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October 01 2006

Tonight's "Brothers & Sisters" co-written by Marti Noxon. As previously reported, Noxon left this show citing creative differences with creator Jon Robin Baitz, but first she helped pen "An Act of Will", which (here on the east coast) is on right now.

Sorry, but I think the show sucks. Plodding story, bad dialogue, dull characters - it's the anti-Whedon of television. It's too bad so many great actors are being wasted on the show.
Actually, I agree. There were some moments in tonight's episode where I could see Marti Noxon's hand at work, but they were few and far between. I'm glad she got away from this.
Yeah, this show sure is a snoozer.
What a waste of a whole lotta talent and effort. I've watched it twice, now, but that's enough. I wanted to like it, but there was too much, as MST3K used to say, "Plot-Point Theatre." And suchlike...

It must have been hard to witness the potential slowly dripping down the drain. Marti had no choice...
I didn't dislike the show but I have to say, even considering it starts with Dad's funereal (tonight's was the first I'd seen and I assume it's the pilot), the show was a tad depressing for just getting out of the gate. Seems everyone in the family is either in the midst of or circling the drain of complete crisis. There were several humorous moments to lighten the mood, but not nearly enough.

I will watch a few more episodes, though, before deciding to give up. Some shows take a few rounds before they gel.
Tonight's episode that began with the funeral is the second episode -- Pop kicked it at the end of the pilot last week...
I actually liked the show.

I remember again why I love Sally Field. I thought the end with sister listening to her kid do the hula and the brother and sister talking about their dad were especially sad. It reminds of the show "Sisters" from a few years ago.

And they are right, best part of road trips are the anytime you want breakfast.

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