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September 29 2006

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men #18 pushed back... ... to November 1.


Can anyone honestly say they're surprised? Sadly, I'm not at all. It doesn't help that Torn really seems to be dragging on forever because of the bimonthliness. Being only four issues may have helped the pain be less.

I was hoping for more than two issues as monthly before it became late, again. I wonder what the cause is, though, as Joss said not to long ago, the fault is not his. Surely, Cassaday has had enough leadtime by now.

So when was it supposed to come out?
I think the provisional date was the 18th (of October).

I wonder if this is some scheduling decision higher up the chain ? I just don't see it being Joss since (apparently) Georges Jeanty has already had some of Buffy S8 #1 and that's not out until March '07. The idea that Joss'd do that before AXM #18 when he knows that's due in October '06 sounds a bit far-fetched.

Also, Cassaday does have quite a bit on at the moment (Planetary's coming to a close, AXM, he's preparing to direct a film etc.) so if I had to bet blind that's where my money would go.
My local comic book store owner (and it is all Joss's fault I can even say that with a straight face) commented a couple of weeks ago to me that he didn't think late issues were due to Joss. That he saw more late work from comics associated with Cassaday, probably because he does have a lot going on, as Saje has said.
I think the provisional date was the 18th (of October).

So a two week delay is not exactly the end of the world.
Nah, not even approximately, i'd say.
I'd rather they take the time to get it the way they think is best. After all, I still haven't finished reading the complete works of Charles Dickens. Or, to be honest, three complete works of Charles Dickens.

And as long as I'm sounding all Writer's Pet, I just took delivery of a very Whedonesque Amazon box: One annotated copy of the Hamlet second quarto and two TPBs of Chris Claremont's X-Men.

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Uhhh, didn't joss have a bet with his wife concerning delays and a certain movie that he'd have to watch multiple times in a row? I'm betting this isn't joss' fault.
Not to blame Joss, but when he posted on here about a month ago, didn't he say he was still writing 18 then? I had a hunch it wouldn't be coming out on time then, since Cassaday is so slow.

A 2 week delay isn't that big of a deal. Uncanny and Adjectiveless have been coming out every five weeks lately. AXM 18 is such an important issue that I'm sure everyone would rather it be done right rather than rushed.

I just hope this doesn't become a regular problem that causes Astonishing to go back to bi-monthly, since then it starts affecting the other X-books.
JC does take a little longer since he pencils and inks, still 2 weeks isn't bad. The problem starts when 2 inevitably turns to 4 then 6 and so on and so forth.

As for Astonishing going bi-monthly and affecting the other X-books, Joss is writing in his own little bubble and doesn't worry too much about the world around him which is fine by me.
So a two week delay is not exactly the end of the world.

I'll say. For a moment, I thought I was still over on Newsarama.

Often, one or two-week delays are actually due to problems at the printer. I don't know if that's the case here, with the change being listed relatively early, just saying.

Uncanny and Adjectiveless have been coming out every five weeks lately.

Actually, just two months back both titles double-shipped, as in two issues of each in a single month.
Nooooooo-oh well that's not too bad.
Uncanny and Adjectiveless are both bi-weekly in July and February, but there have been some slight delays lately. Adj was pushed back a week last month. But, Uncanny and Adjectiveless do have the benefit (or drawback) of fill-in artists every few months.

But, if it means waiting for Cassaday rather than having someone like Clay Henry filling-in on Astonishing, then I'll gladly wait for Cassaday, just not too long.

AXM 24 (the 6th issue of Joss' final arc) should come out in April or May, which is around the same time as X-Men 200 and the final Uncanny Shi'ar issue come out. Astonishing getting delayed could affect the plans for all of the other books, since Carey and Bru have hinted at major changes for their books then.

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Christ, I was just letting you people know. Never mind.
cassaday is one of the fastest pencilers out there. so,'s not his fault for the book being late. no more than it is for PLANETARY being late. (warren ellis admits that's his doing.) cassaday has a lot on his plate? what about joss? he's taken on a lot more lately as well, i.e., RUNAWAYS.

i'd say it's the rippling affect that the delay on the marvel series CIVIL WAR caused w/ all of the other marvel books. the tardiness of CIVIL WAR #4 pushed back over 30 books from their regularly scheduled release dates.

people always blame the artist when books are late. and, often, that is the case. not saying it's joss' fault either. but i assure you, it's not cassaday. these other books that cassaday is associated w/ that are late? just PLANETARY. that's it. and as i mentioned, ellis admits blame.

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So Joss cleared that up (in the post above containing the sequel rumors): he has kept up his end and has even gotten AXM #19 finished. So let us have no more mentions of Fray being delayed, because it pisses Joss off and is very old news!
I've been subscribing to AXM through Marvel, and I still haven't gotten my much praised copy of issue #17 yet (I hope it comes soon), but I am catching up on all the old issues of Runaways and I can really see why Joss wants to write this. This is a fun series with some interesting kids (I want Alex to come back!!).
issue #17 was released on 9/20. hope you get it soon! it rocks!

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