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September 27 2006

QMx launches with Serenity replicas. If you heard the great Signal podcast interview with Steve Dymszo and Andy Gore about crafting Serenity replicas straight from the original graphics and molds, you've been anxious for this company to get cracking and make us some official licensed stuff. They did, and they are, and they're here.

So far they're offering replicas of Alliance money and Mal's gun, both preorders.

Edited to add: Andy from QMx has said that int'l shipping prices will be added in the next few days.

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Nice. I could certainly do with a version of Serenity that's larger than the ornament.
First time I ever seriously considered buying a gun.
Seriously. That's a lovely replica. Can't wait for their Serenity.
OK, I can't take it to a school or on a plane, but...must...have...Mal's...gun... (OK, this and the River/Reavers statue I'm still dreaming of). :-)
Did anyone else find it interesting that in the copy, it mentions that Fox is not allowing licensing for Firefly? Beyond the typical rejoinders of what idiots they are, I wonder if there is another reason that any one can shed light on?

I guess one logic thread could be that anything that promotes Firefly also promotes Serenity, hence the resistence.

I also guess that it possibly doesn't matter, but I still found it curious.
I'd sure like a replica of one of them protein bars from the pilot episode Serenity. With Alliance imprint, of course. I don't need an edible bar - just something that appears as a bar of gold (or copper-wrapped future-food, as it were.)
OK, as a graphic artist, I lhave always liked all FF/S graphic-y things, which I think were well done, but so far I have resisted buying any fan-thing whatsoever except publications and DVDs. I just thought it wasn't in my nature -- although I did crave the River/Reaver statue, and the Buffy "Magick Book" as well. But I never ponied up the folding money before.

Well, I just fell off that wagon, and bought the Serenity money pack & Mal's Map of the Universe. I dunno why -- I just jonesed for it. You know, want, take, have.

So I bought 'em. And I'd probably buy one of them Alliance-stamped protein bars, if they made 'em, napua. I've become shameless, I guess... for me, anyway.

Don't look at me. Not for a while, anyway...

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That money pack looks awesome!! The gun too but that's way too expensive for me. I'm hoping when the Serenity replica is available it isn't too pricey because I'll definitely want that!!
wow, these are unbelievabley cool. Cant wait for that large scale Serenity replica they mention.
But I tried to register but theres no international shipping detail option. Is it only US based? No international shipping? Is this going to result in me sulking?
Couldn't see any mention of international shipping options on the T&C either so maybe they don't do overseas. Shame because i'd buy the money pack just for the map (no clue what i'd do with the money, Serenity Monopoly anyone ?).

(i'd get the gun too if I was a) very rich and b) able to carry it anywhere outside the house without being surrounded by an armed response unit inside 30 seconds)
Oh, bugger, for the first out-of-U.S. person that emails me, I'll buy 'em a money-and-map kit & ship it to them when it comes, which won't be until November -- these are just pre-orders. I can't stand the thought of International Browncoats being left out of this collecting infection I just caught...

With tax & shipping, it comes to just over $28 US. (I wonder what the face value of the Alliance money is?)

Anyhoo, someone e-me if they want it... (Sorcha, you got it -- I'll order it & e-you in the a.m. -- so late, so tired...) Maybe other U.S. volunteers also willing to do so can get one for a non-U.S. Whedonia-buddy.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-09-28 12:03 ]
I want the money pack too, but as I'm in the UK it seems I can't get it. Will email the customer service people to find out more.

Edited to add: Quotergal - what a kind offer. I have emailed you!

[ edited by sorchasilver on 2006-09-28 12:05 ]
Buddy system is a good idea, but they also do Paypal, so that might work for those who are not in North America.

According to terms on the QMX Web site, you can only buy 1 or 2 of any particular item at any given address.

As far as FOX not giving them a license for Firefly, this is quite curious. During The Signal interview, the guys at QMX said that FOX refused because it would be the only license for Firefly, and the lawyers didn't want to set it up for just one licensee.

But, there is the Firefly visual companion, which is most decidedly Firefly, and not Serenity. Maybe it's different because it's a book or something. I couldn't figure that part out.

The licensed T-shirts from Ripple Junction are definitely through the Serenity side, and not the Firefly side.

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I'd like a model of Serenity - the other one seems a little too small. Also the money pack is shiny, thank goodness for family in Canada...
QuoterGal, showing the Browncoats how its done *claps histerically*

If any fellow US or Canadian members can hook me up with a money pack I'd be so honoured. If that at all possible, just email me so I could get the money to ya and let you know my details.
So far this new line of products look just too shiny to comprehend!
I think there maybe restrictions on sending replica guns to the UK, some one may want to look into that one.
Good point, Simon. I keep forgetting that gun laws are much stricter outside the US. Sorry for being US-centric like that.

UPDATE: Andy from QMX has posted on there will be international shipping, but the rates won't be up on the site for another few days.

[ edited by gobluegirl on 2006-09-28 20:56 ]
Aha, very cool. Thanks for the offer though QuoterGal, bloody good of you (hope you're not now weeping over the shattered remains of what used to be a working, non-Browncoat filled, email box ;).
Saje, though it's true that I am the veritable salt of the earth, it now seems that my offer is no longer necessary, so good for all you European & elsewhere folks.

(My mailbox did not overload, owing, I believe to the quickness of sorcha in emailing me, combined with the updating of the post with the pending shipping info, so thanks, folks, for doing that. This is all to the good as 1) it's our own server, so that would truly suck and 2) it's one of my favourite email addresses/domains and 3) upon re-reading this, my own nerdhood overcomes me...)

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