willow. I'm a big sucker for the whole nerd who blossoms into a really intelligent hottie thing...
Faith and Angel were my crushes.

Faith because of the actress and her boston accent. She made Faith so real. Faith was sex on wheels and could kick ass! You wanted to jump in there and be used by her and then like Xander cuddle her when she cried.

Anel, once again because of how I love the actual actor.With Angel you knew where you stood and his brooding was a turn on. Not to mention the whole Angelus and leather thing.

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I saw this this morning when i went to EW to catch their latest recap of the Wire.
I clicked on it (well, their editors' crushes first) mostly to see if there were some BtVS crushes in there - since I couldn't imagine how there couldn't be! I was disappointed not to see any in the EW editorial crushes, but gratified that there was much Buffy love - as there should be - from readers.

For the record, I know it's a cliche, but I'm all about the Spike love. He was the first - and still the only - TV character to intrude on my dreams, and one of the sexiest characters, in look and attitude, I've ever come across. Oooohhh....

(and joni, I hear you with the straight girl crush on Willow, especially early-seasons Willow. Not just the nerdy blossoming girl thing, but also something about those eyes that could make me melt every time).
Also have to put in a VERY good word for late season/scruffy Wes.

Oh yes - have to agree on the scruffy Wes love! He would be my AtS crush choice, hands down....
Mmmmm, Spike. Sigh.

But I have to ask,
What the heck is Willow wearing in that picture?

Anyone who can wear that outfit and still be crushworthy has something very special.
Oh, it's Wesley 2.0 all the way - the sexy, tortured, gorgeous man. And all that intellect...mmmm. Giles had me a few times, too. And although I loved Spike, he was never a crush, he just made me crack up all the time.

Loved and wanted to be Willow, though never had a crush on her. Girl crush was Faith. She was the hottest thing around, and not nearly as sanctimonious as B.

Then of course, there's Joss... *sigh*
Thinking about this and remembering has made me a little disgusted with myself. I had crushes on Angel, Riley, and Spike. I had crushes when Buffy did. I'm very tractable, it seems.
Xander love! Yay!
I will admit to a man crush on Riley.
Riley when he came back....yeah he was a cutie.

And there is always puppy love for Xander.
Buffy in Season 1, Willow & Cordy in Season 2 (and Oz a bit too, though I passed it off as envy at the time), I can't remember who in Season 3 (probably just about all of 'em), nor Season 4 (Riley for purely superficial reasons. And, heh, Graham. Oh and Anya too. I guess I do remember). Season 5 it was Willow, Anya and Riley (not only for the hotness that time, also 'cause I came to appreciate Marc Blucas' acting more that year and a good arc served him well). Season 6 it was Tara. And Buffy/Spike in "Tabula Rasa" and "Smashed", they owned me for a little bit there.

Can't remember season-specifics for Angel, but the title character at one time or another, Wesley from Season 2 onward, Gunn occasionally, but Illyria beats 'em all out (okay not Groo though. Mmm, Groo/Illyria. Unconventional, but mmm). It's like Buffy offered up a lot more eye candy and crush-worthies ladies-wise, but Angel was mostly a beef buffet.

If we get into one-offs and barely recurring characters I'll be here all night going through the eps, so for sanity's sake, no.

I appreciate that Nicholas Brendon was nice looking, but character-wise I couldn't be attracted to Xander 'cause there were too many similarities and in real life I'd want a guy like him for a brother or as a friend. He is one of my favorite Buffyverse characters though.

As for the 24-love on Entertainment Weekly, am I the only one who finds Tony a hell of a lot hotter than Jack? (avoiding Season 5 spoilers here, haven't seen it yet) Kiefer's no slouch in the looks department and his character's capability increases his appeal, but even since Season 1 when he was barely a main character it's always been Tony.

Mandy would be my 24 girl-pick. Mia Kirshner...that reminds me, I really need to check out The L Word. Yep, evil, bisexual, recurring, assasin-for-hire Mandy.

Heh, I love that Barbara Eden's on there. Jeannie was one of my earliest TV crushes.

Seth Bullock of Deadwood got a mention in there, yeah! A number of Deadwood men and womenfolk are up there.

I LOL-ed at the Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) Saved By The Bell mention in the staff picks. 'Cause it's true. But also 'cause it's weird to have wished you were that guy when watching that series as a kid, while now realizing that he was super-hot (I liked College Years Zack the best looks-wise).

