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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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September 27 2006

Interview With Joss On "Stan Lee Meets". A short interview with Joss and the other writers of the "Stan Lee Meets" stories.

He does have all the women. Damn him.
Oh the irony. I posted this link in the discussion about "Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man"... which has now been pushed off the front page and into the oblivion of the archives by THIS very post. ;)
I think I'd maybe like to get all the "Stan Lee Meets...", not just the Joss one, now.
I just read it and Joss's story was quite good although I was a bit suprised by the references to porn and group sex.
Porn and group sex? Um, Stan isn't participating, is he?
Porn and group sex? Um, Stan isn't participating, is he?

In the final panel Stan sets off for pornworld with the comic book seller.
Bad visual place.
Great issue. Stan may have met Spider-Man, but Joss has obviously met the Funny.

I wonder what comics are like on the world without shrimp...
I loved Joss's story. He showed perfectly what makes Stan Lee a pioneer in comic book (and superhero) storytelling. I expected the smart, logical, sentimental ending... and then I laughed like I haven't laughed in months. Thanks, Joss! (and Mike Gaydos who really made the funny... funny.)

PS I suppose the second alternate dimension was the one where JMS started up the Marvel universe? :)
By the way: If anyone was suitably impressed by Michael Gaydos, let me recommend Alias (no relation to the TV show) written by Brian Michael Bendis, now available in 28 singles, 4 trades or 1 omnibus hardcover.

He's currently also drawing Snakewoman for Virgin Comics, but Alias is a masterpiece.
Yeah, Alias is about the best thing Brian Michael Bendis has ever done.
I thought Joss' story was hilarious. Especially the alternate world comic book covers.

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