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September 29 2006

(SPOILER) Marsters was considered to play "Shinzon" in last Trek film. Marina Sirtis says that James Marsters was considered for the role of the villain "Shinzon" in the last Trek film.

I agree with her that Marsters would have been a striking choice, and (now that she mentions it) he does resemble Patrick Stewart in some respects. I don't think it would have made much difference in what was an extremely forgettable film, but Marsters might have made it a bit more interesting.

(I've put spoiler tags in on the off chance that readers might not know about the revelation of Shinzon's relationship to Captain Picard).

Anyone at the QM event saw the screen test of James and Patrick and James would have made the film more interesting because of the chemistry between the two of them. Both having theatre expierence made the scene far more captivating and I think he would have been a far better choice than the person they cast. Marsters was actually the other choice for the role, it was down to him and the guy who got it.

He even seem to have a bad boy Picard mannerisms, that you have seen Patrick use is past episodes. If given the chance it would have put Marsters on the scope more than Spike did.

PS - Marina Sirtis is my favorite from Next Gen - along with Brent Spiner.

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Nice post, Cranston. Very interesting.
Marina Sirtis is right when she says he would have been the better choice. While it was the story that was the weakest part of that movie, I would have seen it more than once if James had been chosen for the role. I would have LOVED seeing him and Patrick Stewart on screen together - two of my biggest crushes playing against each other! I'm almost in full swoon here thinking of that possibility.

James mentioned this in a Q&A at a convention a couple of years ago. He said that he had been advised ahead of time (by his agent, I believe) not to do the screen test with a British accent.
I've always thought that James Marsters resembled Patrick Stewart. Especially in the eyes. Picard was my favorite character and I always thought he was hot!
FRom everyone who saw the audition tape, James should have gotten that part. The fact that Marina agrees shows that maybe they aren't so bias, after all.
But you gotta wonder...did his agent torpedo his chance of getting the role of Shinzon by telling him not to use a British accent? Cuz Patrick Stewart is so English it oozes out of his pores...even though he played a Frenchman on Next Gen (never could quite get the logic there but...I ain't bitching;D) Cuz James can do English accents (or at least a working class and toff London accents)...but I gotta wonder how he would have matched Patrick Stewart's robust RSC tones;)
I think James would have done a great Patrick Stewart - and be much more convincing in the role based on looks alone. Both men ooze charisma - something Tom Hardy did not - at least not in that role. As I said, I did not like the movie, but I would have seen it many times just to see James and Patrick Stewart working together.
Got to say as a Trekkie, even JM could not save this part. This movie was horrible, except for the Troi and Riker parts. This character as he was written and even the clone story were the worst parts of this movie. The actor who ended up playing him was fine , given the bad material.

I wonder if he would have the accent in the movie. Then it might have just been Spike on Star trek. I always thought the best acccent on the show/movie was Gates McFadden's(Dr. Crusher) But I do love MS too.

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I thought Gates McFadden is an American, Donna Troy -- am I amazingly wrong? And, BlueEyedBrigadier, I always fanwanked that in the future the UK and France (probably all of Europe) had kind of blended, just like the U.S. and China in the Serenifly 'verse, which gave a Frenchman such a Royal Shakespeare Company-trained British accent. ;-)
It wasn't the agent - it was the producers/casting people doing the screentest who told him not to do it. Sigh, if only Patrick Stewart was as astute as Marina.
She is. Infact she is from Ohio.

But, Beverly Crusher had some sort of accent. Maybe it is because she splits her time between France and here? I loved listening to her talk.
I think if James had been told to or allowed to do the accent, he would have copied (or tried to copy) Patrick Stewart's. And I'm thinking he would have nailed it in one. And since Stewart's accent is so veddy, veddy RSC, I doubt there would have been any Spikey echoes there.

Besides which, wasn't that movie before the advent of Spike? I may be totally wrong about the timing here, though. I've seen every episode of TOS and TNG plus all the movies covering both, but it *has* been a while! Which is probably why I don't remember any sort of accent (besides "American") for Dr. Crusher. Loved Marina Sirtis' Betazoid accent, though. I get a kick out of hearing her own voice and comparing it to the accent she worked up for the rôle of Troi.

