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September 29 2006

Article about Angel: Auld Lang Syne at CBR. Comic Book Resources has an indepth article about Angel: Auld Lang Syne including five preview pages from the first issue.

Whoa, let's back it up for a moment and take a second to re-read that: Tipton loved season 4 of "Angel?" The season that is often the butt of jokes from "Angel" fans?

I think Angel season 4 was ace. It felt like one of those old Hollywood serials. Great interview btw, I look forward to reading this mini-series.
I've never heard of season 4 being the butt of any jokes. Sure it's probably the most polarising season, but it's my favourite and I know plenty of people share that feeling.
Season 4 is my second favorite season of Angel behind season 2.Looking forward to the comic.
I was surprised when he asked me that. I'd never really heard anyone complaining about season 4.
But I think the most underutilized character was Fred/Illyria. Amy Acker was so appealing in the role of Fred, and then just broke your heart with the introduction of Illyria, playing her own murderer and never letting you forget it. David Messina is as big a fan of the character as I am, and we have some ideas for bringing Illyria into our Angel/Spike team that we're really hoping we get the chance to explore.
Yippee. A story featuring the trio of Illyria, Spike and Angel -- lots of potential there. I loved Fred and was finding Illyria intriguing. I really want to see her character further explored. Scott, is this in the talking or drawing stages? Or can you discuss?

derf, Good find. Reading this article peaked my interest and now I'm looking forward to this series.
I loved season 4. It is my favorite after 1 and 2. I have way more complaints about season 3 and the end of 5.

I think really the only bad thing was the Conner/Cordy ick. But it was very intense and it had those great Faith eps and Home. I remember wishing this Faith/Wes combo could meet up with Buffy/Giles again. I also am a big fan of Conner. All his pain was so real.

Great interview! Loved seeing the ring on Angelus's hand. Adding Illyria to this combo is a great idea! She is at the moment their worst joined regret. I am so looking forward to this comic.

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Oh, definitely only in the talking stages between me and David. We're both of us still working on finishing up AULD LANG SYNE.

However, David and I did get to at least get our feet wet with Illyria with "Unacceptable Losses," our story in the upcoming ANGEL anthology MASKS. It'll be out sometime in October.
"The good thing is that Joss Whedon and his crew have done such a remarkable job of delineating the characters over the years, it makes it very easy as a writer to think to yourself 'Is that something Spike would do?' "

Hee. WWSD?
Season 4 is my least favourite season of anything Whedon-related, but it's still interesting TV.

Anyway, where does Robert Burns fit into all this anyway? (Yes, I know the series is about an assortment of "auld acquaintance" reappearing but I couldn't resist the asking...)
That was an awesome interview. The Angel-Spike interplay was my favorite part of Scott's SPIKE second one-shot, so I'm really excited to see what he does with them next.

Can't wait for this series.

Drat! You figured it out already! (Note to self: remove "Ghost of Robert Burns" character as Big Bad in issue #5...)

Seriously, though, you're on the right track in terms of the title. As always, I hate to say too much before the book hits stores.
Seeing as two of IDW's writers are posting in this thread, any chance of a solo Darla tale happening? She's got so much back story to be explored.
"Wee, sleekit, cowering timorous beastie...", well, that's Spike to a T that is. Little known fact that Burns could actually see the future.

I really liked Season 4 though at times the intense arcyness did get a bit overwhelming (Cordy/Connor was kind of weird but then, it wasn't really Cordy/Connor was it ?). I liked Jasmine and the whole devil's choice between everlasting peace on one hand and freedom on the other. Plus, Faith comes back and is just, well, totally Faith ;).

Looking forward to this Scott, I liked 'Lost and Found' so i'll definitely be picking this up (and the anthology too).

ETA: Mmm, solo Darla, interesting idea Simon. Loads of potential for back-story just because she was around so long.

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I don't know if we'll get the opportunity for more Spotlights (although that would be great -- I'd love to do more with Wes and I haven't had the chance to tackle Gunn yet). Hey Brian! Let's go pester Ryall until he gives us a new Spotlight miniseries!

However, if it's Darla you're looking for, one could do worse than checking out AULD LANG SYNE #1...
Spotlights would be fun. I want to do SAVAGE SWORD OF GROOSALOG.
The thing about Cordy/Connor, is it was supposed to be icky. It's not like you were supposed to think they were so right for each other.
Imo, season 4 was schitzoid, comprised of equal parts that were totally brilliant and utter dreck.

I would love anything that was Darla-centric. She's one of the most fascinating characters in Jossverse.

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While we're doing requests....anything with Lilah and Wes is amazing. Where Illyria couldn't save our Wesley, I bet Lilah could bring him back....

The art in this comic is amazing. Thank you for such a small detail as the claddaugh ring on Angelus's hand.
Thanks to both of you for taking time to converse with us here. It's cool as hell.
Bryan Lynch - I got my issue of Spike Asylum yesterday and plan to read it today. I just want to let you know that your posts are enjoyed by more people than you know. There have been other threads that you posted on, I laughed and wanted to reply; however, at work I do not have the ability to post.

I am only a weekend poster these days :(

Another vote for Illyria, and Darla, and Wes.

Reddygirl - I agree with you on season 4. I remember watching it originally on TV, I was annoyed by it. The gaps between episodes (and commercials) kept taking me out of the story. At that time I would have said it was my least favorite season. Then I got it on dvd and I found I enjoyed the season much more than I did originally. Season four is not my least favorite season, but my favorite season list changes constantly; I love them all.
Glad you guys caught the Claddagh ring on Angelus' hand on the issue 3 cover! Being Oirish myself I just had to stick it in there...

I love the covers you're doing for the book, man. The one for number 2 just knocked me out. Thanks!
Hey, lookee, Scott Tipton! Cheers for the kind words man, those covers are totally inspired by your outline, seriously. Man, I LOVE the stuff you've been doing with the Whedonverse characters over at IDW, if you don't believe me Chris'll tell you how much I've been bugging him to work with guys like you and Brian Lynch... people who can really write with that 'voice' the verse requires, y'know? Big fan!

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