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September 30 2006

Firefly and Serenity marathon in Cleveland, Ohio. When? Tomorrow actually. So no time like the present to get tickets if you want to go. All proceeds will be split equally between Equality Now and Cleveland's Domestic Violence Center. Last year on this day Serenity was released in the United States.

It doesn't seem like a year does it? And if anyone here is involved with any fan efforts that mark today's occassion, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

Good luck today Adam! And Happy Anniversay to Serenity!
You know, this is taking place less than an hour from me, and I had been planning to go until I suffered some financial setbacks.

Grr...argh... :-(

Happy first birthday, Serenity!
Just got back from a shindig honouring the first anniversary. And what was especially nice is that we had a whole bunch of brand new fans come.
Happy Anniversary to Serenity.

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