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September 27 2006

Summer Glau visits The Unit. Summer Glau made an appearance in last night's episode of "The Unit".

Summer had a guest spot as the girlfriend of one of the unit's support soldiers who was up for re-enlistment. This was announced last month in Ask Ausiello. She is due to appear in next week's episode as well.

While over on FOX Halfrek met Jasmine on Standoff. As Kali Rocha guest starred on Gina Torres' series Standoff. Man we have the verse popping up all over the place.
Damn you Eureka for being so good!

I miss the unit :-(
I caught this last night. I must say, Summer plays 'trailer' surprisingly well.

CBS has all the episodes on the website for "The Unit" if you want to catch them. It's free. The only catch is that it's streaming video and you can't fast foward through it.

You can catch it here: (Click "Watch a Full episode" and click the "All Shows" tab at the top of the new window. Go to "Full Episodes" > "The Unit" > "Extreme Rendition", otherwise you'll automatically get last week's Summer-less episode)
That seems like a great link EvilFirePixie8 but don't forget step zero: 'Move to the US' ;).

(none of the various shows I tried were available outside America)
Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Evilfirepixie8!
You are my saviour!
I agree with EFP8, Summer does a nice job in the first "normal girl" role I've personally seen her play.

The Unit is an OUTSTANDING show, for what it is. As is Joss, Mamet's writing is very distinctive. Even when he doesn't write the eps here, his imprimateur is all over the show. I personally love it when actors "speak Mametian", or "Mametese", or whatever.

Plus, it has lots of explosions and cool toys!!
EvilFirePixie8, you *rock*! Saje, you *emigrate*! ;-)
Eh, sorry Saje. I guess CBS just doesn't like the foreigners. There are, of course, other ways to get the episodes, not that I'd ever support those horrible illegal operations

Living TV in the UK are going to be showing this, on Tuesdays at 10pm, I think (just caught a trailer for it last night). That's the same channel which shows Veronica Mars over here, by the way. I was thinking of giving it a look.
Seems I mistook the ad (which I saw on Living) - The Unit is going to be on Bravo, according to Digital Spy, starting on October 3rd.
That makes more sense Kiddo, 'The Unit' doesn't really seem like a Living type of show (not that I wouldn't like to see Derek Acorah or the cast of the seemingly endless 'Charmed' repeats dropped into international war zones ;).

Dunno what you mean EvilFirePixie8 *whistles innocently while surreptitiously checking Azureus* ;).

billz, the thought had occurred. I was put off when I saw the size of your Newcastle Brown Ale bottles though. Isn't everything meant to be bigger in America ? Cute but ultimately unsatisfying ;-).
This may shock you all to hear, but... Summer Glau is Teh Awesome.

That is all.

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