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October 01 2006

The web comic PvP tips its hat to the Big Damn Movie. If Francis is a browncoat, would that make Cole a fed?

Almost missed the joke here, honestly. It's still funny...but not as funny as I was anticipating.

Still...any 'Verse humour is good 'Verse humour;)
Yeah, occasionally the strips are mainly funny because of the storyline they're in, but hey, any chance to not stop the signal.

Originally, Brent was the PvP cast's Browncoat--I take this strip as a sign that he's converted the entire crew. :-)
And in related news, the web comic Popcorn Picnic insults SMG in the second installment of it's 2-part treatment of The Grudge 2. I didn't deem this worthy of it's own thread, so please forgive me for hijaaking this one - here ya' go.

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