Peter Krause as Nate Fisher from Six Feet Under made the list. Gotta say, others might beat him out if we're measuring purely on a prettyness scale, but in the competition for best blend of character, looks, and story arcs he lived through, Nate is the winner.

The list could go on for many actors in so many shows...Didn't even scratch the surface of sci-fi love.

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Hmm...girlcrush would probably be Faith. Jenny was very pretty, but Faith had that spunk and attitude.
Wesley is my Buffyverse crush. I started liking him in season 2 of Angel, and when he began to fall for Fred in season 3, I fell for him hard because I really identified with his pain. My crush on him just grew and grew throughout the rest of the series. I love his awkwardness, his shyness with women, his descension into despair, his badass-ness, and his utter loyalty to doing what's right, even in the face of horrible consequences. He's a tragic hero who will be missed.

My girlcrush is Willow. She's the cutest thing ever. On a side note, I always wanted Willow and Wesley to get together. Or Willow and Fred. Ok, make it a threesome.

[ edited by ElectricSpaceGirl on 2006-09-26 20:13 ]
Yup, also crushed on Wesley 2.0 (& dig this term for him) -- and before the re-made Wes, there was only Spike.

Girl crushes were Faith, Willow and Lilah. Loved Buffy, but not, ya know, "that way" -- like Saje and others, I wanted to be like her, not with her.

And that's the he and the she of it.

(This thread is a reminder that attraction is so bloody individual and idiosyncratic -- some people's favourite folks on here suck all the sex out of the room for me. And no doubt, vice versa. Lucky thing, that.)
Lilah was so very charismatic and I never realized it more than when she was replaced by Eve.
Pretty much everyone on Buffy/Angel/Firefly is crush-worthy. The top of my crush list is definitely Spike, but I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed (and I'm a straight female).
Where's the Oz love? I just had to mention him, since, well, not only is it true, but, as good as the others are, Oz is too under-represented. Anyway. Oz. Yup.
My wife has a crush on Riley, to the point of sometimes making obnoxious salivating noises when he appears. For myself, I grew into a slow-burning crush on Buffy, or rather, the lovely SMG, particularly the way she was lighted in S3 (those library sets seemed to glow in that season).
Spike and Faith, absolutely hands down. I do love the basasses! (but I crushed on Riley too..)
My wife has a crush on Riley, to the point of sometimes making obnoxious salivating noises when he appears.

I made obnoxious noises when Riley appeared too, but for completely opposite reasons! But like Quotergal hath spake "This thread is a reminder that attraction is so bloody individual and idiosyncratic." I never realize that more than when I'm watching House and I am so digging on the old, crotchety guy instead of the hot young studs.
Ditto, Rogue Slayer, I swear to god I don't have a father-fixation, but House wins hands-down every time. Super-bright, experienced, curmudgeonly and hot.

But forgot to mention (thanks k8cre8), dunno how I came to forget Oz, but forgot that before and while there was Spike, there was also Oz.
Glad to help, QuoterGal. We had too little Oz, so, sadly, he sometimes gets obscured. Couldn't forget him, even though Wes 2.0 creeped in after he was gone. And, I'm with you and Rogue Slayer on House. The young 'uns are (and I aged 10 years typing this) a bit *too* young, and not nearly so attractive.
To me, no character has ever been more absolutely mesmerizing on screen than the complicated, multilayered Spike of BtVS & AtS, portrayed so flawlessly by James Marsters. He brought to life a character so dangerous, yet vulnerable and ultimately appealing that it's hard for me to imagine anyone not developing a crush on Spike.
Don't worry about it QuoterGal, I forgot Faith. Oz is a comparatively smaller omission (by 1 inch ;).

Ah Faith, let me count the ways...
Xander. I crushed on the Zeppo. :)
There's just too many. I guess the most consistent crush would have to be Willow, but over the years so many of 'em held special places in my heart. I loved Oz for his sense of humor and all around sweetness (28 days a month). But Tara won my heart after Oz left. I melted at Spike's devotion in S7 and always thought Giles was sexiest when singing. Xander makes my toes and curl and seriously, Joyce was the foxiest mom on TV. Andrew was even a cutie in his own Bobo Fet worshiping manner.

