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September 28 2006

Jewel Staite returning to Stargate Atlantis? Reports from Serenity Cubed are that Jewel Staite has been offered another role on Stargate Atlantis, different from her first appearence last year.

According to, this role will be as a doctor in the fourth season of the show. Jewel has stated that since she hasn't been told much more about the role than "she's a doctor", she hasn't taken the role or turned it down.

Following some enigmatic comments from the Stargate Atlantis regular cast, there are a few Stargate fans who believe that bringing in a new doctor character doesn't bode well for a fan favourite.

Ooh, I love that idea, but I haven't seen anything past the first season. Jewel was gorgeous as that little green creature (I can't really remember the episode though, I've only read about it and seen lots of photos).
She was a wraith, who are the main SG:Atlantis baddies (though thanks to some potion or other she'd managed to suppress her urge to feed on humans).

Always good to see her on the screen though the doctor angle is a bit double-edged for me. If it means Beckett leaving then i'm not so keen even though it may mean a regular role for Jewel. I like the guy and I like the internationalist flavour his role among others gives the show (dodgy 'Scottish' accent aside ;).
She was a wraith, who are the main SG:Atlantis baddies

Oh, right! The scary blue guys. It's been maybe a year since I last saw Atlantis, so forgive me for forgetting the main baddies. :)

Dr. Beckett ... he was sweet, but as long as McKay's not going anywhere, I'm happy.
There's been no confirmation or denial that Beckett is leaving, just some cryptic comments from the cast about shocking things in the latter half of S3. But like I said earlier, the fact that Jewel was asked to play a *doctor* isn't a particularly good sign, and is already up and running.
She was under so much make-up that she was hardly recognizable, so it wouldn't be hard for her to play another character.

If make-up wasn't exactly always an issue for Spice Williams, Jonathan Woodward and Carlos Jakott in their multiple, but different roles in the Whedonverse, it shouldn't be for Jewel in Stargate Atlantis.

Didn't watch the whole second season, started but never got to finish it. Maybe I'll catch it during a re-run.
Star Trek: The Original Series re-used actors all the time.

Just last week I saw two episodes with Diana Muldaur in two different roles. She also played Dr. Pulaski in Next Generation.
Jeffrey Combs--two roles different roles in Deep Space Nine for years, at least once even in the same episode. :-)

But, back on topic--isn't Atlantis basically a science expedition? With lots of kinds of doctors? I was at Cubed, and Jewel made no mention of the kind of doctor this might be, so there may be no reason for concern.
Well...ya gotta ask what kind of doctor would have a recurring role with the Atlantis gang besides a physicist like Rodney or an MD like Carson Beckett? Xenobiology? Some sort of immunologist, since the Wraith are walking parasites?

Personally, I wouldn't care if they made her chief botanist for the Atlanits team cuz I personally have wondered what the hell they eat all the way out in the Pegasus galaxy? MREs or they trading with friendly groups similar to Teyla's people?
Maybe she will be competition/love interest for Beckett.
They eat ordinary food.There was even a joke in the last episode about Shepard bringing Pizza back to Atlantis after trying a new method of gating back and forth to Earth.

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They can't get rid of Beckett, who'll take care of the turtles?! Seriously, I wonder if she would be a love interest for Rodney.(Please Lord make her smarter than Sam.)
Telltale makes a good point: in the show there are dozens of different types of PhD doctors. But for her to be the recurring scientist-doctor of some type probably means that the existing one has to go, which might even be Zelenka.
True, but do we actually know it's a recurring role ? I mentioned above that even though it's a recurring role i'd still be disappointed if Beckett went but as far as I can see the linked page doesn't mention recurring. Am I missing something ?
Is the doctor (at the moment) the one with the really shite scottish accent?
Hoots mon, I dunno whit ye mean. Or yes in other words.

Ironically he was actually born in Paisley and moved to Canada as a kid. And then presumably repeated 'I must forget what a Scottish accent sounds like' thousands of times until it took.
Beckett is irreplacable IMO. True love.
There was even a joke in the last espisode about Shepard bringing Pizza back to Atlantis

What? No strawberries?
Re: White Knight's comment

Technically, wouldn't Zelenka be a scientist rather than doctor? Although they have been known to give the boot to other characters like Ford and Peter Grodin (the British scientist in season one).
I hope they don't kill off Zelenka-- Rodney's wouldn't have a scientist sidekick to yell at.
You guys seem to be missing lots of obvious possibilities. No one said she was playing a doctor on the expedition did they? (If so then I am the one missing things) My first thought when I heard this was that she could be playing a recurring role as one of the Genii or similar.

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