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September 29 2006

Season Two of "Tru Calling" to finally air on Sky One. Eliza Dushku'a Groundhog Day-esque series will finally get its airing of the second season in the UK, a few years after cancellation. The 6 Part series will begin on Thursday, October 12th at 9pm. Minor spoilers for other shows.

Run, Eliza, Run!
These episodes are supposed to be quite good from what I read. But bloody hell, Sky One took their time in deciding to air them.
In Austria (not Australia) they're broadcasting s1 right now. that show's so bad. (and because of that we never got a Faith'n'Spike-team up???)
I never really got into Tru Calling. I watched a few episodes and I found them mildly enjoyable (particuarly the beauty pagent one. I remember sitting in this beautiful beautiful beautiful Canadian log cabin, and it was snowing outside and I was all warm and cosy and drinking hot chocolate and eating jelly beans and watching Tru Calling!) but didnt really get into the arc of the series.

This time though, because its only six episodes I have to commit to, I may watch them and if they're good, revisit Season One again.
This was when the series was really getting good. Jason Priestly was perfect as the anti-Tru. And every ep had some great twists.

Unfortuntly then after the X-mas ep it just ends and you are left with alot of promise and no conclusion...on the shallow end I never got my undercover hooker/pole dancer ep......=(

I am very glad ED chose to do this and not the Faith series. I loved Faith, but as an actress she had to follow her heart. In this second season her gut instincts were finally paying off. And then evil Fox loomed.......
And then evil Fox loomed.......

As I've said before a US network is not a charity for fans. If a show doesn't get piss poor ratings, a network is perfectly entitled to cancel it. Fox etc are there to make money. That's the way it works.
I mean more about the way the handled the show, If it was not getting the ratings, which at the end of it's run in season 1 , they were going up, then cancel.No prob.

But don't renew, postpone, show out of order, then cut back before it even shows the first ep. Finally when the ratings are once again on the upswing, cancel it and then wait months to show the finale ep.

I completely understand about the money buisness , but respect the show and the actors you hire. It is the reason FOX more then any other network has such a bed rep when it comes to it's shows.
Yes, Simon, but there are plenty of shows in television history that had piss poor ratings throughout their first season(s)--Seinfeld, Cheers, even the X-Files, to name a few--that went on to be insanely popular and profitable for the network, because the network decided to believe in it and stick by it, and not have their finger on the trigger before the show even got out of the gate.

It's up to the network to get eyes in front of a show, even if they don't get what they're seeing, and with the money they spend to produce the episodes that get finished, you'd think they'd try harder. Tru Calling's not the best example, because that got more than a lot of cancelled shows got, but if the network had stuck by Wonderfalls, Firefly, Miracles, etc., they'd be making be making money now. Much more than DVD sales.
Yes, Simon, but there are plenty of shows in television history that had piss poor ratings throughout their first season(s)--

I think those days are sadly long gone. What with the increasing competition from other entertainment places (cable, internet, video games etc), the networks are even more ruthless and nervous in the short run about shows that don't do well.
yay! Thanks for telling us :-)
I didn't think it was terrible. I quite enjoyed the show, although there was a bit too much of "let's make ED run so we can see the jiggle." But then, I'm a girl, so I clearly wasn't the demographic for that.

I hate hate hate the TWOP description of this show. It had some quite nice moments. Too bad it didn't get more of a chance.
If you only watched the first few episodes of season 1, you could easily get the idea that the series was going to be too formulaic: random person dies, says "Help me", day rewinds, Tru saves victim just in time (with difficulty because no one believes her). But after a while it became much more interesting, with many variations on the basic formula and more story arcs. It particularly took off with the introduction of Jason Priestly, though I was already hooked before that.

I gave up on ever seeing season 2 on Freeview, so rented the DVDs a couple of months ago. Some of the last few episodes were brilliant. Such a shame it was cancelled.

And yes, I must admit that a large part of the attraction of the series was the beautiful Eliza, jiggling and all. ;-)
Apocalypse wrote: This time though, because its only six episodes I have to commit to, I may watch them and if they're good, revisit Season One again.

If that's the only way you can be tempted to watch them, then go ahead. But you won't get the most out of season 1, as you'll have been spoiled.
It's quite a shame we never got a chance to view Jane's episode of this series. I believe it was to be the seventh show and, from what I read, it would've been a humdinger.

Well, moments lost in time. The good news is that Jane is still pining her tune elsewhere and I can't wait to hear her song.

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