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September 26 2006

MSN votes David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel two of Fall's Hotties.

Can't agree more. Both are gorgeous. Now that they have toned down her make-up, her natural beauty has come out. DB in all those jeans, T's and the way he handles his gun is fraking HOT!

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I concur. Especially about DB!
Double concur from this corner. But AIGH! the hair! How it pains me!
Good for them though I much prefer Hodgins.
They look great together. Just checking the clips for the next episode there is no doubt DB has stayed in shape.
Hotties for Fall? Hotties for all seasons! Yay DB (and ED)! :-)
Anything to keep DB in the spotlight for a possible Angel film one day:(
DB just keeps getting better and better looking. Very yummy pic. ED is very pretty and the two have great chemistry together.
Could this man be any sexier? Where's Moscow when you need her?
I like the choice 'fraking'. It reminds me of another show...
LOL! There is something about flyboys. I think Apollo/Starbuck are becoming my new crush! They should deffinatly be on this list!
Bwahaha, Cheryl. I'm sure Moscow could make a gorgeous icon with that picture!
Did you guys see DB in his tighty whities? Just so completely sexy and adorable at the same time.

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