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September 28 2006

Former Buffy writer pens Smallville opener. Steven DeKnight has the honors on the ominously titled "Zod" which runs tonight at 8e/7c.

Cool. Sort of. Let's hope it's more 'Splinter' or 'Onyx' and less 'Thirst' or 'Spell'.

Sounds like it's got General Zod in it. Can't go wrong with that, right ?
Um yes it can.

When Zod is just a Lex on a bad day and EVEN he( a killer and mass murder) wants Lana, then you know it is bad...
I tried to watch Smallville last year, mainly for James Marsters, but I just couldn't force myself to watch such tripe.

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i Watch only the Lois and Clark eps... Otherwise watching Lana would make me hurt myself.
One the bright side, you only have to watch about 3-4 episodes per season (first, last and 1-2 in between). If they have conferences they must be something like this: "Hey, wouldn't it be, like, totally cool if we do for next season?" "Uhh yeah.. but what about the other 19 episodes?" "Dude, it's called filler."
Never could stomach the show myself. No offense to any die hard fans out there.
I'll admit that I watch Smallville, although it's been years since I've known why (oh yeah, my lil crush on Rosenbaum... a number of the cast members are actually pretty good.)

I have to say, watching Smallville tonight, I thought that Zod and Illyria would make a cute wrathful overdramatic monotone couple. And I was pretty sure I could hear screams of joy echoing across the country when Lana had her hand impaled with a poker.
At least they are learning:

Lana in pain. Good TV.

...but they still need to get to:

Lana dead. Awesome TV.
Lana DID die last season. Then they reversed time, because Clark/Superman ALWAYS gets to reverse time when he screws things up. What a putz.

It was kind of funny, but after Lana let out a terrific blood-curdling scream when Stabby McZod did his thing, my other thought (besides viewer joy) was that Anya handled getting stabbed through the palm with SO much more class.
Yes, Lana lives to annoy another day. *Sigh*
Was quite a good episode, though quite annoyed that once again the cliffhanger is mostly resolved within the opener, and once again amnesia strikes to stop someone remembering Clark's secret.

Also quite annoyed that it would appear they're going back down the evil Lionel route, when he's a much more interesting character as the good guy Clark really doesn't want to trust.

Never gotten the whole Lana-hate thing, I mean she's far from being the most interesting or likeable character on TV, but I don't wish death on her. (though apart from the fact that Lana's mnuch better looking I'd rather Pa Kent was still alive than her).
I wouldn't say that I hate Lana persay, but I found her character to be rather tiresome very quickly, and never understood why everyone and their mutant gerbil was in love with her. Especially Lex, who is supposed to be smart.

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