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September 29 2006

Joss in London with Warren Ellis and chums, says Warren. Oh, the power of the interweb to freak Joss out. In fact Joss posts about it in the comments section. And there's no sequel for anything.

Additionally, a person called "Black Knight" bumps into him as he leaves Forbidden Planet. Apparently he's working on a sequel for something. Except not.

Whoa, whoa, sequel?

When did this happen?

ETA: gossi, you wouldn't call attention to "random guy's" LJ without having an inkling of something, would you?

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Alternatively, Black Knight could have seen Ellis' post and gone off and made up the whole encounter. ;)
Nuh uh! Wha!? Dare I hope? Who the... Really? Sorry. Cannot. Sentence. Properly. (Grinning like an idiot.)Could he mean Serenity? Please let him mean Serenity. I know many of us Browncoats can use a fix right about now. BDH Unite!

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Bix: random guy's post was well before Warren's post (which is, like, an hour old). LJ post is about 8 hours old.


Joss might mean a sequel to the comic.

Or he might mean, I want to do a sequel, but nobody will pay for it.

Or he might mean, Universal have asked for a script.

Or maybe the LJ person made it up, or misunderstood.

I've no idea. I'm not going to ask around, as hey, nobody would tell me anyway.

What I can say is this: it's 4am. Why am I still up? Is it to do with 5 cans of redbull? Answer: yes.

By the way, happy Year-Since-Serenititititititie-Day. Could somebody please punch me to knock me out? Thanks.

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I read the post and did the dance of joy until I was light-headed. And then read bix's post.

I crashed and burned like Serenity on Mr. Universe's planet.
I'm going to drop the reference to the sequel thingy in the post as it may make people faint and bang things which aren't meant to be banged.
gossi, the damage may be done already, but maybe you should remove the reference to it... just in case... I mean last thing you need is another Wonder Woman-esque rumour(oh... its sooo going to be Sean Connery). And in terms of the sequel talk I was just thinking he co`uld be referring to comics, or trying to get universal to greenlight sequel...

And I would gladly punch you, gossi.... *kung fu punch!*

And Happy Serenity Versary to everyone(including Gossi!)=

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I'll believe in the sequel when it up and bangs me in the head. Meanwhile, dammit, I want to know everyone they insulted & just exactly how...

Joss is too nice to say, but Warren Ellis isn't. I look forward to a later and more fundamentally cruel update...

The London Branch of the Highly Trained Stalker Elite is doing a bang-up job.

(In honor of the Serendipity Anniversary, I watched it with the commentary on for the first time. I'd been saving it for a rainy day or sumpin' and figgered this was it. *sniff*)

ET: to remove Freudian slip...

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Happy Anni-'verse-ary, all you beautiful people. May the Joss be with you always. And congrats to the LB of the HTSE.

If a Freudian slip is deleted before anyone sees it, does it leave an empty space in the lingerie drawer?
Bix: random guy's post was well before Warren's post (which is, like, an hour old). LJ post is about 8 hours old.

What am I missing about the date stamps? (That's not a "no you're wrong!" it's an actual question), because all I see are:

Ellis: Friday, September 29, 2006 - 6:41 PM
Black Knight: 2006-09-29 21:14:00 (9:14 PM)
Well this thread has done a series of horrible things to my brain. Shiney bits and bats though.

Happy Serenity Day AND Happy Ani'versary to ME. It was on this day, or a day very close to it that I first entered the world of Whedon. I saw his name in the opening credits, heard the people cheering around me, and that was it. One year later, fully fledged Browncoat and Scoobie-in-training.

Rock on, brave little toasters!
It was on this day that I saw Serenity for the second time!
Something about the LJ post seems really, really bogus, while I believe and trust in everything Warren Ellis says, same as I do everything James Gunn says. And that Sweden guy.

