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April 17 2003

Where Angels Fear to Tread: The Buffy-Spike Relationship. The Buzz tackles one of the more interesting aspects of BtVS.

However, there is not much time left in the season and many of the major characters notably Xander and Willow seem to have been relegated to the sidelines for the past several episodes. Im disappointed by this largely because of my feeling that so much of S7 has been wasted in pointless shows and useless characters (the Slayers in Training in particular). It would have been nice to get back to a bit of the spirit of earlier seasons before the series comes to an end.

Couldna said it better meself.
Can I just say that who ever wrote this article was seriously reading my mind. I couldnt' of said it better myself. He was on point with every last thing he mentioned!!

It's about time someone got it right!!!
Hmm... so HE is the audience Mutant Enema has felt they were writing to for the past seven years. I get it now.

Agree with the Xander and Willow sidelining remark. The SiT's are one of the most annoying things to hit the show in its entire run. And how sad that the show has to wrap with this painful rift between Buffy and Giles.

But couldn't have gotten the Spike stuff more wrong if he'd tried.
Ironically...I thought he hit the Spike stuff right on the nail. No wonder the ratings went down. People tuned in to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all they got was a show about two people f-ing the hell out of one another. And then the next season.....we got basically the same crap, minus all the sex!! *yawn*
Don't get me wrong, I LOATHED Season 6... and a great deal of that loathing was due to the way over-the-top sexcapades. But I don't feel this reviewer nailed anything regarding Spike's personality or motivations. It's the same old same old... "Look, he tried to attack that girl in the alley as soon as he thought his chip didn't work."

No room for any subtle, nuanced reading of that character, eh? WYSIWYG? Makes sense to me. I've clearly been watching a different show. Good thing it's almost over.
Angel was a pretty rotten person before he became a vampire, when he got a soul from the gypsy curse his redemtion was part of the curse, without the curse but with a soul would he be different? As a souless vampire he has Liam's personality and is extremely cruel, not only destroying his victim's physically but also psychologically.
Spike was a pretty decent person before he became a vampire, and as a vampire with William's personality seems less cruel, still a demon(vampire) with the desire for violence but not the hatred Angel has.

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