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April 17 2003

Fox trying to learn from its "mistakes." Like our dear, departed Firefly (may it never rest in peace). They call it their "biggest miss" of the season. Hmmph.

Sounds like Eliza's pilot has a shot at getting picked up. It's bound to appeal to that young female demographic FOX loves so much.
I still find it confounding that just because it's sci-fi, it's assumed that the show is somehow "male-oriented," whatever the hell that means. Just another example of how Fox didn't understand the audience and doomed the show to failure. I may be a young-ish female, but I never missed an episode of Firefly and never caught an episode of 90210. I guess that makes me an audience member who just doesn't count.
Hey Wren, didn't Fox think that that David E. Kelley-produced show about female lawyers called Girls Club would do great with the young female demographic as well? How long was that show on? Two episodes? :P

My point is that Fox really likes the reality-based programming and doesn't seem to have much patience for other types of shows. Fox is absolutely clueless about programming... they even cancelled Malcolm in the Middle during its first year, only to bring it back when viewers were asking WTF? That's why I knew when Firefly was going to debut on Fox that I knew it was going to get cancelled.
Hell, they even cancelled Futurama, which won an Emmy!
Oddjob - you're totally right. Like I said, I think her pilot has a good shot of being picked up; I didn't say it was actually gonna succeed. If it's any good, FOX will probably kill it within weeks. And Girls Club, btw, was doomed before it started. Lame concept, lame writing - even 12 year old girls weren't impressed.
Oddly enough, the week Girls Club got cancelled, it had FOX's third highest rating (not including World Series ratings.)
Qualifying distancer: I was always checking Firefly ratings at that time, and how it stacked up against other FOX shows.

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Firefly's ratings weren't spetacular ... (see the futon critic for more details ) but you must also consider that its sabotage was an inside job. (for more detail on that rant see one of my old comments.

I think since Firefly has been cancelled it has won awards and gotten much praise. Unfortunately its generallyl about the numbers...

( I think I read somewhere that ... )

FOX will become ABC (i.e. its ratings will eventually die) if it continues on this same road. ABC had "Millionare" on four days a week back a few years ago ... when game-shows were all the rage and everybody wanted a piece. Now of course I think syndicated Millionare is trying to hang on.

Reality TV has already shown the first signs of overload ... people aren't watching the new shows as much. I remember I was sick of it after watching the 2nd season of "The Real World", I think eventually people will get a brain and follow suit ... and then Firefly will seem like a good idea, even if it didn't perform brilliantly out of the gate.

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