Aww, gossi, it's sad when a grown elite stalker man can't hold his 5-pack of Red Bulls. You'll be passing out about, oh, 3 days from now. Enjoy the caffeine shakes! ;-)
My Serenity Versary Day was marked by something creepy. I was walking down the street near my home and saw one of those directional signs for shoots with "Firefly" on it. The signs led to a small shoot at a nightclub off Hollywood Blvd. I don't know anything about this project, and I realize that firefly is a word in the English language, and fireflies are an insect with names in many languages, and neither is copyrightable. But it was still upsetting.

God how much I would have loved to see those signs a few years ago.

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What am I missing about the date stamps?
The date stamp on the LJ post by Black Knight is UK time.

A friend of mine said her sister met Joss on Thursday. He was sitting on a bench in Covent Garden.
Sept 30th also marks the 1st anniv of my move to LA. One of the first tings I did here was go see Serenity at the Arclight. Unfortunatly, I was so tired, that I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted.
Joss was in London and I wasn't invited?
Happy Serenity Anniversary Day to everyone. And just to one-up VeryVeryCrowded: on this day, one year ago, I saw Serenity for the fourth and fifth time!!
If a Freudian slip is deleted before anyone sees it, does it leave an empty space in the lingerie drawer?

Yep, but all the little Freudian panties rush in to fill the void.

I dunno, this sounds totally honest as far as Black Knight's concerned but I know that if I just 'bumped into' Joss Frikkin Whedon ! as I was going to pick up my comics, my memory of the event may not be entirely accurate afterwards. We know he's working on a sequel to the Serenity comic so that's where my money's going. Very cool chance meeting though.

Also, just how brilliant would a night out with Ellis and Whedon be ? Boggles the fan-boy mind ;).

(and happy US Serenity anniversary. One year ago today I was thinking "Shit, another year older. Are those crows feet or can I still get away with 'laughter lines' ?" closely followed by "Ooh, cool, Serenity's out next week" ;-)
Natalie Haynes. Natalie Haynes. Natalie Haynes. Was she the other guest alongside Joss and Brian Sewell on that More4 programme back in February?
And just to one-up VeryVeryCrowded: on this day, one year ago, I saw Serenity for the fourth and fifth time!!

I'm in the UK, our anniversary of release isn't til next Saturday and this time last year I'd already seen it five times.

I was up to seven by the time it actually got released, and was up to 10 by the end of that day...! :D
As my parting act before sleep blessed sleep, here is a link to (perfectly legit from her own website) mp3 downloads of Natalie Haynes doing standup. I quite like her.

You gotta love someone that says, "I would rather be right than happy."
Saje, are you sayin' it's your Big Damn Birthday?! :-)

And thanks for the link, QuoterGal. (I would LOL, but I'll L quietly to myself instead so I don't wake you.) ;-)
Well, I'm always hopeful, glass half-full person to the end.
Heh, billz, indeed on this day lo these many years past Mater and Pater Saje looked upon my recently birthed person and were heard to say "Jesus, is he meant to be so wrinkly and covered in slime and stuff ?" ;-).
First I knew of this was on Warren Ellis's e-mail list "Bad Signal", which my boyfriend subscribes to. He says a very little more about the evening on that. I thought this part was of interest:

I note also this morning that David Goyer & Geoff Johns' BLADE tv series has been cancelled after its initial run of 13 episodes. Which is a shame, as there were a few lovely concepts in that run, including junkies snorting the ashes of dead vampires. But they'll get a DVD out of it. Which is important. Many of America's more ambitious tv creators -- Joss and Tim Minear among them -- have entered the business of what we comics types would call singles-to-trade. The first run is episodic serialisation on tv, but the permanent edition, where more people will eventually discover it, is on DVD. Ever since GLOBAL FREQUENCY, John Rogers has been wanting to go direct to DVD with a tv show, and Joss and I were kind of yelling excitedly at each other about the potential of D2DVD.

My money would be on Joss being on a train up to Liverpool by now, to see Alexis's play...
Happy Birthday Saje!
Seeing Serenity a year ago was only my 3rd time. But I did make up for it in following days and weeks!
Sigh. There was such excitement that day.
Kiddo: Okay. Yikes. That would be funny. I met Alexis the other day whilst waiting for a bus. If Joss and Alexis wondered by my head not only would explode, but there would be splatter everywhere. I should reword that to sound less fey.

