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September 29 2006

Baby Spike, anyone? According to this morning's "Times Educational Supplement" - teachers' weekly trade journal - some 30-odd baby boys in the UK have been named "Spike" in the last year.

The research is from an organisation which delivers free samples to new mothers if they register. The link is to Bounty, the organisation concerned, as, although it's on the front page it's not actually on the TES website.

But Spike isn't a real name. I'd much rather name my child William The Bloody. I once had a cat named Spike, he died, he died.
but to call your child "blade" is quite fancy too... I'd really start to worry when the child carries his security blanket all day, and bleaches her hair in Billy-Idol-manner...

It crossed my mind that it also could AMC's Kendall who might have had the influence (She was formerly played by SMG and named her baby Spike) but I don't think that AMC plays in the UK.

It seems Spike will be renamed this fall on AMC.

That is probably the worst list of names for babies I have ever seen! And I see alot of weird names teaching kindergarten.

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Oh, I heard he's going to be called William now. Coincedence? I think not. Very funny though. :0)

A friend of mine worked with someone years ago who named her son Spike. It was pre-Btvs so she wasn't a fan doing it.

Either Spike and Blade are going to be the school toughs, or else they are going get picked on unmercifully.

*Wont somebody think of the children* LOL
I think he will be called Ethan or Kane. They(TPTB) said it will reflect family. I like Kane.

I think in High School it could get worse. You have to grow into your name then or be ridiculed.

But then again there are people who name their kids after pieces of fruit....
I was actually thinking of naming my son (if I had one) Spike. Husband hated it. Most of the family hated it. I thought that is was great. Luckily, however, I had a little girl. Named her Miranda. *shrugs* To each thier own.
I have 2 goldfish -- the white one is Spike, the orange thin one is Dru.

I don't have kids, so does naming my pets count?

*wonders why at 31 her parents still don't understand her* hehe ;-)
I've named a couple of horses Spike, but I don't think my fangirliness is enough to do it to a child...
My wife and I had a baby girl this summer, and we named her Zoe ... actually at my wife's suggestion. (She just liked the name.) However, the folks who know I'm a big Firefly fan like to wink at me and say, "Of course it was your wife's idea, Bob. Of course it was. You freakin' fanboy."
There's really not enough couples naming their children "The First Evil".
There's really not enough couples naming their children "The First Evil".

If season seven were up to snuff, I'd suspect that there would be. Crazy procreating Buffy fans.
I named my daughter Kaylee Inara. I wanted to call my son Xander, but his cousin is Alexander, and it was thought it may cause confusion. o he is named Tyler instead. Its not a Whedonesque name. It was just after I had seen the Fight Club. It was between that and Logan, (Had just seen X-Men at the cinema).
I really should try and gain inspiration from other sources...
I fear A kid named Blade would acquire the nickname "Sling".
There's really not enough couples naming their children "The First Evil".

I often call my child 'The First Evil' Simon, but that's not what you meant eh?
but that's not what you meant eh?

Well I'm just disappointed by the lack of The First Evil Smiths about the place. I don't ask for much really.
If you've got the balls to name your baby boy Spike, you might as well give him the middle name of Andrew. Then he can be Spike Andrew ... or, with a little change in syllable emphasis -- "Spike and Dru."
Good one, bobtaylor!
I would like to name a child "Zeppo," thus hitting two fan-groups with one stone.

Not one of mine, mind you, but someone else's.

Other intriguing possibilities include Halfrek, The Anointed, Drogyn, Jhiera, The Master, Serbassis, Kakistos, Wo-Pang, The Beast, and Number 5 (especially good for somewhat larger families...)
I had a parakeet named Spike. *crickets*
There was a very popular British comedian called Spike Milligan, so the name doesn't seem so odd over here. But "Blade"... (shudder).
Spike wasn't Milligan's real name though. He was called that from his army days, cuz he was tall and skinny.

Can't remember for the life of me what his real name was though...

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