This is really bringing back the memories! And reminding me of how much I miss both Trek series and, of course, the Buffyverse. I had been a Trekkie before TNG, but after the second season of that, I came to like it better than TOS--which is saying a lot.
It was definitely during his "Spike" days.
(from Bookworm's database at MTS) James speaking at the Tampa Con in 03:

one of the reasons Spike went off to Africa instead of like...Sunnydale....was that I went to Joss and said "The people who are doing the Star Trek movie came to me and said they are writing a part for me. They want me to be Jean_Luc Picard's clone!. and that was just too cool to be believed. So I went to Joss and I said "First of all, this is all your fault. They saw me on your cool show, looking cool, and now they want me to do the cool thing on their show." so he said"Jean_Luc Picard's clone! That's too cool! Oh, my God, I can't get in the way of that! So he rewrote the whole season so I could get out and then they gave the part to somebody else! The casting director told me not to use an English accent in the, okay, whatever.
I don't think it would have made much difference in what was an extremely forgettable film, but Marsters might have made it a bit more interesting.

I think if the entire cast of Buffy and Angel had appeared in the movie, it'd still be rubbish. It was really bad. Which is a shame cause I like Trek stuff.
As a non-trekkie at all, I can´t but smile about this ;) _hehehehehe...

Seriously now, and knowing that James is a trekker and would have loved this chance to get into a ST movie, I really do think that it's better for him not to join the cast. I'm anxious to watch Shadow Puppets and, although I'm sure of James' independent thought and his control of his own career, don't think it would have been a good idea if he wants to make different films in the future. You american guys can watch him often in theatres and TV, but here in Spain... I have just that Smalville thing >;) to get my Masters dose.

And by the way, maybe it's a nonsense... but these last days, Matt Dillon is now in my country, as he has just been awarded with an important european all-career award, El Premio Donostia (link in spanish). Most of spanishmen and european just noticed than Mr. Dillon is not only alive but working and making wonderful independent movies. And my boyfriend and I thought about James at the same time. What do you think about?
Those that saw the audition on the QM say James looked very "Spikey" with white hair, black tee and sparkly jewelry. It was during the end of season six.
I think if the entire cast of Buffy and Angel had appeared in the movie, it'd still be rubbish.

Word, Simon. ;-)

And, Small Blue Thing (pequena cosa azul?), I do think Mr. Dillon can be pretty good, but, yeah, I have to wonder why James Marsters isn't just a Big Damn Superstar. And every time we bring up James, I think of Nathan Fillion, too -- same story, great talent, not nearly as famous and popular as he deserves. I don't get it. *shrugs*
You american guys can watch him often in theatres and TV, but here in Spain... I have just that Smalville thing

Huh? We can see James often in theatres and on TV here? I wish!
The only good thing I can think about his not being in this movie is that I don't have to buy it on dvd now.
Marina Sirtis smart. And pretty. And had one of the best roles of her career as one of the most interesting villains on TV in Gargoyles' Demona. I was big into TNG, but her Gargoyles voice work really made a fan outta me.
I don't understand why they contacted James about the role, and then ultimately didn't give it to him.

More Marina Sirtis love here too!

billz - You took the words right out of my mouth. I cannot understand why James and Nathan aren't inundated with fantastic movie role offers.
"I don't understand why they contacted James about the role, and then ultimately didn't give it to him."

I would imagine someone with juice vetoed him for some reason. The reasons are usual pretty limited and pretty predictable when that kind of thing happens. At this point they would all be speculation, however and I'm sure always will be since it seems like a forgettable movie. Though, who knows, if JM becomes a big enough name, someone might spill the beans someday.
Not so much speculation. James has said in the past that he lost the role because Patrick Stewart wanted a Brit.
Lucky for James that he had nothing to do with that movie. He wouldn't have saved it, and I doubt it would have done anything positive for his career. So - it worked out for the best in the end, I think, that he lost out.
I'm glad he didn't get it as the film by all accounts was not all that.

But seeing the audition piece with him and PS was wonderful, and makes me long for them to actually work together one day.

Am I going insane or has anyone else heard him do a rather good PS impression? I'm sure I've heard it but can't for the life of me remember where.

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