Does Joss count? 'Cause if so, he's my sooper dooper manly man crush. Mmm, love that man...oh, oh, oh and Jane...definitely Jane!! Keep in mind I have a very broad definition of crush.
Willow was my first Jossverse crush, and I'm a girl. No wait, my first Jossverse crush was Angel, because I always had a thing for the tortured soulful types. But the Willow-crush was a lot stronger, and much more permanent. Then Wesley came into the picture too... Now that I've started watching S1 of Angel the Series (yes, I'm a few years behind time), my crush-o-meter has overloaded for Angel again. I've never had much of a thing for either Xander or Buffy.

Oh, I loved Anya too. I cried when she died. Then again, I also cried when Tara died. I also cried when Doyle died. I also cried when Joyce died. I had a voice-crush on Giles after OMWF. Omg, and Faith. I've just finished Sanctuary on the S1 Angel DVDs, and I looooove her (Joss and Tim Minear made me cry! Again!). In terms of writers, have a huge crush on Joss, obviously. I thought that I was going to faint when I met him. Love Jane Espenson too, I started noticing around S5 Buffy that all the episodes that I loved and were not penned by Joss were penned by Jane. So, yeah. Tim Minear too, lovely man.

I just realised how rambly and undignified that all sounds, but I'm not going to edit it. Heh.
Spike is my TV boyfriend-crush, but I love all of the main characters from Buffy and Angel.
Giles. With Jam on a cracker.
I think all the characters on Buffy and Angel are beautiful, that being said I have always loved Giles and Angel the most....for the men. Above them will always be my girl crush on SMG as Buffy. Is it wrong to prefer looking at pictures of her to ALL the men? My husband thinks so. LOL
Okay, Spike absolutely. And another yeah for Oz. SOOO cute. And Angel and Doyle. And, hello, Robin Wood anyone? Hot, hot, hot.

And since he got mentioned in the article, although not Buffyverse, Logan Echolls. Does he strike anyone else as a young Spike?
Can't take a poll seriously or for fun, if it leaves out Angel. I guess I prefer nice guys. Spike always came off as arrogant, and well, a jerk. Never understood that fascination.
Angel was a nice guy? I enjoy Angel immensely but I would hardly call him a nice guy. I think Angel would be the first to agree with me...okay, maybe the second. ;-)
Robin Wood was hot as long as he never spoke!=)
Spike, Oz, and, once he got his own show, Angel, but yay, barboo, for mentioning Doyle. Super-crush. So upset when he died and was replaced with original recipe Wesley (although grew to love, but not crush on, Wes 2.0). Girl-crush--Faith, Anya, and Cordy during season 1 of Angel. For the snark.
Is it wrong that my big Buffyverse crush was Angelus? So darn pretty and evil...I'll liked Angel a lot, but when he went evil...yum.

Yeah, it's probably wrong. *sigh*
Because I don't think anyone's said it yet: I had a massive crush on Connor, who is so very very pretty. Androgynous, perhaps, but oh so pretty. No? With the hair and the eyes and the pretty? Anyone?

I also had girlcrushes on Fred (mostly in season 4) and Buffy. Mmm. And I never really got the Spike attraction - yay for idiosyncrasy!
I had a crush on Tony Head long before BtVS, and the series just extended and expanded it. Was caught up in the Buffy Angel romance thing. Then Spike appeared and everyone else pretty much took a back seat. Though I came to adore Wes when he showed up as the rogue demon slayer and developed into a tragic hero, and loved Oz & was almost as heart-broken as Willow when he left, it's Spike who will always have full ownership of mon coeur. Et aussi mon corps. (To say nothing of my imagination!) I mean, that vamp sends me to places I ain't never been before! Nothing and no one else has ever even come close. . . .
Biggest crush: DOUG PETRIE!!! And JOSS and Andrew and Jonathan (not Warren though, he was too mean) and Spike and Jane Espenson and Fred and Anya and Giles and Faith and Lilah and Buffy and Logan Echolls and Willow and Amanda and Tara and Jenny and Wes and Xander and Gunn (not Dawn or Amanda or Rona though, they were too young, no lolita-complex, but they were sweet, no crush but big love)...

Not so much Kennedy, Angel, Riley, Robin Wood (he was hot but too screwed up, his thing for slayers turned me off, it was like an Oedipal complex or something), Cordelia, Vi or Molly.

The most beautiful woman was Darla though: big sucker for AtS S2 & 3-Darla...

