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September 27 2006

Kali Rocha guest stars on last night's Standoff. The charming Halfrek makes a guest appearance as Leanne Benson.

Ya know...I don't know why I find it funny...but I think is mildy amusing IMDb got Kali's character's name wrong. Don't recall it being "Leanne Benson." Thought it was "Kari" something;)

And yeah...I watch Standoff. I like it...not like with Joss' pure gold work, but it entertains me on a basic level;D
This was already mentioned in the unit thread.
Kari was a different character (the one who was the girlfriend and accomplice to the bank robber). I don't remember Kali Rocha's character's name (though it is very likely that IMDB just made one up).

I thought this was the best episode yet, by the way.
IMDB would appear to be correct this time. Fox's Standoff site lists Kali's character as "Leanne Benson."

I always enjoy Kali when I see her -- she has a certain "je ne sais quoi" that just makes you want to watch her. I thought the show was a little better, too -- although can't say much, 'cause I did fall asleep before it ended... Hope Tim can make the show a little richer and nuanced, and some of the dialogue crisper and less hackneyed.
It took me a second, but I did recognize her last night. I haven't watched the whole episode, but it is on DVR for follow up tonight. After Bones of course.

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