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September 30 2006

(SPOILER) More info about Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie on 'The Batman'. Looks like the folks at KidsWB roped in a couple of writers we know and love for the much-improved "The Batman".

We did this back in July. But rather than delete it, I'll tweak your entry to show that it has new details.
Thanks, Simon. This is a good topic to run over again.
Does anyone know when their episode is going to air?
LOL, I think The Batman can only improve at this point. In a lot of ways, I am spoiled because I got 14 years of Bruce Timm, but this show does have a lot of room to improve.

And then I realized that Im talking about a kids cartoon. Proud day in the Jerry household.
Yep, we're all spoilt by the Timm-verse I reckon. When 'The Batman' hires a voice actor with the resonance of a Kevin Conroy, then they'll have something to shout about.

I'll try to check out Jane and Doug's episodes but I think Batman:TAS and Justice League Unlimited are pretty hard acts to follow personally.
The animated version of Darwyn Cooke's "New Frontier" should be interesting, that was a great book.
The Batman DID hire Conroy... he played Papa Grayson on this season's premiere (Hamill was apparently Tony Zucco, but I didn't catch that when I watched it.) And I have to say, I actually thought the death of Dick's parents was even more heart wrenching on The Batman than it was on the BTAS... in this version, the Graysons saw trapeze about to go right before they fell, completely knew what was happening, and Dick's mother was reaching out to him as she plummeted to the ground. Sniffle.

I loved all of the TimmDiniVerse shows, but I have to admit that I enjoy The Batman, and have since it started. It's been a different animal, mostly action-oriented with some silly gags and lots of blatant toy tie-ins, but there have been some fairly powerful/interesting moments too. It looks like they will be taking it further in that direction, and I look forward to seeing how the show evolves.
I think people have been too hard on this show, too. I liked the one with the (d)evolution of Poison Ivy. And the last one with Penguin's gang was also fun. It's a half-hour kid's cartoon, right?

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