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September 27 2006

All good things: The last ever episode of Cherub. The Angel parody draws to a close with "a very special Cherub Christmas special".

It's been a terrific fan effort and in my mind heralded the start of the Buffyverse fan film explosion. Cherub will always have a special place in the Angel fandom. Hopefully some spin-offs will happen.

I've just read that the Buffy books might be coming to an end, and now the end of "Cherub"! These are sad times. But I'm liking the suggestion at the site that there maybe spin-offs in the future. Then we can have a spin-off of a parody of a spin-off.

IMO "Cherub" really deserves lots of pats on the back, for a fan-made effort its very impressive.
The twist at the end changed my understanding of everything that went before! In retrospect, however, it now seems that the entire series was building to this moment with subtle inevitability, in a manner reminiscent of Great Expectations, but ironic. In a way, Cherub has come full circle. Twice. Like a figure eight. Everything is changed. Everything. Changed. Is.

Clever scripts and performances distinguished this delightful series! Miss it I will.

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