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Spike naturally. Followed from behind by Angel. Xander was my first though and although I couldn't bring myself to forgive Willow her S6 actions, Xander was forgiven with a hand on a shoulder. *sniff* I love my boys.

Nowt wrong with liking Angelus. I liked him years before I liked Angel that way. I mean I liked Angel, but it took a while to *like* like him. Yeah, Angelus was cool and looked hot in silk and leather. Always makes me giggle though when people say Ewwww Spike is evil how could you like him, followed right after with but Angelus is soooo hot. Double-standards much. LOL.

Back to Spike. Yes he was arrogant and cocky and snarky. But if you can't see beyond that to see the wonderfully conceived complex and multi-layered character that was created you're really missing out. imo.
So zeitgeist, what are you going to be foe Halloween? I think Smidge has an idea for you...
I'll be Clem and Spike's love-child from another dimension, with the accent :) I always dug Willow, but it wasn't purely crushy-ness, it was also part geek-solidarity, part older-brother protectiveness. I had a man-crush on Oz and of course love all of our verse characters for different reasons at different times. Spike and Wes' journeys/arcs were epic and amazing, for example. Clem was always such a fun character, a living, breathing example of "don't judge a book by its cover".
Definitely Giles for me. (And House.) Love the older men! That said, I wouldn't kick Xander, Oz or Spike out of bed, either. Girl crush--Jenny Calendar followed closely by Buffy. I know my friend Jennifer has a girl crush on Kendra, who I don't think has been mentioned yet. Barest Smidgen, I SWEAR I was just about to say Clem. I would have loved for Clem to have been more than just a recurring character.
Ha! Ok, while I do have big love for Clem, (and the Big Gulp Demon), I'm pretty much teasing re: the crush. Though, I bet Clem would leave sweet little notes around the house, and never leave the toilet seat up.

My username probably tipped you off about where (under the covers, or carpet?) my love lies, but it's hard to argue with a single name offered up for consideration. Spike held the key to my heart (and nether-regions), but Giles? Wood? Oz? Riley? Wesley 2.0? Holy smokes. So much salty goodness to choose from, that I'm overwhelmed with the buffet before me. (Fortunately, I recently signed up for the all-inclusive meal plan seen here in blue type, so I don't have to fret over this menu.) Can you follow those mixed metaphors? What a mess. ;P

And as far as Girl Crushes? Faith, Illyria, & Cassie.

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2006-09-27 17:04 ]
And how could I forget Lindsey. Not so much maybe when he was just being bad boy, but during his infatuation with Darla, and then the evil hand episode? ... perfect. Loved the confrontation in the W&H Boardroom, and the fact that W&H never managed to cow him. Although happy to see him again in season 5, and the hair was great, I was sorry he'd gone back to his evil ways. I guess I just like good guys.

Oh and girl-crushes...Gwen Electrogirl. Tara, as she looked in Restless. I could definitely reorient for her in that episode. Faith is oh-so-hot, but I'd be too worried I wasn't cool enough for her. She'd just rip me to pieces emotionally.
1. Veronica Mars' hair, Season Three promo.
2. Emma. Hello, evil goodness.
3. You Know Whom, every inch, everywhere, everywhen.

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I would be remiss not to acknowledge my #1 verse-related crush, barest_smidgen :) Now, if you'll all excuse me I need to go write some sweet little notes to leave around the house for her to find!

ETA - I must also bring up that in spite of Simon's Riley-shipping, his wife did move quite some distance to marry and be with him ;)
My BtVS girl crushes are Buffy, Darla and Willow.
While the female contingent of my household are all Spike crushers, my teenaged daughters also had a thing for Vincent Kartheiser from when he was in Masterminds. The Cordy thing made even them go ew.

My son however, has a poster of Illyria taped above his bunk.
Re older men crushes..

Sherlock Holmes (when I was 9)
Gandalf (when I was 12)
Giles (when I was 30 something)
House (now)

Just noticed, they aren't that much older anymore - except for Gandalf who will always be older, waaayyy older.
Barboo, we think alike. Lindsey. OMG Lindsey--when he goes all angry Southern boy (and evil hand)--how could I have forgotten him? Oh, and I also forgot to mention Giles--esp. singing Giles. And not a girl crush but I really liked Sunday as a villain and wish she wasn't dusted. She was hot and snarky and could have had a fascinating story arc. She was certainly more interesting than Adam.

Giles and Oz.

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