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September 27 2006

Clips from Nathan Fillion's interview on Fangoria Radio posted. For those who missed Nathan's interview on Fangoria Radio (Sirius Channel 102) last Friday, some clips have been posted on their website. The interview is mostly about Slither, Nathan's nomination for a Fangoria Chainsaw award, and there is a bit of talk about Browncoats, of course!

The main site is here: (click on Audio clips)

Each part is an individual file and the direct links are:

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Thanks for posting these :)

Can anyone transcribe the interview or at least the good parts? I couldn't understand a word of what was being said. Oh audio clips, You cause me so much pain!
Thanks for the link! Not so much a subscriber to satellite radio, yo.
FYI, Los Angeles-based Whedonians might want to know that the afore-mentioned Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards will be held at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown L.A. on Sunday October 15, and their website says there are a "limited number of $18 reserved seating balcony tickets available to the public."

Incidentally, this is the same beautiful old theatre in which they shot much of the Angel episode "Waiting in the Wings." (It is also owned by the folks who own my office building, so I can usually get comps if I don't mind waiting a bit to find out if they're available. This is a fairly sweet deal, as many cool things happen at the Orpheum... including ghostal-possession.)
QuoterGal - I had to do a double-take at your post as the last sentence read (to my hasty and somewhat distracted eyes):

"This is a fairly sweet deal, as many cool things happen at the Orpheum... including postal-obssession"

Hmmmm, a new source of SiT's (that's not Slayers in Training but Stalkers in Training) perhaps?
I know, the ghost-al et al. construction is just wrong, but I've purely loved it ever since I first heard "breastal regions." It just makes me laugh every time I hear it (but as many have pointed out, far too often in my opinion, I'm a simple person of simple pleasures, much too easily amused.)

Re: SiTs -- We always do a huge direct mailing to postal workers each year, just before we open pre-registration for the annual StalkerFest. Oh, yeah, and we also recruit heavily and successfully among telephone company database technicians. A True Stalker May Be Born and Not Made, but connections and hardcore information don't hurt.
A True Stalker May Be Born and Not Made, but connections and hardcore information don't hurt.
QuoterGal and gossi, the Stalker-Elite Twins, back together again. ;-)
Apparently tickets are still on sale, but I have to confess I'm afraid of both the Fangoria readers and downtown LA at night - different reasons for each.

ETA: I'm also afraid for the Fangoria readers in downtown LA at night. Sure, they love zombie movies, but are they ready for the real thing?

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gossi, thanks for the professional courtesy-tip. I don't know if either of those cars belong to The Man, but if one of them does, he either drives a Beamer or the exact same (low-rent) car that we do. I'm gonna go with the latter, regardless of the truth, because I prefer it that way, which is basically how I run my life and which has led to the enormous success that I enjoy today.

And that municipal code surely gives the game away -- if the poster's tag hadn't already... *grin*

dl, I surely do get the downtown concerns, but we go to this particular block every weekday, and in the p.m. it's one of the more traversed, well-lit sections in the area -- for evening Orpheum events you can usually park on the street nearby and skip those ill-lit and creepifyin' parking structures, which apart from anything else, are painfully pigeon-infested. Now the Fangoria folks are altogether another cuppa tea and I don't think there's a vaccine to protect you from their bites...

;-) billz ;-) back at ya, & please make sure not to tell anyone that we're Professional Stalker-Elite or else everyone will know. You know how it is around here...(.)(.)
Hmm, thanks for the info, QG. I'm actually thinking about going, now. I would like to see that theater, and this would be an interesting event. Maybe also appalling, but interesting.

I wouldn't be driving, so I'd have to figure out what the gauntlet would be from the nearest subway station, and back before the subway closes.

As for the Fangorians, if the character of my posts changes greatly after that date, you'll know what happened.
Hmm, 'kay, forgot about the subway thing, dl -- I've taken buses down to my office, but not the subway... can't vouch for the safety of the trek between nearest subway & the Orpheum. If by any chance you're thinking of winging it solo, I'd consider cabbing or busing directly from subway to the Orpheum's door, and I'm not sure I'd want to wait for the bus that late to go home from the theatre. I mean, that immediate theatre/store area is okay, but not so far away are some very mean & lawless streets.

God love 'em, but they are. Don't want to lose you to another kind of zombie. (And if we were going, we'd purely love to escort you, but we're in the wilds of Big Bear that weekend...)
I decided it might be a hoot and bought two tickets. If I can't find somebody to go with, though, I'll probably skip it. I know downtown at night. I wasn't so much kidding with the "zombie movie" remark.

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