Simon: Yes, they both went on Last Word, but they have Joss listed as "Joss Whelan" so it doesn't Google. It looks like they both did a comedy show for BBC Radio 7 last Feb too, but I don't think we picked it up on Whedonesque.

By the way, the most important thing (for selfish me) is the concept that Joss is thinking about D2DVD. 'cause, you know.

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I'm sorely disappointed that Brian Sewell wasn't there as well. I'm trying to picture him and Warren Ellis together and failing miserably.
For what it's worth, I actually sorta know the lj person in question (via his very lovely girlfriend) and do not think he would fib about something like this.

Of course the manner of the sequelness was vague but I think you can trust Mr. Black Knight's veracity as regards the incident and the particulars of the conversation itself.

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Happy Birthday Saje! Your comments rock (and strangely require little editing).

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*whispers to Pointy* Psst..., you spelled his name wrong...on his birthday. What kind of acolyte are you, anyway? Oh well, you also strangely require little editing (unlike myself, who can't type four characters without a typo).

Most auspicious Happy Birthday, Lord Saje. As Pointy already stated more eloquently than I could, your comments do indeed rock. From whence springs your Sagacious, Amusing and Judicious Eloquence?
For what it's worth, I actually sorta know the lj person in question (via his very lovely girlfriend) and do not think he would fib about something like this.

Although it sounds like a whole tale lies in this comment (so Sir Knight's girlfriend is very lovely, eh? Oh, no reason, just asking *whistles innocently, wondering whether someone has a crush on someone*), it does make a difference hearing someone vouch for the Black Knight rather than just picking something random up from LJ. Well, maybe?

gossi, my head is also all explodey hearing there's been a conversation about D2DVD. In fact -- will have a ridiculous glaze eyed grin on my face all week, that's a fact! ;-)

(quick review of the facts that I could weave into this rumor -- Gina's show just sent for a "rest" while Tim Minear comes in to consult -- could they have mentioned to Joss before he left on his trip that the show is not long for this world and Gina and maybe Tim, too, are about to be very available for work? -- on the Fangoria Radio clips with Nathan, he mentioned he had had dinner with Joss the day before the interview [so that's last week] -- could they have talked about, you know, Nathan's upcoming schedule and availability? -- Jewel says she's been offered a role on Stargate Atlantis, but said she wasn't sure she was going to take it -- could she be trying to keep her, you know, options open? -- OK, head too explodey now, next thing you know, I'll be starting a WW casting rumor -- must -- stop -- typing -- dashes --)

-- ;-)

Saje, sir, a very fun and happy birthday to you with many more of the same ahead! Raise a toast to yourself on our behalf, and we'll do the same here! Best wishes on the day, dude! :-)

ETA: Another tantalizing report to consider, Simon -- thanks for the link!

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The funny thing is, we know Joss is away from home at the moment, and he probably doesn't know his Whedonesque password, so we can say what we want and Joss can't post. So, this one time, at band camp..
Does that mean there will be pie later, gossi? ;-)

Off topic, but for Serenity Anniversary Day, I noticed that HBO is offering Serenity free to subscribers on its On Demand service. So, maybe that will create some new Browncoats! :-)
Well I think the showing of Serenity on Cinemax and HBO has been attracting a few new fans from the few people who have signed up and posted on the messageboards. I hope people are having a good Serenity Day, I just had to spend it helping someone move, yuck!

And billz, you are going to make my head explode with all the supposition,rumour and innuendo(wink wink nudge nudge). I want to keep my hopes up, but it feels too soon, and even if a sequel was greenlit, there is still alot of projects for him to work on first, and there is no reason the various actors could schedule in time to work on the supposed movie.

