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September 29 2006

(SPOILER) Tamblyn and Gellar reunite in The Grudge 2. Amber Tamblyn talks to about her upcoming role in The Grudge 2 and her love of SMG. Apparently, although we already knew it, Sarah is hilarious.

Amber Tamblyn was in the sixth season episode of Buffy entitled All the Way. She played Dawn's friend.

A few more things: I put up a spoiler tag because its a little spoilery with regards to The Grudge 2. Also, here is a link to the official my space page featuring Karen Davis, SMG's character in the film. Here.

Also, Sarah will be on Conan and Regis and Kelly on October 11th to promote the film: Schedule

And I forgot to say thanks to Eleagold over at for the links. Gotta give her props cause I sure didnt find the links.

I love being scared, so I am looking forward to this movie. I only hope that it is not like the Ring 2.

I look forward to seeing her on those talkshows and hearing not only about the Grudge 2, but whatever else she has coming up.
I'll have to check her out on Conan. I love Conan so that should be a fun interview.
Me too.

Don't know if I can sit through Regis and Kelly though,even taped.
I'm amazed two talk show hosts would agree to having their mouths taped shut just so the lovely Sarah can monopolize the conversation. Maybe they're in to bondage.

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