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September 27 2006

(SPOILER) Spike: Asylum #1 out today in the States. Big interview with the writer Brian Lynch over at Comic Book Resources. The mini-series seems to be getting the biggest promotional push since IDW's launch of its Angelverse comic books back in June 2005.

It'll be interesting to see the sales figures for this mini-series as I get the feeling that the sales of the Angel comic books as a whole are slowly declining.

Estimated IDW Angelverse comic book sales figures: June 2005 to August 2006.

You're right, there seems to be a lot more to do about this mini then about other Angel books. Brian, is IDW putting so much work behind it, or is it primarily you going out to get yourself interviewed? (Not to say that it isn't just the book being good, of course, but I doubt it's that simple.)
That's one of the best intro's written about the character that I've seen in a while. This comic seems like it will be a good one, from all I've read.
Hopefully all this extra publicity will translate into higher sales. Also, Spike Asylum is going to Kick Ass.
One thing for sure...Brian seems to really LOVE Spike (in a 'manly' way of course).
His enthusiasm alone makes me happy and this series is going to be great. I feel it!!!
Brian...hope you will indeed keep writing more Spike comics....too bad YOU couldn't have done a Spike movie for us.
But hey...this is the next best thing. I'm just so glad you wanted to do it.
Missed that sales figure thread, but as it seems, IDW at its top was selling around the amount that DH was selling at the end of the previous run, which is probably a decline, from what sold during finer days.

Hopefefully, my copy will arrive here soon. But since even though I have the IDW titles in my pick list, their arrival are so erractic that's hard to predict.
The art looks good, the story sounds awesome and the comments of Brian are great, so I think this is going to be a very good mini.

A bit of topic, but still about Spike in good comics: I was just wondering if Spike can also be in the Buffy comic Joss is writing? Anyone knows?
A bit of topic, but still about Spike in good comics: I was just wondering if Spike can also be in the Buffy comic Joss is writing? Anyone knows?
the Groosalugg | September 27, 15:37 CET

The rights to Spike and Angel are owned by IDW.The rights to Buffy are with Dark Horse so they are divided at two companies.Plus Joss's season 8 takes place at the same time as Angel season 5 so I don't think Spike or Angel would appear anyway since they were in L.A. at that time.

Spike:Asylum sounds like an interesting comic.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2006-09-27 17:46 ]
We've been very lucky with the amount of people that want to talk about SPIKE:ASYLUM. The only interviewer that I have any previous history with is Elston Gunn at AINT IT COOL, who reviewed the Muppet script I sold to Henson back in the day. The others were either given the comic and liked it enough to want to talk about it (like CBR) or people that thought it just sounded interesting (like Speaking of interviews, Big Kev of Big Kev's Geek Stuff (google that mofo and listen) is calling me today to talk about the series, among other things. That podcast should go up soonafter. Everyone should listen to Big Kev's old shows, it's awesome. Though they do call Joss "Josh".

I hope you all like SPIKE:ASYLUM, let me know what you think! And thanks, so so much, for the support and the great conversation about Spike and company. You guys have been my main source of BUFFY and ANGEL love since I started doing this, and the stuff we talked about influenced what went into the series a great deal. So give yourselves a round of applause.
Thanks for clearing up Buffyfantic,
I already knew about the IDW and DH, but I wondered about Spike, because he (to me atleast) was mainly a Buffy character. I got he was clearly considered a Angel one, since he is used in all the IDW comics, but I thought maybe he still could be used by DH too, because he also was a prominent member of the Buffy cast. I should have known, cause that would mean they could also use Angel, Cordy, and Wesley, and that would be redicilous. And you're right, he propably wouldn't have apeard anyway.
I think the way it works is once Spike moved to Angel as a regular,he became solely the property of the Angel side of things.

I used to love the Muppets when I was younger.Too bad your Muppet script wasn't made,Brian.The last great Muppet movie for me was The Great Muppet Caper.
Buffyfanatic, we are in agreement on the last great Muppet movie. I loved the ones that came after CAPER, but the first two Muppet movies are perfect.
The original two are the best, but I think Manhattan, the Christmast Carol and, though a bit less, Treasure Island are great too. I haven't seen any of them in ages, but they used to be my favourite movies as a child.
I love Christmas Carol. You have no idea. Pure genius.