Anyways... can maybe the next time someone sees Joss in the UK, after being blown away by his awesomeness, and babble for a bit, it would be nice if they can confirm the "sequel" stuff. I mean.... Gossi, you are the stalker elite of the UK branch are you? Aren't you going to do your job? Or does stalking prohibit grovelling before him and babling incoherently(aka talking to him face to face).
Well, I could get a train to London and go around asking homeless people where Joss Whedon is, but honestly - The Fifth Element is on TV, and I'm sorry Joss but that takes prority. Also, I'm not nuts.
Happy Birthday, Saje, can't think how I came to miss the birthday info and think you were examining your crow's feet and marking time passing simply because it was the Serendipity anniversary. Here's a little belated remembrance I made for you in honor of the day. Hope it was special, and BTW, nothing wrong with a few sexy "laughter lines."

gossi, I can't think why you wouldn't immediately jaunt to London and accost every major high-end hotel attendant until you find out where Joss is staying. I mean, we know they have "posh chocolate orange ice cream from the hotel hospitality suite" so what's the hold-up? You really aren't crazy, are you? What a deep disappointment.

It's always painful when you find out someone you like isn't as insane as you'd hoped...
Cheers lioness, billz and youse other guys, you're alright you lot ;). And i'm only partly saying that becaue i'm a bit tipsy. QuoterGal your remembrance photo is insane and happenstance, like that of a birthday troll (and also fab, ta ;). I choose to be whichever one looks most like Billy the Kid both for his youthful appearance and murderous psychopathy.

jaynelovesvera, any sagacity I may take credit for is purely down to my team of saga-monkeys constantly churning out potentially eloquent posts which I then OK or veto, possibly while sucking on bon-bons and stroking a white cat. Judiciousity is a purely coincidental added bonus.

gossi man, tell us you were as cool as an antarctic cucumber when you met Alexis and just stood there shooting the breeze like two guys at a bus-stop ? Or did you collapse in a totally understandable pile of blubbering fan-boy-ness, gibbering about ka-ra-tay and the appeal of a good single malt ?

I'm sorely disappointed that Brian Sewell wasn't there as well. I'm trying to picture him and Warren Ellis together and failing miserably.

Reckon Warren's cane would get a pretty good work-out were he to share a room with Brian Sewell. And Joss could hold his arms ;).

And these...

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are dedicated to

[ edited by Saje on 2006-10-01 04:33 ]

Pointy ;-)

[ edited by Saje on 2006-10-01 04:34 ]
QuoterGal and gossi, Knight Commanders of the Imperial Whedonian Order of Stalkers by Criminal Means. What does it mean that you can't now tell us where Joss is, and that you can't explain the "Firefly" shoot in my backyard? I withdraw my application.
What does it mean that you can't now tell us where Joss is, and that you can't explain the "Firefly" shoot in my backyard?

Strange things are afoot in the Whedonverse, my friends, no doubt. Personally, I blame it all on Saje's birthday. ;-)
Yes... b/c its the most convenient thing to do billz. Just want tto say happy bday to Saje also(although I think i am late since its 1:20 am, but it must be Sept 30th somewhere on this world.... soo.... happy bday...and while you may have "laugh lines" may you have many more such lines(not in the sense you get wrinkly, but in the sense of may you live a long life...) hmmm Dunno if that came out right. ;) live long and prosper.
I'm late usual, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday, Saje. I hope it was great!

As far as Joss's comments to Black Knight, I'm in the, "It would be nice, but have serious doubts that this is the full, accurate story." camp. Misunderstandings happen. Still, it would be nice...
Well it sounds like something Joss would say, so I'm inclined to believe the LJ report.
Hi boys and odd, smooth, compellingly bumpy non-boys. I'm in Liverpool, on Alexis' lap... sorry, laptop, checking in and seeing all sorts of nonsense about a sequel to something. I did run into someone at Forbidden Planet, and he said something about that I ought to make more things, possibly art things, and I agreed. He didn't know the fellow I was with was Brian Hitch but it was 'cause I'm so, yeah, awesome. Yes, Warren and Natalie and Brian and I had dinner, after nattering on for SFX at the hotel (I like that mag) and it was blazingly fun. They're all three multitalented, urbane, and surprisingly sweet. I'm none of those things but I came the farthest so they had to be nice. BUT...

