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September 28 2006

SBC reviews Astonishing X-Men Hardcover. Quite positive and also provides information on the extras.

In Astonishing X-Men, Joss Whedon and John Cassaday have accomplished that rare thing: to produce an accessible, well-structured, well-written new take on long-established characters which is as accessible to new readers as it is respectful to longtime fans, and looks beautiful to boot.

This being a Marvel Hardcover, we also get a slew of extras, and this book’s selection is better than most. In addition to the expected character sketches and cover variants, there’s an in-depth interview with Cassaday and some tongue-in-cheek e-mails which shed some light on Whedon’s writing approach to the book. Coupled with a genuine-feeling foreword from Brian K. Vaughan, it’s a great package, and one which demands to be read by X-Men fans, Whedonites and lovers of great superhero comics alike.

Dammit, am I going to have to get the hardcover as well as having all the comics and the softcover trades? I just might, for the extras...
I'm confused...hasn't the hardcover been out a while?
According to Amazon it was published April 26, 2006. That's the first detailed review I've read, though (not to say there aren't others, but I don't tend to look for them - I just stumble across them on here).
I finally ordered this a week ago, and it will be my first time to read it, I haven't read anything of the X-men, ever. I'm realy looking forward to the arrival.
wow, Groosalugg -- you're in for one heck of a ride. there's tons of x-men backstory, and joss takes off at near light speed.

ummm. enjoy!

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