[ edited by pat32082 on 2006-09-27 20:37 ]
Just thinking again about Charles Grodin romancing Miss Piggy makes me
Hey Brian...where do we contact you with feedback for Spike:Asylum???? Is there a thread at IDW or somewhere else you prefer...or what???
You can go to the board at, or the forum (that would probably be better, actually), or here, anyway you want...I just wanna hear reactions!
Brian, you really do have a handle on Spike from your description here. I have to tell you, this article is getting rave reviews at the Spike messageboards and at LJ, right now.
Oh, cool, thanks, Spikeylover, could you link me?
Brian,I heard you met Joss for the first time yesterday on the street.He happened to be walking by.
I just got back from the comic bookstore picking up my copy of Spike: Asylum, reading it, and had to write and tell you that I loved it. Brian and Frank really nailed Spike's character. It's pitch perfect. The only downside is waiting until the next issue. Lucky for me, that's only two weeks away. Thank you, Brian, Frank, and IDW for this fun series. You all really understand Spike's character, the art is amazing.

Brian, I hope that Joss reads your book (now that you two are such close friends), has you write the script for the Spike movie, and you get to go purse shopping with him.
Thanks MacGuffin. Franco and I really went nuts when we got the job, re-watching all the episodes and making sure it sounded like Spike. There's a line in the book that I'm particularly proud of each time I read it, that I only wish I could hear James Marsters say. I'll tell you what it is when more people read it, don't want to spoil anything.

And issue two is a really good time, I promise. Only two weeks away...
Come on, Brian. Whisper the line in my ear -- or use the super secret spoiler/invisible text.

By the way, good interview. I assume that's a major spoiler on the cover of Issue #4. Ooops.
Yessir, it's a major spoiler on issue 4. Pretty sweet, no?

oh, and the line I like, if you have the comic next to you, is page 11, second to last panel. Kinda sums up Spike's state of mind at the beginning of the series.
I read through the comic at the store,and while Spike is not my cup of tea, it was well written.

I look forward to your other projects Brian and hope that one day you might write a Wes or Angel story.

You mean for just that issue, Brian?

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-09-28 00:08 ]
Yup. Great line.
Donna, I hope you continue to read the series. I think it goes places that you'll enjoy. And the line that I like sums up Spike's mental state, which is something we deal with throughout the series.

Thanks MacGuffin!
I will look at it next month. You are a very good writer. It is nice to see the art stay as good from begining to end.

Spike is just not a character I have ever been able to sympathize or care much for, but I do understand some do.
Oh Donna, if you don't care for Spike by the end, I am the worst writer ever. The places he's big. At the end of issue 5, you will want to hang out with him, this I swear.

And Franco's art...holy cow. We're really lucky to have him.

And if ASYLUM does well, he and I are going to...

...well, let's just see if ASYLUM does well.
Intresting....doubtful love, but an intresting theory!LOL.

Then again, I hated Faith in the begining and now, she is the only reason I stay or stayed in this universe.And the main reason I grew to worship Faith was the writting Of Doug Petrie and Tim Minear. Maybe Spike away from Buffy and Angel,with a unique, new writer, might be interesting as long as it is done honestly and without skipping any roads.=)

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-09-28 00:44 ]
"And in 'Spike: Asylum,' Spike's on his own, which we really haven't seen before. In both 'Buffy' and 'Angel', he got to be the little devil on the heroes' shoulders. Now that he's the star, there's no one to keep him in check. He drives the story and decides to what to do, for better or for worse. He's not Buffy, he's not Angel, and he definitely doesn't handle problems the same way.