There's no sequel, no secret project regarding Serenity or somesuch and I'm not even sure how anyone thought there was talk there. I've seen Nathan and Tim (and Summer and Alan) recently because they're my friends because I'm so, yeah, awesome. So let's put that to bed and smother it with a pillow.

Fun fact: Didn't read the thread, but as for James playing Shinzon: that's the reason he left for darkest Africa at the end of season six. We were giving him the time off to do the film. When it didn't happen, the course was already set. But he got a nifty soul and that worked out okay.

Oh, and I heard Marvel pushed back X-Men 18? I've delivered 19, and Johnny's working steadily, so blame the marketplace. In fact, overturn the marketplace, the way Jesus did when he was cranky about that thing that time.

Rolling in Kittens, -j.
Well, i'd say that counts as definitive, thanks for clearing that up boss fella.

(for IMDB purposes, BTW, Joss said "There's ... sequel, secret project Serenity ! ... blame ... Jesus". Couldn't be clearer ;)

I'm off to tip Marvel onto the temple floor, just for a laugh.

(thanks for all the well wishing guys, nice time yesterday but today either my age has really, really caught up with me or i'm a bit hungover, jury's still out ;)

[operatic baritone] Kittennnns ! [/operatic baritone]
Ahhhhh, no bloody fair. I was excited. Oh well.

Rolling in kittens is banned by the EU Mr Whedon, expect the inquisition at any time. In fact, don't, never expect them, that's just not done.

P.S. Happy Birthday Saje

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Thanks, Joss, for clearing that up. You have many devoted fans here who are needing an audiovisual fix only you can provide. Hence the grasping at straws.

Careful how you roll on those kittens--wouldn't want your currency devalued whilst you'e on the other side of the pond.

really caught up with me or i'm a bit hungover, jury's still out ;)

Saje, don't worry, you can't be hung anywhere (in Britain) whilst the jury's still out.
Joss, sir, your Purpleness, you are so, yeah, awesome, and I apologize for being a silly, silly fanboy caught up in hyperventilation (will punish self later). I'm glad to read you are having an awesome time on Alexis' laptop, I mean in the UK, and I hope you and Saje had a great time drinking on his birthday. (I think I'm mixing things up here.)

Thanks for stopping by and caring enough about us to straighten us out from across the sea! :-)

ETA: Kittens to you, too!

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So Alexis Denisof is looking at Whedonesque right now? *waves*.
So if the original plan wasn't for him to go to Africa and get a soul, what was? I must know! (Please?)

ETA: I can't believe I'm the first one to ask that.

[ edited by pat32082 on 2006-10-01 14:45 ]
Thanks for the clarification, Joss!
Merci Beaucoup Joss for the clarification, thought it was a bit too good to be true..*sigh* *cries a bit* ... but smothering with a pillow?? Have you no decency sir?? How could you? I bet what you meant by rolling kittens is smothering those cute little kittens in pillows too. I am shocked and dismayed. I expect better from you. At least use shotguns or something.
Joss and Alexis in Liverpool? Where's Hannigan. I'm going to get them Beatles costumes and a camera and sell the pictures to charity. I'm not sure why a charity would want to buy pictures of this, or even if that's the right concept of charity, but: costumes. Any excuse.

I'm really concerned you remember your Whedonesque password, Joss. Some vital knowledge has been pushed out of your brain.

The sequel thing. Uhm, that's my fault. Straws, clutching. Hope is a nice thing, until it's crushed by reality. Hey, wasn't there a TV show about that, with spaceships in?

I'll say something to QuoterGal, before she does: Am I tempted to go wondering around Liverpool looking for AlexiJoss, given I'm 10 minutes away? Yes, but that would be wrong. For a start, I need to find those Beatles costumes (I've already got Joss' Wonder Boy one).

Oh, one more thing:

gossi man, tell us you were as cool as an antarctic cucumber when you met Alexis and just stood there shooting the breeze like two guys at a bus-stop ?

