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October 01 2006

Article on/review of Common Rotation's New album "Isalie". Nice article about the new CD by Adam Busch's band Common Rotation .

A very positive article about Common Rotation's new CD Isalie . Adam Busch and his bandmates are playing dates in the UK next week too ( see for details)

Ooh, I didn't know they had a new CD out! Just bought it. :) If you buy it from, it is only $10 and shipping is free (for me it was, anyway... probably not if you are overseas).

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Thanks for the info.
Nice link, debw. I like the playing-in-strangers'-living-rooms idea, although when I did that at nine years old I always got in trouble from my father. The neighbors ladies always gave me cookies, though. No pain, no gain.
Cool cool, forgot this was coming, ordered :) They had to cancel playing in my living room when too many people wanted to show up and they did the show at a coffee house in St. Paul instead.

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