This is the story I've been waiting to see or read. Spike making his own way, figuring it out by himself, making his own friends. No longer an adjunct to Buffy or Angel. Hey, I admit I was a Spuffy but I want to see Spike come into his own and this series looks like a good start.
I'll be picking it up tomorrow when I pick up all my comics.
Hey, if anyone knows of any BUFFY or ANGEL or SPIKE boards that are talking about the book, link me...just wanna see what people think.
Holy cow Brian, this is what all the Angel comics should be like! It felt like an ATS episode. Other comics in the line have been sweet enjoyable trips down memory lane but this one truly feels like a lost episode.

The artwork is fantastic. Between the visuals and your spot on ear for the character it really felt like I(and the various stylists at my hair place) were watching instead of reading the comic.(Snaps were given Brian, and these are b*tchy stylists)

And I'll proceed now with the gushing:
This is the Spike I wanted when we first heard talk of spinoff. This is not the fried twinkie we've been getting with other verse comics(Tastes great, try living on them) This actually promises not just a ton of fun but honest to goodness exploration of character. Meat! You've given us something to chew on!(I haven't had anything to eat today, can't you tell?)

I love how Franco shows exactly what's going on in Spike's mind. Marsters was an expressive actor who could get so much into an expression or stance, it's clear that Mr. Urru spent some time studying him.

I know this was only the beginning, but there is a clear sense of hold onto your hat, daddy's putting the metal to the floor about the comic. Fantastic, can't wait for more.
Oh, cool, thanks, Spikeylover, could you link me?
Brian Lynch | September 27, 21:12 CET

Oh, sorry, I went to work. I don't know about linking to other boards, but I can certainly link you to CDS. We are right now squeeing about James' project with Hilary Swank and Oscar Nominated director, along with your comic. Here's the link: (You'll have to scroll down but it goes on for several pages)

Cold Dead Seed

Live Journal has tons of stuff, but those are private diaries. So, I might get scalped for linking there. Anyway, stop by the link I gave you and chat with us. We'd love to have you.
Brian, thanks for dropping in. I'm getting my comic tomorrow, can't wait!! I've had a great time reading all your interviews. Congrats on all the success so far, and the great reviews you'll soon receive!
Brian, thank you and Franco so much for giving us back the Spike we love! Looking forward to the next one in this awsome series.

And did I understand correctly that if we're really really good, there just might be another Spike series?
Yep, just maybe another series. Just maaaaaaybe.

Thank you guys for your kind words. I promise, the series only gets better.
Brian...just got my copy yesterday...will get busy reading hopefully tonite, but from what I glanced through I think I am going to love this. The whole story concept fascinates me and oh's Spike....cripes what else can I say??????

Hope you do get to check out the conversations on some of the other boards. I think you will be pleased and probably very entertained!!!!!
Brian, I have to say I had high expectations of this coming from you and you exceeded them. I honestly think this comic felt more like the show(s) than any of the non-Joss comics (actually more than some of them). Bravo, sir! Very excited to read the rest of the series. Loved the little in-jokes like the 'mutant enemies/mutant friends' and the 'saving them/killing them - not necessarily in that order' :) Great art, great story, some great lines and fun extras for attentive fans, what more could you ask for? Issue #2, that's what!
Really enjoyed the comic (I'm in the UK so I just got it today), the shop apparently didn't order enough copies as I had to pout to get a copy.

I was suprised by the art as well.
Very much appreciate the interaction here as well, its great to be able to give feedback on a project like this with such immediacy. Thanks for taking the time to interact with us, Brian!
Hope you do get to check out the conversations on some of the other boards. I think you will be pleased and probably very entertained!!!!!

Bwa ha.
Thread's probably nearly dead (used to be able to see the front page from here ;) but I just read it (releases are a day behind in the UK) and wanted to stick my oar in.

What can I say ? Just bloody brilliant. Hits his voice bang on the nose, loads of funny (Hut Hut Hut...Hut Hut, 'B Positive' etc. ;) plenty of potential for a bit of drama (presumably along the lines of being confronted with a few of his past dealings ?) and lovely, lovely art. I think Franco Urru really produces a great heroic (well, maybe only semi-heroic at this point) Spike who also still has a bit of scary in him when he gets his game face on. Good balance.