I just smiled and said hi. I think he thought I was being polite. And I was. I'd just come out of the cinema seeing Children of Men (GO AND SEE IT JOSS. Liverpool Odeon on London Road) and was still shell shocked.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-10-01 16:49 ]
Great to hear from you Joss, and please please don't completely smother our hopes for an eventual sequel!
I'm guessing Alexis is still in the successful run of his play All My Sons, and Alyson is working hard on her very successful show 'How I Married Your Mother'.
I also have always enjoyed SFX (and the frequent upsets that occur when the cover's lay-out makes the title look like SEX, as it so often does). SFX has always been very supportive of Joss and all his works, although I was pretty annoyed when they didn't give 'Serenity' the cover last year.

[ edited by embers on 2006-10-01 18:03 ]
As wise Shakespeare typed, Gossi, All's Well That Ends With Purple Postage.
gossi man if you don't go out and scour the streets for Joss I will personally erase the existence of cheesecake and baked beans from this reality and any other you frequent.

Also, who was that Josh guy who posted, and what was with all the name-dropping?
Ah ruin our fun, why doncha? We had hardly gotten started with imagining what the sequel was to.
Seriously, it was good to know for sure. Wondering about Wonder Woman and Goners is about as much as I personally can take. Well, those and AXM. Oh, and Runaways.
Well, I'm sad to hear it's not true but glad that you cleared it up so quickly so we all didn't get our hopes up.

Still happily looking forward to Goners and WW. Recently seen Morena on Stargate and think she was fantastic in the role. It made me think even more how great she'd be as Wonder Woman. She just has this magnificent presence about her.
Awww, Joss.
Break a fangirl's heart, why don't you. So there is no sequel, fine, just as long as you continue your creativenessity and maybe just maybe I will be able to get over the sad reality of a world without a Serenity Sequel.
It's like a world without love. And chips.

I've gotta say, Joss picked the worst day to come to Liverpool. It's been raining and gray most of the day.

Thundercats are on my TV. The world is good.
raining and gray all day in liverpool? Isnt the weather in the UK like that alot of the time? Or maybe that was my impression when going to london a few times(a few days each time).
Dude, don't you live in Canada? Don't you all dress as mounties and wade through snow?

I may have watched Due South as a teenager.
gossi, always taunt Joss about his password when he's away from home, if that helps induce him to post. (Well, that and the need to squash rumours, i.e., "kill our darlings.")

Stuff that made me larf and be happy from this thread:

jaynelovesvera's "If a Freudian slip is deleted before anyone sees it, does it leave an empty space in the lingerie drawer?"
Saje's "...little Freudian panties..."
dreamlogic's "Knight Commanders of the Imperial Whedonian Order of Stalkers by Criminal Means"
billz refusal to LOL so I wouldn't wake up
Saje's "your remembrance photo is insane and happenstance, like that of a birthday troll"
Joss's "odd, smooth, compellingly bumpy non-boys..."
Joss's "So let's put that to bed and smother it with a pillow." (Only because truth works out best in the long run...)
Saje's creative quotation -- see, isn't the secret of quoting know when to stop and/or delete?
Pointy's "...Purple Postage."
discovering Natalie Haynes -- I've not found a comedian I really enjoy since we lost Bill Hicks
Joss's "Kittens" sign-off

Stuff that made me feel wistful from this thread:

Joss's "So let's put that to bed and smother it with a pillow."
The thought of England in the fall...
QuoterGal, if you ask me really nicely, I still have the video of Joss and Natalie on TV. Uhm, somewhere. It's in my pile of creepy videos of Joss.

Must. Stop. Making. The. Stalking. Jokes.
Oh, and I enjoyed this from a Nick Setchfield comment today on Warren Ellis' myspace blog about the evening:

"Well, I think I turned the tape machine off... but you always have to consider the potential extortion value of these things."

Where there's dish there's hope.

ET: fix vile attribution mistake

Also: gossi, *assumes sweetest voice* I am asking nicely... and I, too must stop making Stalker Jokes or I and others will begin to believe them...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-10-02 00:04 ]
QuoterGal, nice list but I'd add two: your pained reaction at realizing gossi's mental stability and teachndoc's mashup of creative and necessity, "creativenessity".