I agree with zeitgeist that this along with Peter David's 'Spike: Old Times' captures his voice and the feel of the shows better than any other Joss-less comic.

Cannot wait for issue 2 (only two weeks, woot !).

(hey Brian, if you're still checking this thread, good job fella and also what's the Latin mean ? After Googling it comes out to something like 'Tough love is, nevertheless, still love', is that pretty close ? Love little details like that, they just make re-reading more of a pleasure).
My comments has spoilers for the issue.Hope that's okay.

I picked up the issue today.I really liked the artwork and thought Spike's characterization was accurate.Like at first deciding not to help rescue Ruby.

Spike:So you want me to Infiltrate Camp Happy Monster....and run a snatch and grab on your half demon spawn is just about it?

Father:In a Nutshell,yes

Spike thinking to himself:I may have never been to Mosaic but I know the type.I've seen the type.I've been trapped Prodded and Sliced by the type.I can guess What Ruby's going through.And so help me,I'm never setting foot in anything like that again.


Father:But you have a soul!What about when you helped Jordi outside the Monster Bar?You're a Hero.This is...

Spike:I was SAVING her before cops came to investigate and close down the one demon Pub in this miserable city that lets me run a Rab.I may not be a BLOODY VILLAIN anymore,but that doesn't mean I'm a bloody HERO.

But changing his mind when he finds out they thought he was Angel.

We're willing to pay!Whatever Your Detective Agency charged back in the day.Times five!Hell Times Ten....

Spike:What did you say?

Father:Whatever you used to charge when you ran a Detective Agency.I'

See,I heard The vampire with a soul opened a detective Agency...To Make Amends....Um for the Sins?

Spike:Wrong Vampire.All this trouble and you have the wrong vampire.

Father:Oh.So There are Are TWO Vampires with souls?Do you know where we could find the other one?

Spike(angry):Let me ask you something...Do you know how many times HE'S saved the world?Maybe half as many as I have.....

Do you know how he got his soul?He was CURSED with It.I FOUGHT For Mine.(shouting now)I DRANK FROM THE CUP OF PERPETUAL TORMENT.I DID.And you came looking for HIM? To HELL with that PONCE.You Want tour daughter back?You come to SPIKE!

Father:I thought you said you didn't want to help us.

Spike:Yeah,Well,I changed my mind and my very recently opened Detective Agency is going to charge you 20 Grand cash and unlimited use of your Limo.

Very Spike like.I can picture James delivering that rant.

Spike to himself:Why did I do that?I was all set to walk away and they had to go....and bring HIM up.Forget Sunlight;Forget Stakes.That WHINY GIT is officially my Achilles Heel.

Definitely playing up Spike's rivalry with Angel.This whole bit was hilarious.

A few pages before when Spike is looking at the photo of Ruby and we hear his thoughts.That really showed Spike as the fool for love and women being his weakness,well that and trying to one up

He got turned because of Cecily and her rejection.He turned his mother in order 'save' her before being forced to stake her.His devotion to Dru and doing whatever he could for her and finally getting a soul to win Buffy's love.Spike always seems to get into trouble for the ladies and he even realizes it in that scene.

Once he gets to the Asylum,things get creepy.That ear slug thing gives me the willies.Reminds me of the ones in The Wrath Of Khan.I have a feeling Spike just entered hell.

I think your off to a good start,Brian.


I think this story fits in nicely between the episodes,Destiny and Soul Purpose.

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Thanks guys. You all rock.

And Saje, you were right on with the latin translation.

SPIKE:ASYLUM number 2 actually comes out NEXT week. And there was much rejoicing!
Thanks for the info Brian.
If you're still reading, I'm excited that the comic is being talked about with such excitement. I can't wait to get mine and check it out, hopefully I can do that this week-end. The reviews sound great.
Good for you and thanks for taking the time to talk to us. It means a lot.

As for #2....keep them coming.
In case anyone is checking - even though it's fallen off the front page - I started a thread at for those who want to continue discussing this series.

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