I've delivered 19

Is there nothing our hero can't do? At least they weren't all Kai's (I hope for her sake!).
Not that this is something anyone reading this list doesn't already know, but it might be worth noting that the Bold Purple One is probably heart-smushed to have to write that there will be no Serenity sequel. Maybe someone should send him a teddy bear. A dancing teddy bear. A dancing singing storm trooper smacking teddy bear. (This is not to be interpreted as in any way enabling gossi. For anything.)
Pointy. Damnit. I was packing the dancing teddy bear until the last sentence.
gossi, Pointy didn't mean it. Consider yourself enabled and box that bear. Just be careful, I boxed one once and he knocked my lghts out.

It's either that or Pointy and I will have to fly over and dance, sing and smack stormtroopers all while wearing teddies. Can't speak for Pointy, but no one wants to see me in a teddy.
hey, due south kicked ASS! And noo... silly I don't do the mounty thing and the snow... well with ole global warming that will disappear. I did wrestle a bear this morning though...
Does anybody else wonder what Spike's story would have entailed had James not needed the time off to try for another role?
Would we have gotten the same souled Spike? Any idea's?
I had never heard this does make you wonder.
cheryl, I don't know, obviously, but it could be as simple as originally intending to have Spike re-ensouled in Sunnydale or within a day's motorcycle trip.

kurya, thank God you survived the wrestling match. Did the bear? Has the ole global warming heated up enough that the bears have shed their coats? What with all the bear's loose skin, visualizing someone wrestling a bare bear may be more than I could bear. If you or the bear are sore though, take a couple of Bayers.
First we're smothering rumors, then wreaking havoc with kittens, now we're boxing bears? It's a wonder we don't have PeTA all over our collective international a**** (or, I guess I can say "arses" since it's international).

gossi, I admire your restraint in choosing Thundercats over trolling for AlexiJoss(TM). I'm just wondering -- was it a broadcast of Thundercats, or do you have creepy stalking videos of them, too? I mean, that is to say, if you were to be a person who stalks, which you're not, so it's all good anyway. After all, you only said hi to Alexis, which is not only wicked cool and calm, but also very polite. (I would have been all fanboy-ey dopey, mostly pointing and squeeing, were I to have been at same said busstop. Well done, g-man!) ;-)

And, jlv, seriously, dude -- I barely know what you'll say next. I'm just sayin'. ;-)
I shouldn't admit this . . . but the imp of the perverse has me in its grip (don't visualize that) and so I must I must I must tell you that --
I owned the Lum Lum song. It came out as a single. Flip side of disco version of Star Wars theme. And I . . . I loved it. Dance, teddy bears, dance!
Shame. Great mine is.
Pointy, fear not. My shame is worse: I have no idea what a Thundercat is, nor could I hum hum the Lum Lum song.

billz, me neither. It's embearassing sometimes.
Looks like SFX's Nick Setchfield gives his personal account of being at the table:
I was doing a Veronica Marsathon this weekend to catch up before S3 starts tomorrow and somehow missed coming back to this thread until now, so I missed His Purpleness and Saje's birthday (Happy Belated Birthday, Saje, just in case you see this). And Pointy, I loved the Lum Lum song and was really ticked when it was taken out of the revamped version!
Wow. Joss was in the centre of Liverpool the one day of the week that I wasn't. Just my luck. :(

Randomly seeing Joss & Alexis together in liverpool would have been quite possibly the best thing ever.
Joss and Alexis in Liverpool? Where's Hannigan. I'm going to get them Beatles costumes and a camera and sell the pictures to charity. I'm not sure why a charity would want to buy pictures of this, or even if that's the right concept of charity, but: costumes. Any excuse.

So who would be the fourth Beatle, Nick or James Marsters? Maybe James. Then again who would be which Beatle? Maybe Alyson as Ringo, Joss as John, James as Paul and Alexis as George.
Just saying
Joss was at the Forbidden Planet where I buy 'Astonishing X-Men'.

Oh good lord.
But Jo-osssss... I want a sequel! No fair!

No hope, eh. So does this mean we have to trade in our browncoats for spangly leotards in USA colours and cape? Or maybe a llama pelt?

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